Doesn’t it seem like the years just fly by these days? Time certainly seems to move fast, and in a relationship, it’s important to make the most of every second you can spend together. So, if you’re looking for ways to connect with your partner on a deeper level and cherish every moment you spend with him or her, check out our list below of things to cross off your relationship bucket list this year.

10 Commitments to make to your partner every year:

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1. Every year, you and your partner should take a trip together, just the two of you.

A getaway without any other family members in tow can be a romantic way to reignite sparks with your partner. Even if you don’t have children, the uninterrupted time in a cozy hotel room gives you space to relax away from the things that need to get done. Just removing that constant ‘to do’ list will help both of you to connect.

2. Every year, you should give your partner a vacation away.

Researchers at the University of Utah studied couples who took time away from each other. They say that when they are separated, partners may not have as much enjoyment as they would if they were with their other half, but they also do not have as many opportunities for arguing as they would have if they were together. A brief separation of 4-7 days may allow both partners perspective for the bigger picture of the relationship as compared to daily arguments.

The researchers studied the cortisol levels of partners who spent time apart and found that stress related to separating from each other quickly reduced upon the reunion of the couple. They say that ‘partners in long-term relation- ships should feel and function better when they are regularly together than when they are regularly apart.’ And you both probably prefer it that way too.

3. Every year, you should make a big deal about your partner’s birthday and your anniversary

As a couple, you have a lot of time spent together doing things that you both enjoy, but there are special occasions that require a slightly bigger effort on your part. Birthdays and anniversaries are two big occasions that can mean big pressure.

When you are part of a long-term relationship, your partner has probably already either told you or shown you that they either don’t expect a gift or they might tend to get upset if you don’t. Make it a non-issue by always making a big deal about it. The thought is what counts here but the amount of money spent is less important.

In a study of love behaviors in relationships, both men and women considered behaviors like having a picnic, going for a moonlight walk or receiving flowers to be a sign of love, but women placed greater emphasis on these behaviors than men did.

4. Every year, you and your partner should have an elegant evening out

When was the last time you both got dressed up and headed out for a night of romance, dining and dancing? If your answer was back when you were dating, then it’s time to break out of your routine with an elegant evening out once a year.

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5. Every year, you should take over any of your partner’s regular chores

Your partner is responsible for a certain amount of household work in your home. Once a year, surprise them with a day off while you take over their duties. You shouldn’t suggest that they do the same for you, but we are hoping that maybe they reciprocate. Or maybe you’ll have a great night in bed together where your partner can show their appreciation for you.

6. Every year, you should visit the place where you first met your partner.

Your life changed the first time you met your soulmate and ever since then, you’ve been happy to have them in your life. Show your partner how much that day meant to you by going back to the place that you met every year. You can read your partner our article 5 Things That Happen When You Meet Your Soulmate and tell them other ways that your world has changed since you met them.

7. Every year, you should write your partner a love letter

Writing your feelings is easier than you might think. You can describe how you feel in your body when you see your partner smile or touch their skin. Write about what your partner does that gives you a sense of joy.

Need more ideas? Write about the first time you saw your partner, one thing that your partner did in the last week that you thought was sexy, or your hope for your future together with your partner.

8. Every year, you should create something special just for your partner

Even if you aren’t artistic, you can create a meal, a dessert, or a snack that has all the things that your partner loves to eat. You can call this their signature dish and the fact that you created it just for them is special.

9. Every year, you should learn something new about your partner

You probably learn something new about your partner more often than once a year but make an effort to ask your partner a question that you don’t know the answer to. Did they always have a good relationship with their cousins? What was their childhood dream of what they would be as an adult? Where do they see themselves in five years?

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10. Every year, you and your partner should meditate together.

Researchers have found that meditation, prayer, addiction and romantic love all share similar neuron pathways in the brain. These centers in the brain release dopamine, which has a pleasurable effect on our bodies and can become addictive.


If we meditated on and sent positive energy while focusing on our romantic partner, could we strengthen our romance into an addiction to love? The possibility might be worth a try.