Today Is The Last Day to Call Santa for Free. Here’s the Number…

Today Is The Last Day to Call Santa for Free. Here’s the Number…

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If you want to make your last minute requests to call the North Pole, now is your chance!  You can still reach Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and the Elves Workshop via the voluntee until 11pm Eastern Time tonight…

(NOTE: Calls to a toll free number are NOT free when dialed from another country outside of Canada or the US.)

The phone number to call Santa is:


Remember that many people still have Christmas requests, so you might have to try repeatedly to get through.

We called ourselves, and found that some of the most frequently asked questions for the North Pole crew were:

    Am I double checked on the nice list? 
    Can I speak to Santa?
    Does Santa know where my house is?
    Is it too cold in the North Pole for the Reindeer to fly?
    When is Rudolph’s birthday?
    How many children do Santa & Mrs. Claus have?

The call is free thanks to John Dickson, a Santa Barbara resident who donated a business line after so many people called, believing they were calling the North Pole by dialing 800-SantaClaus.

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