Have you ever noticed that some people have so much natural charisma that they attract the attention of others almost effortlessly? Maybe you’ve always felt awkward in social situations or when trying to make new friends. Were those charming individuals born with a magnetic gift, or is this a skill that you can develop?

The word charisma comes from the Greek word that means gift or divine favor. In its original sense, it referred to those who were divinely blessed with irresistible flair. These elevated folks often included monarchs, philosophers, artists, writers, and other influencers of the ancient world.

Today, any attractive person with a captivating appeal to others is considered charismatic. These may include glamorous celebrities, famous musicians, artists, and social media influencers. Many of the world’s top leaders worked their way into these powerful positions with their magnetic charm.

Fifteen Things People with Charisma Often Do Without Realizing It

Have you ever longed to inspire and influence people with your personality? The good news is that you don’t need to look like a model or be fabulously wealthy to have an appealing edge. Here are fifteen habits of charismatic individuals that you can use successfully.


1. People With Charisma Focus on Positivity

The next time you enter a crowded room, notice the ones garnering the most attention. You’ll discover that they radiate optimism, and their conversation is peppered with positive statements. Charismatic individuals know the law of attraction and send positive energy into the Universe to attract the same.

If you want to attract more positive attention, use uplifting words, and adopt a charming and optimistic attitude. Pessimism creates a suffocating atmosphere that others avoid, like the plague. Of course, your optimism must be realistic, but you’ll be endearing to almost everyone.

2. Charming People Master Eye Contact

Good eye contact is one of the keys to effective communication, explains an article by the University of Michigan. Maintaining proper eye contact with others in a conversation makes you seem more credible. However, lack of eye contact conveys submission and outright staring communicates hostility and makes people uncomfortable.

So, you learn the delicate balance that equals appropriate eye contact in a conversation. When you look people in the eyes when conversing, it shows you respect what they say. It’s an essential part of being an active listener and a habit of captivating individuals.

3. People With Charisma Smile A lot

Another habit of charismatic people is that they genuinely enjoy smiling. Their charming smile lights up the room and instantly attracts others. It’s their way of expressing their glowing optimism on the inside.

It can be as simple as a warm smile to amp up your charisma and magnetism. Show those pearly whites as often as you can. You’ll be amazed at how strangers come up to you and start talking.

4. They Are Naturally in the Limelight

Those who can do nothing but whine about depressing topics will never be charismatic individuals. However, charming personalities know how to discuss exciting things that will spark attention from everyone. Their discussions aren’t self-serving or bragging; they invite others into the conversation.

Bring more charisma into your dialogue by discussing a broad range of appropriate subjects. Consider reading and learning about new topics that would be of interest to people from all walks of life. A brilliant conversationalist knows the power and magnetism of words.

5. Those With Charisma Don’t Throw Their Weight Around

A wise person once remarked that nobody cares how much you know as much as you show how much you care. What you accomplish doesn’t matter if you use it to belittle others. Truly captivating folks respect all individuals and strive to treat them how they want to be treated.

Charming individuals accept others regardless of their differences. They know how to find common ground and be respectful. They are the voice of those who are innocent and defenseless, whether they be humans or animals.

6. Charming People Are Sensitive to Others

People are attracted to those who are sensitive to their feelings and situations. Charismatic people are diplomatic in word and deed, striving not to hurt or offend someone intentionally. While they may have a different opinion, they know how to disagree with grace and respect.

If you want people to notice your charisma, be sensitive to others. Don’t be the type of obnoxious individual who tells jokes at the expense of other folks. Genuine humor isn’t cruel, but a good joke can be uplifting and make people laugh for the right reasons.

7. They’re Well Spoken

Not only are charismatic folks gifted in conversation, but they’re also articulate and know how to present their ideas effectively. They enunciate and use proper grammar without being smug.

Do you want to learn how to be a better speaker in public or in regular conversation? You may consider taking a speech class or taking advantage of free online tutorials. People are attracted to those who speak well with dignity and knowledge.

8. Those Who Have Charisma Think First, Then Speak

Just because people with charisma have the gift of gab doesn’t mean they never stop talking. They’ve learned that the quality of their statements is more important than the quantity. They see no reason to improve the silence if their words aren’t intelligent and necessary.

Charming conversationalists listen twice as much as they speak. They don’t interrupt other speakers and take time to consider what someone’s said. Life’s experiences have taught them to think before they speak.


9. They Keep Their Cool

Anger is the easiest emotion to show because it can camouflage fear, indecisiveness, or grief. It’s only human to become angry, but charismatic individuals know how to channel it properly. Others avoid those who lose their tempers and lash out in rage with hurtful words.

Life happens, and everyone can feel their anger boiling at times. Kind and charming people cool off before they say or do anything regrettable. Cursing and ranting at friends, family, or coworkers is no way to win friends.

10. They’ve Wonderful Social Skills

Those with charisma have social graces that attract others and instantly put them at ease. Their manners are polished without seeming selfish. They extend their charm to all, regardless of who they are or what they do.

It’s not difficult to improve your social skills with practice. Most of the rules of etiquette are common sense. You will attract a crowd if you carry yourself well and speak politely.

11. Positive Body Language Comes Naturally to People With Charisma

Often, your body language speaks louder than your words do. People will assume you’re insincere or dishonest if the two aren’t congruent. Charismatic folks know how to use positive, unassuming body language.

In an article published in the IUP Journal of English Studies, Dipika S. Patel discusses body language’s importance. At least 58 percent of human communication is transmitted through body language. This includes the most minute facial expression and body gestures.

Fortunately, learning proper body language skills for conversation isn’t complicated. Using good posture shows that you have charm and confidence. Relaxed, receptive body language tells others you’re friendly and open to discussion.

12. Charming People Don’t Need Anything in Return

One of the most charming habits of captivating people is that they are genuinely kind and don’t have ulterior motives. They don’t take advantage of people and dump them when useless. Part of their charisma is that they help others just because it’s the right thing.

Let others see the light of your charisma and learn how blessed it is to give than receive. While nobody expects you to be a doormat, giving back to your community is admirable. Consider volunteering with a local charity soup kitchen or offering after-school tutoring to disadvantaged youth.

13. They Exude Confidence

There’s a big difference between healthy self-confidence and arrogance. Being self-confident means that you consider yourself equal to everyone else. You have enough pride in yourself to say you’re just as good as the rest.

If you’re confident in your abilities, it often instantly attracts others to you. As part of your charisma, you help bring out the best in people. They’ll appreciate you more and bring out the best in you.

14. Charismatic People Have No Issues Speaking Their Minds

Diplomacy does not mean that charismatic people hide their opinions. They don’t have a problem with speaking up against wrong things. They may do it tactfully but won’t back down or compromise their values.

15. Someone With Charisma Does Not Judge Others

The gift of charisma allows people to accept others at face value. They only judge others by their actions and character, not by their name or position. If they don’t click with somebody, they keep their distance rather than causing drama.


Final Thoughts on Charismatic People

If being charming is a gift you want in your life, all you need is practice. Try to incorporate these positive habits into your daily routine. You’ll discover that charm is like Dorothy’s magical red shoes in the “Wizzard of Oz,” as the power was yours all along, waiting to be used.