Someone with a charitable heart has a soft spot for those in need. You might think that these folks give money to charities, but they do so much more than that.  People with charitable hearts are passionate about the welfare of others. They display their charity in ways you might not always notice.

What’s the definition of charitable?

Charitable has two definitions. The most common meaning used today is to be concerned about the welfare of others.  She enjoys doing charitable work for homeless shelters.  Another meaning of charitable is when someone is kind or understanding. At the game, they were less than charitable towards the umpire.

15 Behaviors That Prove Someone Has a Charitable Heart

Here are some characteristic behaviors you will see in someone who has a charitable heart.

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1 – A charitable heart will donate time

Someone with a charitable heart makes time for those in need. They’re the people who volunteer every week at the animal shelter or the food bank. Helping someone else gives them energy. You may feel like they never take time for themselves, but in fact, caring for others invigorates them. So, don’t talk your charitable friend out of going to the homeless shelter every weekend. She can’t even imagine not helping others because it’s so much fun for her.

2 – Donate blood

There is an excellent chance your kind-hearted friend considers the welfare of others by donating blood. There’s always a need for blood. Approximately 4.5 million people receive blood transfusions every year. Blood banks rely on donations from people with different blood types to stay fully supplied with blood for accidents, injuries, or surgeries. Not only does giving blood saves lives, it is also healthy for you. Every donor gets a quick health check when you donate blood. The labs check:

  • Your iron levels
  • Your blood pressure and pulse
  • The donated blood is checked for many different diseases. If anything shows up, they’ll notify you.

Your charitable friend who donates her blood is also getting other health benefits. Donating blood improves blood flow, which reduces the chances of an arterial blockage. Donating blood also regulates iron levels. Plus, people who donate their blood are 88% less likely to have a heart attack. So, if your charitable friend wants you to go with her to donate blood, it might be a good idea!

3 – A charitable heart willingly gives money

Being charitable means giving money for a worthy cause. You may have read one of Jesus’ teachings that says, “It’s more blessed to give than to receive.” (NIV Acts 20:35)

It turns out there is biological support for this idea. One study found that your brain’s pleasure area gets activated when you donate money to charity. Researchers could look at an MRI of a person’s brain and tell whether they were egotists or unselfish people who cared for others. The charitable people had stronger brain reactions to philanthropic donations than the egotist. These folks had an even stronger response when they could give their money voluntarily rather than out of compulsion.

4 – Raise funds for a good cause

As you may have guessed, another characteristic behavior of someone with a charitable heart is being a fundraiser. These folks love to raise money for a worthy cause like dugnad russ almost as much as they love giving money. Generous people have a unique ability to inspire other people to join them in their fundraising. Whether they’re organizing a charity run to raise money to fight cancer or setting up a local restaurant partnership for kids in need to have school instruments, they envision others to feel excited about helping them. So, don’t be surprised if your generous friend pulls you into her latest fundraising scheme. It may be hard to resist her sincere concern for those in need.

5 – A charitable heart is quick to encourage you

Of course, being charitable isn’t just financial. A person with a charitable heart also displays the second definition of charitable, being kind and understanding. Those who possess this characteristic are quick to give praise and encouragement to others. You will feel well cared for if you have a friend who possesses a heart for charity. They will point out even the most minor thing you do, making you feel you’ve just done the greatest thing in the world.

6 – Ready to go the extra mile

Charitable people will go additional miles to help you without considering how much it affects them. They’re ready to be wherever you need them, no matter the distance or cost. It could mean a long drive or shopping at several stores to find something. They like the challenge of helping people, even if it means doing extra to accomplish it. Because helping others brings them so much joy, it’s not worth trying to stop them from doing this.

7 – A charitable heart isn’t afraid to give tough love when it’s needed

Generous people aren’t naive. They know that once in a while, tough love is what is most needed. They’re ready to give a harsh word if that will be the most helpful. They understand human nature enough to know that sometimes people need a push to step up and help themselves. Generous people are ready to speak truthfully but kindly when it’s appropriate.

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8 – A charitable heart sees the needs of others

A person with a charitable heart sees a need often before others do. Because they’re like this, they might show up with food, clothing, or medical supplies. They’re intuitive about people’s needs. This is in part because they’ve cared for people for many years, so now, it’s second nature to them. It only makes sense they are aware of who has needs.

9 – Donate their stuff to those in need

Another characteristic of a giving person is that they quickly donate their things to charities, thrift stores, or hospitals. They give away computers, smartphones, household items, or cars. If they hear of a need, they’re on it, ready to give away their stuff or to find it somewhere. They know the best places in their area to find things, whether it’s a thrift store or consignment shop. They also know what days these places have sales on certain items. Charitable people also know the most extensive needs. Whether it’s a food bank or family shelters, they can direct you where to give away your stuff.

10 – A charitable heart will help in a disaster

When there’s a natural disaster, charitable people help in a big way. It may be through sacrificial giving or by actually showing up with boots on the ground to help. You often see the same people helping during hurricanes or tornadoes. They’re the folks who fly or drive to the location at their own expense. Their reputation for being ready and willing to help sets them apart.

11 – Creative ways to give

Someone with a charitable heart is creative in the ways they help others. They love surprising and delighting people. So instead of showing up at someone’s front door with a bag of groceries, they’ll take the entire family to two different groceries stores so they can pick out the food they want. They’ll organize a giant birthday for a bunch of needy kids to celebrate their birthdays. Their creativity makes the giving and the receiving fun and memorable.

12 – Aren’t pushy

Although generous people encourage others to join them in giving, they will never push you to help. It may be hard for them to understand why someone wouldn’t help, but they’re kind, so they don’t want to pressure you. They won’t make you feel like you’ve done something wrong but will encourage you that you’re doing the best you can.

13 – Give away frequent flyer miles

Charitable people are creative in how they help others. If they know a needy person must fly somewhere, they’ll help them. They’ll do their research to find the best deals and any charitable organizations to help those in need who must fly. Today, most airlines have charity or donation programs for folks who want to donate their frequent flyer miles.

14 – Someone with a charitable heart is often a secret giver

Charitable people often choose to give in secret. They donate anonymously, so others don’t know who gave the money. Secret giving makes them happy because they aren’t giving to get attention. If you have a friend helping people, and other people don’t realize it, you may be tempted to expose her generosity. Don’t do it. If your generous friend gets joy out of her stealth giving, allow her the pleasure of her secret generosity.

15 – Sincere concern

Being charitable is best shown by concern for the welfare of another person. Whether that’s providing money, physical needs of a kind word, someone who truly has a charitable heart is sincerely concerned for others.

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Final thoughts on the Behaviors of a Person With A Charitable Heart

After reading these fifteen behaviors of someone with a charitable heart,  you may be thinking of someone you know. If your friend possesses these characteristics, be sure to thank them. That’s because they probably give in secret, so they don’t get the thanks they deserve. So, you can be the person who shows them that they are making a difference in the lives of people all around them.