The CBD industry has been booming, with revenues projected to hit $20 billion by next year. People have been using CBD in its various forms to help deal with a variety of conditions, from nausea caused by chemotherapy to depression. Many have turned to CBD oil as a means of treating anxiety.

Dealing with anxiety means feeling like one has to deal with constant threats, whether real or imagined. This stress can lead to panic attacks and having trouble with feeling at peace in different situations. Common treatments like therapy and prescription medication can help, but they’re not available to every who needs them.

CBD oil is far less legally restricted in the United States than marijuana or also hemp flower. Though it originates in cannabis, it does not have the components that cause users to feel high. There’s a lot of work to be done in studying CBD and its effects, but there seems to be very encouraging signs about how much it can help patients with anxiety.

Understanding CBD Oil for Anxiety

Although CBD oil has multiple uses, it’s shown a lot of effectiveness as an anxiety treatment. Research cited in Neurotherapeutics said that “CBD has a broad pharmacological profile, including interactions with several receptors known to regulate fear and anxiety-related behaviors”.

Dr. Kevin Hill, an addiction psychiatrist, says that “It’s an extremely promising compound and there are a lot of studies that show its potential.” Though he did stress that it’s too early to say whether it can be seen as a definite solution or even treatment for anxiety.

Types of Anxiety

Part of what makes anxiety disorders so complex is that there are some many kinds, and a person may need to be treated for more than one type. There’s social anxiety, which involves extreme discomfort around other people. There’s also generalized anxiety disorder, involves near-constant worry about all sorts of life variables. Other types include post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, and phobias. Living with anxiety disorders can make it extremely to hold down a job, socialize, or go about your daily routine in a calm manner.

How Anxiety Is Treated

Anxiety might not be able to go away, but it can be managed. Treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy allow patients to see how their thought patterns are misguided and how to create ones that can result in a better sense of calm. Prescription medications can help. Benzodiazepines are medications that provide a tranquilizing effect on overworked neurotransmitters. These can be highly addictive and must be taken under doctor supervision. Additionally, some people find that the side effects of prescription anxiety medication are far greater than the benefits. Others find that they felt no real change in mood or calmness levels even after prolonged usage of medication. They may try to hunt for a quick solution to their anxiety, such as illegal drugs or alcohol.

The Role of CBD Oil for Anxiety

Cannabis and anxiety have a complicated relationship. While many use marijuana to help them stay calm and focused, others find that it exacerbates their feelings of tension, leading to panic attacks. However, CBD oil differs is that it doesn’t contain THC. If someone has had a bad experience with consuming marijuana, they can take CBD oil infused in products like the new Exhale CBD gummies and not be negatively impacted.

The research so far has largely been regarding how the oil interacts with test animals, but it has been indicated to help patients with receiving a proper intake of serotonin, a chemical that helps people to feel good and one that many people with anxiety are deficient in. Another part of that brain affected by anxiety that the oil might be able to help is the hippocampus, which handles memory. When you take the oil, you may find that you have far greater control over your thoughts and feelings.


Clinical administration of oil on humans has suggested that it can be a very strong treatment for anxiety. A study on patients with social anxiety disorder resulted in a greater sense of ease for those who took the oil. Other research has indicated that the oil could be very effective as a means of treating panic disorder. It may also help with reduction of PTSD-related symptoms, including ones found in children who have undergone trauma.

Side Effects

Although the oil has many benefits and little to no substantial drawbacks for users, some possible side effects should be kept in mind. Use may lead to stomach troubles, leading to vomiting and/or diarrhea. Users of CBD oil for anxiety might also be struck by the side effect of feeling much more easily fatigued. Additionally, some might find that it has no real effect on their anxiety or that it makes it worse.

Taking CBD Oil

If you are dealing with anxiety or another condition that the oil has been said to help, you should learn as much about the product before using it. The oil is taken sublingually, meaning drops are placed below the tongue. The amount of your dosage can vary based on your needs and how much you weigh. Though it’s available over-the-counter,, it’s still good to discuss this with your doctor. You might not want to take it if you’re already on prescription medication, as things like antidepressants can end up clashing with the oil.

What to Expect

Once the oil has gone under your tongue and you’ve allowed for it to be properly absorbed, it should take effect within no more than 20 minutes. Unlike marijuana, it’s not going to suddenly make you feel like you’re intoxicated. One can take this oil and go about their day. You may find that you feel far less anxious and that intrusive thoughts aren’t as much of a problem as before. Though you’ll still be aware of stressors, you’ll likely be able to separate yourself from identifying with them so much.

Physical symptoms of anxiety, such as a racing heart may be reduced after taking the oil. Remember that every anxiety case is unique and how you react is dependent on more than just pure chance. You need to have a dosage of cbd vape juice for anxiety that helps you control your anxiety symptoms. Someone with ongoing panic disorder will likely need a higher concentration of CBD than someone who feels nervous in public speaking scenarios but is otherwise able to manage their anxiety fairly well.

The Right Type

The CBD boom has saturated the marketplace with all sorts of businesses looking to cash in the popularity. This means lots of ineffective or misleading products are marketed as containing CBD.


People with anxiety can put a lot of pressure on themselves to find something that works. While CBD has a very good track record of success, there shouldn’t be any demanding for it to work right away. Being so intense about having it work as soon as possible could lead to being even more worked up. Being consistent is very important. You might have to take the oil every day for several weeks before you notice any results.

CBD Oil for anxiety

What Else To Do

While CBD can certainly help your anxiety, it’s best used as a supplement to other means of anxiety treatment and not a sole means of therapy. To reduce anxiety symptoms, you need to get plenty of rest, exercise, eat well, and work on refocusing your thoughts. You should not go off any prescription medications without being first approved to do so by your doctor.

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil for Anxiety

Anxiety is a health condition, not a moral failing. Like any other health condition, it needs to be given dedicated treatment. CBD oil has been able to give numerous people peace of mind and reduce their anxiety significantly.

You can use CBD as a means of helping your anxiety, but it’s important to go about things slowly and to not put too high of expectations on the substance or on yourself. You need to do some research so that you know you’re getting the right product. Give your body and mind plenty of time to adjust.

Even if CBD doesn’t completely knock out your anxiety, it should at least make it easier to deal with. You might identify moments where you would feel typically stressed out, but the reduction in physical and mental symptoms has made it far easier for you to get through the situation.

Do your best to manage your anxiety and learn more about how CBD could work for you. Remember that there’s no guarantee for how well or how fast it’ll work. You also don’t need to feel pressure to not have anxiety. What you’re dealing with is a very serious condition, and being able to get through the day is something to be proud of.