Are you quick to chop down the dandelions that grow in your yard? Does the very sight of their presence make you see red? Before you fire up the lawnmower or weed eater to get rid of this weed, you may want to gather some up for your kitchen?

You can use the entire dandelion from the root to the flower. It has many health properties that can improve your wellbeing. This weed has been used since ancient times, and it belongs to the Asteraceae family.

Dandelion flowers are a delicacy in many areas. They have been used since the 19th century to help with medical issues. In fact, it was a pharmacist that first discovered their medicinal properties.

Most people cut these flowers down, but if they are left to grow, they can get up to 24″ tall. Shockingly, the roots can grow up to 15′ in length. Some people say they taste like coffee when you drink them in tea.

15 Ways Dandelion Promotes Better Health


How can this annoying weed be so beneficial to your body? It’s packed with vitamins like A, B, C, and D, but it also has fantastic minerals like zinc, potassium, and iron. Here are 15 reasons why you need to think twice before whacking that pesky weed from your lawn.

1. It Can Lower Your Cholesterol

Studies prove that eating the root of dandelions can lower your cholesterol levels. It can reduce both bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

Additionally, it will increase the good cholesterol too. It’s way better for you than the statin drugs with all the side effects.

2. It Can Help with Your Weight Loss

This edible weed is exceptionally beneficial if you need help fighting the battle of the bulge. The root of this flower can help to strengthen your liver by removing the toxins from your body.

The fat in your food is flushed rather than absorbed. The extra fat deposits are avoided, and they are used for the energy you need to thrive.

3. Dandelion Can Ease Jaundice

Jaundice is a dangerous condition where the liver is not functioning correctly. Thankfully, this weed helps to promote liver health, and it will also regulate your bile production. It’s a natural diuretic, so it will cause you to urinate and remove the overproduction causing the problem.

4. It Treats High Blood Pressure

Remember how we said that dandelion is a natural diuretic? Well, flushing the excess fluids from your body can help to lower your blood pressure. Additionally, the high potassium content is also great for your BP.

5. It Can Reduce Inflammation

Did you know that inflammation is the root of most major illnesses that occur within the body? When a person has a high rate of inflammation, they can develop things like cancer or heart disease.

The root from the dandelion plant can help ease inflammation in both the joints and muscles, making moving around much more manageable. People suffering from conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and other ailments that cause stiffness can significantly benefit from its healing properties.

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6. Improve Your Bone Health

The calcium-rich content in the dandelion can help to strengthen the bones. Plus, this weed is high in antioxidants that can prevent damage caused by the aging process. Since it’s packed with Vitamin-C and Luteolin, the powerful components are a powerhouse to protect the bones.

7. Antioxidants to Promote Cellular Health

Dandelions help to prevent free-radical damage that occurs in the cell’s DNA. The aging process affects not only the body but the cellular structure too. Every single part of this weed is rich in antioxidants.

Since it has such a high vitamin A and C content, it improves liver function. The liver makes a chemical called superoxide dismutase. What is superoxide dismutase?

It’s an enzyme that breaks down oxygen molecules in the body that are malignant. The more of this enzyme you have in your body, the healthier you will be.

8. Eliminates Your Reliance on NSAID Medications

Dandelions have leaves that stop inflammation–and pain– before it starts. However, they also suppress COX-2 enzymes in the body. It has the same benefits as taking a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug you get at the local drugstore.

While going to the drugstore for an NSAID medication may help, there are numerous risks to taking these drugs long term. You can develop stomach problems or even have a heart attack.

Dandelions don’t have any of these risks, and they are good for you and what ails you.

pain and inflammation

9. Good for Eye Health

Everyone thinks that carrots are the highest fruit or vegetable with beta-carotene. However, while they do have a high level, others can compare. Dandelion root has as many carotenoids as carrots, which means they are loaded with beta-carotene.

Making sure you have an adequate level of carotenoids important. Macular degeneration is a significant problem as people begin to age, and it’s the leading cause of blindness for those over 65 years of age.

However, dandelions can reduce the risk by up to 43 percent of developing this condition. The abundant levels of carotenoids are good for your eye health.

10. Resolves Digestive Problems

Digestive problems can often cause constipation. Chronic bouts with illness can be painful to bear. By taking the root of several dandelions and crushing them into a powder, you can improve your digestion.

Another benefit to the root of this weed is that it’s been known to help with appetite suppression. If you always have an upset stomach and reach for the “pink stuff” to cure it, you should try something that nature provides. There are no side effects or horrible aftertaste to this plant.

11. Fights Against Kidney Disorders

Dandelion root is full of sodium, which can help you to eliminate toxins in your body. Your kidneys need sodium to remove salts, waste, and excess water from you. This process helps to purify the blood and replace any potassium that’s been lost.

Another benefit to those who have kidney disorders is that it can clear microbial growths. These growths come from bacteria within the urinary system. This process also flushes these growths to thwart any potential infections, which can be deadly when you have compromised kidneys.

12. High in Iron to Fight Anemia

Anemia is a condition where the body lacks iron. Having a blood level too low in iron can be dangerous as it can cause fatigue, dizziness, and a plethora of other problems. Thankfully, dandelion root has a high iron content.

The high content of iron can help your body to build red blood cells, which can treat anemia. If you’ve ever had to take iron supplements, you know how awful they can be on your system. Dandelion root is a much better option.

13. Shows Promise in Fighting Cancer

Cancer has become so prevalent in our society that it’s almost a plague. Surprisingly, studies show that dandelion root shows great promise in treating colorectal cancer. If someone already has cancer and starts taking this weed, it can slow the growth.

The study cited stated, that dandelion root “selectively reduced the metabolic activity of aggressive colon cancer cells.”

Could this be the answer that the medical community is looking for?

14. Diabetes Care

Diabetes patients have a responsibility to get their sugar down quickly. Cell and nerve damage begins when levels are over 200 MPD. The problem with this condition is that insulin production is decreased, and it’s not sufficient to keep the body’s glucose levels where they need to be.

To treat this medical condition, you need to use medications or insulin, both of which come with substantial side effects. Dandelion gives patients another option. Did you know that dandelion can help a person with diabetes to maintain proper sugar levels?

You may be able to decrease or stop diabetic medications with the help of this edible weed and your doctor.

15. Dandelions Make an Awesome Tea

Whether to savor or for medicinal purposes, dandelions are amazing. You can fry these edible weeds, put them in soups, or make a delicious tea. Here is a great tea recipe that you should try:

•1 Tbsp. roasted/baked dandelion root
•1/2 Tsp. chopped, organic ginger
•1 Cardamom Seed
•12 oz. of water
•Honey to your taste


Put all ingredients except honey in a pot and bring to a boil. Allow it to boil for five to ten minutes. Strain away the seeds and add honey or another sweetener. This tea can be served hot or cold, and you can experiment by adding other fruits to the mix.

goji berry tea
Final Thoughts on How the Simple Dandelion Can Change Your Life

There are many weeds in the garden of life. Some of these weeds are a nuisance, and others have amazing medicinal properties. The dandelion is such a flower that can bring powerful resolve to your medical issues.

Whether you have diabetes or high blood pressure, this pure weed can take care of it. It’s delicious to eat and even better for your body. Quit wasting money on over-the-counter remedies that may work but have terrible side effects.

Rather than reaching for ibuprofen or aspirin, why not reach for nature’s equivalent? From the root to the leaves, it’s all usable. You can cook with it or drink it as a tea, but it can keep you healthy as can be.