Do you lay in bed at night and worry about things you can’t control? What’s causing your worries, and is it rumination about things like bills, relationships, and job stressors, or is it the negative thoughts about the future you cannot control?

Did you know that a survey showed that 42 percent of people in this country are unhappy with their lives? According to the World Happiness Report, which did an in-depth study on countries worldwide, fears and worries increased by seven percent in the past five years.

Let’s not forget that when you have excessive worrying and negative thoughts, it can cause mental and physical health problems. How can you fix the things that are causing worry?

Ten Hidden Things Causing Worry in Your Life

Life is full of ups and downs, and the world contains both good and evil. However, worrying is dangerous if you let it overtake your life. While this emotion is strange and unnecessary, everyone struggles with it occasionally.

The key is to uncover it and get to the heart of the matter so that you can fix it. Here are the most common worries that people face.

causing worry

1. Your Finances Might Be Causing Worry

Finances come in at number one because worrying about debt can significantly strain your life. Do you wonder how you will make your next rent or mortgage payment? Do you have little to no savings and are less than one paycheck away from total ruin?

You’re not alone. A poll conducted by Mind Over Money Surveys and reported by CNBC found that 77 percent of the American population worries about bills. This can affect all aspects of your life, including your sleep.

•How to Fix It

First, create a monthly budget where you cut out frivolous purchases. Do you need that latte in the morning that costs nearly $6? Eat home more than you eat out and make yourself accountable for every purchase. If this doesn’t help, there are numerous side hustles to make money and work from home perfectly legal.

2. Health

As you age, you develop things like high blood pressure and cholesterol troubles. You might also gain a middle-aged spread. Your health should be a top priority, but worrying about it isn’t going to help the matter.

•How to Fix It

For general things like your overall well-being, make sure you’re eating right and exercising as it counts even more as you get older. Second, consider trying some holistic therapies if you have a significant medical condition you’re fighting. People would have never considered acupuncture or cupping therapy two decades ago, but now they’ve become go-to methods to help ease the pain from arthritis and conditions like fibromyalgia.

3. Jobs

Work stress is inevitable, and you must work to support yourself. Your job will be stressful, especially if you have many responsibilities in a high-paying position.

•How to Fix It

Life is too short to stay at a job that you hate. If your job is causing worry, taking away from your family time, and leaving you feeling like your work and life balance is out of whack, do something about it. You were looking for a job when you found one, and there’s plenty more out there.

4. Relationships

Relationships and the worry that comes with them are a wide-encompassing category. While one person might be scared about their partner leaving, another person hasn’t spoken to a family member in years. Your life is made up of relationships, some good and some bad.

•How to Fix It

Don’t be eager to sweep it under the rug when an issue arises. If someone offends you, call them out and handle the situation immediately. When it comes to toxic marriages and relationships, don’t stay where it’s unhealthy for you to be.

Cut your losses and move on if you cannot fix a relationship. Even if you must set healthy boundaries for your parents or siblings, it’s better than being miserable.

5. Overworking Might Be Causing Worry in Your Life

How often do you feel there are not enough hours in the day? If you’re running around with barely a chance to grab lunch, it’s not a realistic schedule. You’re running ragged, and your health will pay the price.

•How to Fix It

Don’t schedule more in a day than you can accomplish. Second, learn how to say “no.” Lastly, it would help if you got up early and took a power nap during the day, rather than sleeping in or staying up late trying to get things done.

Many people work many hours as the balance of work to pleasure in America is off. However, according to an article in the Washington Post, the four-day workweek that’s become standard in Europe is gaining steam in this country. People are tired of working all the time, and their relationships and health issues suffer.

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6. Getting Older

Remember the old story about Ponce de Leon searching for the fountain of youth in the 1500s? Well, you can visit this site in Florida; it smells like rotten eggs. Sadly, this story demonstrates that there’s no way to turn back the clock.

Getting older comes with advantages like wisdom and disadvantages like wrinkles. However, even having plastic surgery will only buy you some time, as getting older is a blessing that many people never get.

•How to Fix It

Learn to embrace your age and change your mindset. You deserve every gray hair and wrinkle you have from life. However, there are things you can do to make yourself feel better. A new stylish haircut or cute clothes may be just what you need to pep your spirits.

7. Children

Whether you’re in the sleepless nights of infancy or your children are grown and out of the house, a parent never stops worrying. You will probably worry more about them when they’re out from under the safety net of your home than you did while they were living there.

•How to Fix It

Developing a good relationship with your children early can help them feel free to talk to you. You’ll worry less when you know what’s happening in their lives. However, children crave independence, and this is when you need to learn to pray and trust your higher power to protect them.

8. What Others Think

If worrying about what other people think is causing you distress, you must reevaluate some things. The only people you need to be concerned with in this life are yourself and your immediate family. When you have a negative mindset that you must keep up with everyone else, you only set yourself up for excessive failures.

•How to Fix It

Stop looking in other people’s yards and thinking the grass is greener. You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Even the most enormous mansions have dark secrets. Do what makes you happy and live your life with your happiness in mind, and never adjust your plans or life to please someone else.

9. The Past Might Be Causing Worry

Is your past causing worry and affecting the present? It’s not abnormal for the failures and regrets of yesterday to creep into today. Rumination about things that happened long ago is only robbing you of today’s blessings.

•How to Fix It

It would help if you reminded yourself that everyone makes mistakes, and no one is perfect. When thoughts about past failures pop into your mind, counter them with something positive. You can’t engage in mindful living if you’re stuck constantly turning around to what’s behind you.

10. Crime and Catastrophic Events

Perhaps crime and catastrophic events are a significant worry in your local neighborhood and the country. It’s easy to be taken in by all the bad things happening around you. However, you must find peace and stay knowledgeable but not let it consume you.

•How to Fix It

You need to ensure you have a security system for your home. This system will help to ensure that you’re protected and can monitor things when you’re gone. You may also upgrade the locks in your property with the help of a commercial locksmith. It would be best to stay informed about things happening in the world but never become obsessed. Find a channel that you like and listen to one update a day.

Don’t keep checking or leave the news play all day long. These anchors will keep looping the same things and putting their spin on it and its negativity that you don’t need.

causing worry

Final Thoughts on Hidden Things Causing Worry in Life

Worrying about something every day is typical, but things causing worry can quickly envelop your life if you allow them. The key to living a happy and healthy life is to be present at the moment. Don’t be preoccupied with your past, don’t worry about tomorrow, and focus on being present.

Instead of worrying, you need to be proactive. If you know you’re not making enough money to cover the bills, you must find a side hustle to help with income. Rather than fretting about all your troubles, pray and turn to your higher power for direction.

Life is stressful, but you can learn to manage this stress without getting physically or mentally sick. What changes can you make today to the things causing worry so that you can have a better tomorrow?