Castor oil is the ultimate home remedy and cure-all for many ailments. While parents and grandparents of generations gone by were often quick to recommend castor oil as a way to treat sickness, lovers of holistic living celebrate castor oil for its powerful healing qualities.

Castor Oil Benefits the Whole Body

Almost every person has a little bottle full of this oil somewhere in their home. For years it has been used for medicinal purposes. Today, people still use castor oil to promote health as well as supplement their beauty treatments.

Castor oils’ power comes from the ricinoleic acid responsible for its antibacterial qualities. Ready to learn even more bout the amazing health benefits of castor oil? Read on.

1. Heal Cuts and Grazes

Castor oil is used to treat cuts and grazes. Due to its unique anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, this oil is an excellent choice for treating any nicks or bruises.

As it works to disinfect the cut, this oil will also work to alleviate any pain that you are feeling. Simply apply a bit to a clean cloth or paper towel. Then, press it onto your bruise, allowing the disinfecting properties to do their work.

2. Treat Athlete’s Foot

Dealing with Athlete’s foot is a major inconvenience. As it is a type of fungal infection
that affects the feet, it can be quite a discomfort to deal with.

Thankfully, one of the many castor oil benefits is treating Athlete’s foot.

With this wonder treatment, you can help to fight the infection and get your feet back to normal. Apply a generous amount to the feet to ensure that your feet are properly covered.

The anti-fungal properties of the oil will immediately target the infection. Additionally, as you use this regularly on your feet, you will see that its moisturizing benefits help to heal cracked heels.

3. Subdue Back Pain

Most people think of taking pain relievers as a way to treat back pain. However, pills aren’t your only option.

This oil is quite capable of easing the discomfort of back pain. Much like the essential oils used in a massage, this oil can also be massaged onto your aching body to help target affected areas and ease any stiffness.

Moreover, the calming effects of this oil will help to reduce pain as the anti-inflammatory benefits start to work their magic.

4. Ease Symptoms of Arthritis

In addition to treating back pain, this oil can be used to help ease symptoms of arthritis.

This oil helps to reduce joint pain throughout the body, which is helpful for anyone dealing with arthritis. To treat arthritis, soak a towel or tissue in the oil. Then, place it wherever you feel the effects of arthritis.

To keep the oil in place, use a piece of cling wrap and wrap it around your skin. Add to your relief by using a hot water bottle as a compress against the area.

5. Fix an Upset Stomach

Did you eat something that doesn’t agree with you? Bring out this oil to help cleanse your stomach.

These detoxifying castor oil benefits will help to alleviate abdominal pain. In addition to being a laxative, this oil will treat sickness, bloating, irritable bowels, trapped gas, cramping, and any similar symptoms.

6. Fight Ringworms

This ringworm remedy combines castor oil benefits and coconut oil. Take advantage of the undecylenic acid by applying this mixture to the affected area on your skin.

7. Strengthen Your Immune System

Boost your immune system with this cure-all.

Make this oil a regular part of your diet to help increase your body’s count of T-11 cells. These cells are responsible for forming antibodies.

8. Fight Premature Aging

Want to get rid of the wrinkles around your lips, eyes, and forehead? Apply this oil directly to your skin to fight these signs of premature aging.

When applied topically, it helps to stimulate your body’s production of collagen. In addition to reducing wrinkles, it also softens and hydrates the skin.

9. Treat Skin Inflammation

Treat symptoms of skin inflammation with the help of this home remedy.

Dip a piece of cotton wool into the oil and apply it to your skin. Leave the treatment on for an hour before washing your skin.

10. Limit Acne Outbreaks

Tired of fighting acne with no results? It’s time to tap into the benefits of this powerful oil.

While it will feel weird to put oil on your oily skin, this remedy works. The ricinoleic acid will fight the bacteria in your skin that causes acne.

Apply this to your face after you have washed it with warm water. This will ensure that your pores are open before you add the oil. Leave it on overnight and wash it off in the morning.

11. Reduce Brown Spots

Hyperpigmentation can leave your skin spotted with discoloration.

Fight this by applying this oil to these areas. Whether you are dealing with freckles, uneven skin tones, or sunspots, this is an effective solution.

12. Create a Natural Moisturizing Treatment

As a moisturizer, this oil is quite powerful. Once added to the skin, this remedy will leave your skin rejuvenated and completely moisturized.

After your skin absorbs the oil, it will work its way deeper into your skin. This is why it is such an effective treatment for eczema.

Consider adding some of this oil into your favorite lotion or moisturizing treatment. This will ensure that you get a regular dose of the oil and your skin is as hydrated as possible.

13. Fade Marks and Scars

Have any prominent scarring on your skin that you’ve been trying to fade? This oil will do the trick.

Apply a bit of the oil every day to your problem areas. These scars, marks, and blemishes will soon begin to fade the longer you use the oil.

14. Prevent Stretch Marks

The fading power of this oil will help to fade stretch marks as well. What’s more, it will even help to prevent any more stretch marks from forming.

When you use the oil to massage areas that are prone to developing stretch marks, you’ll find that the elastin in the oil helps to keep any more marks from forming.

15. Treat Scalp Infections

The antibacterial properties in this oil are excellent for treating scalp infections. Any itchiness or dandruff that might have occurred as a symptom of these infections will be treated as well.

The oil’s antifungal qualities will help fight off the infection. Harness the power of this oil by adding it to shampoo or massaging it into your scalp directly.

16. Eliminate Gray Hairs

Premature graying is something everyone wants to prevent. This graying occurs when the pigment in a strand of hair reduces, leaving it to appear gray or white.

Rinsing with this oil will help delay this pigmentation loss, allowing you to put your hair graying on hold–at least for now.

17. Encourage Hair Growth

Tired of watching your hair grow slowly? Want to thicken up your eyebrows? Start using this oil on a regular basis to encourage hair growth.

Massage the oil onto the areas where you’d like to see more growth. In addition to accelerating growth, the oil will also work to strengthen the hair.

18. Moisturize Your Hair

Anyone with excessively dry hair or an overly dry scalp should use this oil as a remedy. In addition to being an excellent way to add moisture to the skin, this cure-all can quickly give you the shiny, healthy hair you’ve been waiting for.

castor oil

By adding a couple drops of the oil to your hair products, you’ll be able to smooth split ends and heal damaged strands.

19. Put an End to Chapped Lips

Some lips always tend to become chapped. If your lips are often dry, this oil should work for you.

By regularly applying a drop or two to your lips, you’ll have moist and hydrated lips in no time.

20. Hydrate Your Eyes

Suffer from dry eyes? This oil can be used to help treat that. However, be sure to use eye drops that are already made with the oil in them.

21. Aid Your Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? This remedy might just help you.

A tried and true way to use this oil as a sleep aid calls for you to dab a few drops of the oil on the eyelids to help you get to sleep quickly.

Final Thoughts on Castor Oil

This oil really does work like magic. When treating dry skin, constipation, fungal infections, and so much more, using this oil will help you heal yourself in an all-natural way.

Continue to research the benefits of castor oil as you find new ways to use it. Keep this guide in mind to help you remember the power of the oil.

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