With technology being more accessible than ever, people check their phones more than before. Checking a phone is a common occurrence, but some people check theirs more than others, and they might do it at inopportune times. If you ever wonder if you check your phone too often, some behaviors can clue you in.

Anytime you pull your phone out for something other than an urgent call, you’re unnecessarily checking your phone. Looking at your email, checking Instagram, or scrolling your Facebook newsfeed aren’t necessary at all moments, and they can wait until a later time. You might be guilty of this behavior or know someone that is because it’s so common.

Your technology use can quickly become a bad habit, and you’ll start to justify being rude around others. Most people spend too much time on their phone, checking it even if there are no notifications or alerts. Sometimes, you might even think you hear or feel your phone, even when nothing is there.

Why Are Cell Phones So Addictive

People zone out when using electronics, and they might not notice anything around them. Playing games and scrolling through social media can be disorienting and make time pass quickly. These devices are designed to be addicting, and it’s easy to get caught up.

Like slot machines, they come with rewards that make people oblivious to the world around them. One minute of screen time turns into half an hour of wasted time. Before you know it, you’ve missed half a meeting or zoned out of a get-together for quite a while.

Not only are smartphones addicting, but technology addiction, in general, is an issue. Everyone wants to learn to break free of it, but it can be hard to do, despite people’s awareness.

Companies do whatever they can to make products more engaging, encouraging you to keep coming back. You’ll spend more time than you intended, and you’ll miss out on essential aspects of your life because of it.

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The Harm in Checking Your Phone Too Much

Checking your phone too much can interfere with your career path. Every time you check your phone, you’re wasting a little more time. Throughout the day, that wasted time adds up and disrupts your productivity.

Checking your phone too much can also interfere with your mental health. It increases anxiousness as you constantly feel compelled to check your notifications. Additionally, scrolling social media feeds can breed negative moods.

Your compulsion to check the phone interferes with your ability to focus. You might even feel like you’re missing out when you can’t check it. Plus, it interferes with your personal and professional relationships as you continually check out of the present moment.

Twelve Behaviors That Reveal You Check Your Phone Too Much

It might be wise to put down that phone if you do these things.

1. You Check Your Phone First Thing in the Morning and Last Thing Before Bed

If you check your cell phone as soon as you wake up and right before bed, you likely check too much. It’s a sign that you’re heavily addicted to your smartphone, and it might interfere with your sleep. Sleeping with your phone near you can disrupt your sleeping patterns even if you don’t realize it right away.

2. You Constantly Have Your Phone in Your Hand

If you always have your phone in hand, it’s a good sign that you check it too much. You might put it down sometimes, but it’ll always be within arm’s reach. Whether engaged in conversation, scrolling social media, or using a random app, you’ll always want to be connected.

Turning your phone off or going without it for a day will seem impossible for you. Anytime you have to be without it, you think of it often, wishing you could check. Plus, if you accidentally leave it at home, you’ll go back for it even if it makes you late.

Think about how you carry your phone because keeping it in your hand might indicate a problem. People who put their phone in their bag or pocket don’t check it as often. Additionally, if you take your phone with you to the bathroom, it’s clear that you check it too often.

3. You Check Your Phone on Vacation

If you’ve ever gone on vacation and continually checked your phone, you likely check it too much. When you’re on vacation, the point is to relax and enjoy your time. If you keep checking your phone, the time passes quicker than ever, and you wouldn’t have taken anything in.

4. You Look at the Smartphone Every Few Seconds

It’s normal to check every little bit, but tapping your phone screen every few seconds is an issue. If you can’t leave your phone alone, it’s a good sign that you check it too often. It indicates that you aren’t paying attention to what’s happening around you or the people you are spending time with.

5. You Check Your Phone During Every Quiet Moment

When you have quiet time, you should bask in the comment and take in the world around you. Or, you could reflect and contemplate things that come to your mind. However, if you take every quiet moment to check, you’re likely on your phone too much.

If you have nothing to do during quiet moments and it makes you feel anxious, you might have a technology addiction. You could opt for reading a book or learning something new during quiet time, so choosing social media every time is a bad sign.

6. You Check Your Phone When You’re with Friends

Spending time with your friends should be a joy, and your phone should be the last thing on your mind. If you keep checking your phone during the experience, it means you check it too much. You become more enthralled with your phone than what’s happening around you physically.

While showing your friends a funny image or video is okay, you don’t want that to be all you talk about. Plus, if that’s how you handle social situations, you’ll run out of things to discuss.

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7. You No Longer Communicate Face to Face

Think about the last time you had a meaningful or fulfilling conversation in person. Now, consider whether you checked your phone at any time during that conversation. If you did, then you’re likely on your cell phone too much.

It would be best to give your undivided attention during conversations, especially during meaningful ones. Every time you look at your phone, it breaks the connection and makes the other person feel unheard.

If your last meaningful conversation was so long ago that you can’t remember, it’s another bad sign. Even with the ease of technology, there is nothing more fulfilling than a face-to-face conversation. Lacking this social engagement is a clear sign that you check your phone too much.

8. You Don’t Actively Listen to Others Because You Check Your Phone Too Much

If you check your cell phone while other people are speaking, then you miss out on the majority of what they say. Multi-tasking in this way shows that you aren’t actively listening, and it indicates a cell phone addiction. If you ever give disheartened replies as you stare at your phone, it’s time to reconsider your priorities.

When this behavior becomes a habit, the people closest to you might think you don’t care about them. Ignoring someone or half-listening as you check your cell phone isn’t a beneficial way to conversation.

9. Your Partner Feels Neglected

Anyone will feel ignored when someone keeps checking their phone, but your partner will experience it worse. When you’re alone with your partner, you must spend quality time together without distraction. If you keep checking your phone or scrolling social media, you won’t connect on a deep level.

Eventually, your partner might begin to feel neglected. If your partner expresses suspicion or irritation over your phone habits, you likely check it too often.

10. You Experience Physical Pain

Many people don’t realize this, but using your cell phone too much can cause physical pain. Overuse of your smartphone can cause thumb and palm pain, and it can cause a decrease in strength and function. If you experience pain in the hand that you typically hold your phone in, it could indicate that you check it too much.

Additionally, checking your phone too much could cause problems for your eyes, including dryness, blurry vision, and irritation. If you talk on your phone too much, it can also cause neck and ear pain on your dominant side.

11. You Compare Yourself to Others

Unfairly comparing yourself to others could indicate that you check your devices too often. When you’re constantly aware of what everyone else is doing in their lives, it can lead to negative thinking.

12. You Feel Anxious When You Can’t Check Your Phone

Losing your phone isn’t the end of the world, but it seems that way for those with an addiction. If you get anxious, irritable, or frustrated when you can’t find your phone, it’s a sign that you check it too often. You should be able to stay away from your phone for a while without reacting negatively.

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Final Thoughts of Behaviors Reveal That You Check Your Phone Too Much

A smartphone is a great tool to have handy, but your life shouldn’t revolve around it. You should be able to step away from it and enjoy time with the people around you right now. Plus, enjoying quiet time without resorting to technology is a blessing you shouldn’t miss.

If any of these behaviors make you feel like you check your phone too much, you can make a change. Start implementing better cellphone habits and limiting yourself when you can.