If you prefer home workouts, you will love these chair exercises that help burn fat! This is a full-body workout that you can do in just over two minutes. All you need is yourself and a chair, so let’s get to working out!

15 Best Chair Exercises to Burn Fat at Home

Try these moves from the video to get fitter without hitting the gym.

chair exercises

1 – Chair squat exercises

For this chair exercise, sit down in the chair, then stand up straight and squeeze your glutes, bringing your hands down by your sides. Then, lower your body until you’re hovering over the chair to perform the squat, bringing your hands together. Do this for ten seconds, or for several sets if you prefer.

2 – Chair triceps dip

Place your hands on the sides of a chair and straighten your legs out in front of you. Lift your feet so that only your heels touch the ground. Now, lower your bottom as far as possible without compromising your posture. Your body should look like an “L” when you’re performing the exercise. Now, lift your arms and body back up to the starting position, and repeat for ten seconds.

Also, make sure you’re not swinging your elbows out to the sides during this exercise, as this can cause injury.

3 – Knee crunches

For this chair exercise, sit sideways in a chair and bring your legs straight out in front of you, hovering them slightly over the chair. Lean your torso back slightly. Holding onto the back of the chair with one hand, crunch your knees toward your chest. You can cross your arms over your chest during the exercise if this feels more comfortable. Repeat for ten seconds.

4 – Chair leg circles

Slide the chair in front of you until it’s a leg’s length away. Swing one leg over the top of the chair, then squat and repeat on the other side. Continue this for ten seconds, or do more reps if you prefer.

5 – Chair push-up exercise

Bring the chair in front of you and hold your hands on the sides. Bring your legs behind you until you’re in push-up position, then bend your body down toward the chair. When you’re performing the exercise, make sure to keep your core strong and your chest lifted. Repeat for ten seconds.

6 – Donkey kicks

For this chair exercise, sit in front of the chair, then bend down and rest your hands on the edges, keeping your arms straight. With your shoulders and bottom aligned, kick your right leg up and back as far as you can. Repeat on this side for ten seconds, then switch sides.

7 – Chair front squats

Lift a lightweight chair over your head and get into squat position. Then, squat down until you’re parallel with the floor, keeping your chest out and back straight. Squat as low as you can, then bring yourself back up and repeat for ten seconds.

8 – Chair split squat

For this chair exercise, stand about two feet in front of a chair and lift one leg up behind you, resting your foot on the edge of the chair. Then, squat down as low as you can, holding your hands in front of you for balance. If this is too hard on your joints, feel free to modify by not squatting as low. Repeat on each side for ten seconds.

9 – Chair plank crunches

Get into push-up position in front of a chair, but place your feet on the edge of the chair. Once you feel stable, crunch your right leg into your chest and bring it back to the chair. Repeat on the left side, and keep alternating sides for ten seconds.

To avoid the chair sliding backwards, you might want to put a heavy object behind it for support. Alternatively, you could do this exercise using the edge of your bed or a small bench.

10 – Chair side lunge

For this chair exercise, stand beside the chair with one foot resting on the edge. Keep that leg straight and bend the other leg to perform the lunge. Make sure you’re standing straight with your shoulders aligned and chest out. Repeat for ten seconds on each side.

11 – Chair elbow-to-hands plank

Get back into the push-up position you were in for exercise 9 with your legs on the chair, except this time, you’ll be doing planks. Start out on your hands and then get down on your elbows, alternating positions for ten seconds. Try not to compromise on form for this one; keep your back straight and core tight.

12- Chair bent over row

Time for some back exercises! Stand up straight and hold the chair in front of you so the legs poke out on each side of your body. Get into a squat position and lift the chair straight up toward your chest. Keep your elbows close to your body as you perform this exercise. Repeat for ten seconds.

13 – Knee to jump squats

For this chair exercise, stand in front of the chair, then drop down to your knees and sit back until your bottom touches your legs. Next, if you’re able, jump up onto your feet from this position and step onto the chair. Step back down, drop onto your knees, and repeat for ten seconds.

14 – Lower back extension

Lay across the chair on your stomach, and keep your legs and arms straight. Now, lift your shoulders, arms and legs simultaneously to give the lower back a workout. Repeat for ten seconds. Only lift your legs as high as you’re comfortable with.

15 – Roman leg raise chair exercise

For this chair exercise, sit down in the chair with your legs out in front of you. Then, keeping your legs together and knees slightly bent, lift your legs in front of you, then bring them back down. Next, lift them slightly to the right, and bring them back down. Come back into center position and repeat. Then, repeat on the left side. Perform this exercise for ten seconds.

chair exercises

Final Thoughts on Chair Exercises You Can Do At Home

We hope you enjoyed this simple, yet effective chair exercises workout. If you’re short on time but still want an intense workout, this is the perfect routine for you! Let us know if you try it out in the comments.