Are you at a point when you instinctively know that change is on the horizon? Although you have countless achievements, you may feel like something is missing. Perhaps you’re ready for a personal breakthrough.

What is a Breakthrough?

Remember in math class when you were stumped on a problem? You picked your brain and tried different formulas. Then, suddenly, you figured out the solution, and it was a moment of triumph.

Although that’s a simplified example, going to the next spiritual level in your life can be exhilarating. You open a closed door and walk into a light you’ve always desired. You may even wonder why it took you so long.

For some people, the process of mental and spiritual maturity isn’t as complicated as it is for others. The good news is that the Universe always gives you signs to notice. You don’t always have to search for your destination like a scavenger hunt.

Eighteen Things That Happen Right Before a Breakthrough

How do you know if you’re ready to reach a new level in your life? Will you wake up one day and realize the change, or is it a process? Here are eighteen signs from the Universe that your breakthrough is coming.


1. Questioning Your Belief System May Indicate an Imminent Breakthrough

One of the classic signs of a personal breakthrough is when you doubt past beliefs and traditions. Like most people, you blindly accepted what your parents and other mentors taught you as truth. Maybe some of this indoctrination turned out to be toxic.

There comes a point when you’ll feel compelled to revisit your past beliefs. Do they benefit your well-being and make you want to be a better person? If not, it may be time to discard old beliefs and traditions that are toxic or no longer serving you.

2. Tightening Your Circle of People

Everyone has a circle of family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. Many of these relationships overlap, and they form your support system. Your broader circle is often a revolving door of closeness, distance, and drifting apart.

You may notice this circle getting tighter right before a breakthrough. It’s easier to recognize genuine friends from those there when they need you. Time is precious, and you reserve it for those who matter in your life.

3. Connecting With Those Who are Like-Minded

Remember the old saying about birds of a feather flocking together? It’s part of the law of attraction that says you attract whatever you place in the Universe. You’ll start drawing the right folks in your circle before you level up.

Some may be acquaintances, or they may be strangers. They often are in the same place in life and share many of your dreams. Perhaps you’ll meet someone who was meant to be your mentor for self-improvement.

4. You Notice an Unusual Sense of Calm Before a Breakthrough

Have you been struggling with a lot of issues in your life? When you’re on the verge of a breakthrough, calm overcomes your mind and spirit. Although you still have many questions, you have a peace you can’t explain.

Trusting the universe allows you to take a deep breath and “be.” You send out more positive affirmations and are ready to receive the same. Your stress and anxiety levels may decrease as feelings of well-being increase.

5. Expressing More Gratitude

Many areas of your life will level up right before a personal breakthrough. An article published by UC Berkeley states that gratitude helps promote self-improvement. Instead of taking things for granted, you learn to count your blessings.

Gratitude lifts your mood and tends to make you more optimistic. Such a mindset is fertile ground for cultivating new dreams. When you’re thankful for what you have, the Universe provides you with more beautiful gifts.

6. Offering More Forgiveness and Letting Go

If you’re ready for a spiritual breakthrough, it starts by letting go of the past. Think of your self-development as a journey. How far can you travel if you’re bogged down with unnecessary luggage?

Only when you decide to release the burdens of the past can you look for a better future. When you forgive others, you’re no longer smothered by bitterness. Often, you must learn to forgive yourself before your next life phase.

7. Understanding Your Boundaries Better

Setting healthy boundaries shows how you treat others and expect to be treated. If they aren’t clearly defined, it’s a recipe for a toxic relationship. In the process of a breakthrough, it may become easier for you to set and enforce boundaries.

8. Taking Responsibility for Your Joy

Your spiritual evolution teaches you many lessons, like taking responsibility for your joy. You no longer depend on people, achievements, or possessions to do it for you.

Soon, you re-evaluate activities in your daily life. If they don’t bring you joy, why keep doing them? You stop being a people pleaser and learn that it’s unnecessary for a fulfilling life.

9. Developing More Self-Confidence Is a Sign of a Breakthrough

Isn’t it fulfilling when you finally notice the breakthrough you need? If you can do this, what other challenges can you meet? Having faith in your abilities is one of the best self-help tools.

Are you contemplating going back to school or advancing in your career? Maybe you want to change your career path altogether. Having more confidence in yourself will let you take risks.


10. Searching for More Meaning

You may never know the meaning of life, but it’s a quest that keeps you motivated. Maybe your soul has felt stagnant, and you’re just running in circles. Trusting your intuition more and allowing your Higher Self to guide you may be the inspiration you need.

11. Accepting What You Can’t Change

It’s a healing breakthrough to realize that there are things in this world you can’t change. For some unknown reason, good and evil coexist, and you learn to accept them. However, this realization gives you the self-confidence to change things within your power.

12. Craving More Solitude May Reveal a Breakthrough

According to a study published by the National Library of Medicine, solitude can put you in a more positive mood. Those precious hours of alone time may help you become more resilient. Unlike loneliness, occasional solitude has positive benefits.

Many self-help guides recommend that you spend some time alone. You can use it to meditate, journal, or rest. Being alone with yourself can help you focus more on your inner voice.

13. Having More Vivid Dreams

Are you a person who usually remembers your dreams? When a positive life change is imminent, you may have more vivid dreams than usual. Some of these dreams may be related to the next step you’re about to take.

14. Becoming Less Materialistic

You won’t be as interested in “getting more.” While there’s nothing wrong with wanting fine things, they aren’t the emphasis of your life. You become more focused on things money can’t buy, like all your intangible blessings.

You’ll also be more generous with your time and resources. Perhaps you’ll volunteer for your local food pantry or another worthy cause. You realize your blessings, and you want to give back to others.

15. Spending More Time in Nature

If you ever need a breath of inspiration, all you need is to walk outside. Something magical about the sky, trees, flowers, and woodland creatures revitalizes your soul. The closer you are to a new level in life, the more you may seek these wonders of nature.

Try to walk outside every day in the woods or a park. It’s good exercise, and it will stimulate your mind. It may inspire some new goals you want to achieve.

16. Experiencing Serendipity More Often

Is everything up to time and chance, or do things happen for a reason? Spiritual breakthroughs usually accompany coincidences that can’t be explained. The Universe tells you that things are about to change for the good.

17. Struggling with Restlessness

The human spirit longs to be challenged and to discover new things. If not, you get bored and risk a negative mindset. Your current restlessness may signify that you’re ready to walk out of faith into your next adventure.

18. More Bursts of Creativity

Positive life changes charge you physically, mentally, and spiritually. The results are bursts of creativity that express what’s difficult to put into words. You may notice a lift in your problem-solving abilities and your creative outlets.


Final Thoughts on Things That Happen Before a Breakthrough

The more you trust your inner voice, the more sensitive you’ll be to signs from the Universe. Milestones of change and maturation often mark your journey of self-development. All you need to do is trust and walk through the open door.