Many women can attest that buying the right bras aren’t easy. While you’d love to just pick a pretty, lacey number or a practical, well-built model right off the shelf and purchase it, so much more goes into choosing a bra that really, truly works.

Unfortunately, modern fashion trends tend to ignore what the right kind of bra is. This means many women get swept up in fads that are surprisingly bad for them – especially when these trendy brands don’t talk about how much worse they are than “boring” ones!

At the same time, there is very little information on how to buy the “correct” bra for one’s body. This means many who think they’re buying good, practical bras or supportive fashionable ones are doing themselves more harm than good.

The right bra is crucial to the health of your breasts, and even the health of the rest of your body. Most varieties are safe to wear, but there are some that have little to no redeeming qualities. Here are some bras women should never wear!

Here Are 5 Bras Women Should Never Wear


1.    Sticky “Invisible” Bras

The fad of sticky bras took Instagram by storm when they were first released. The idea is that they are backless and strapless so they go with any and all the clothes. They are also designed for those with smaller breasts, in order to push them together to create more pronounced cleavage.

While they seem cool, not only do they rarely ever work how they’re supposed to, but they’re also bad for your chest. These bras aren’t magically sticking without any help. They’re using a kind of glue to accomplish this – and your skin isn’t meant to handle being stuck to objects with a glue of any kind!

These bras, which use a string or clasp to pull the breasts together, are very tight on the skin in ways you may not notice. This type of tightness can lead to bad circulation, and can even cause increased sweating, which will offset the effects of the glue.

Worse still, those with sensitive skin will soon notice that the mix of glue and sweat they experience while wearing these bras gives them negative reactions. You may develop rashes or become itchy and have irritated skin. And this doesn’t even touch on the sad lack of support you get from just sticking a piece of fabric over your chest!

So what alternatives are there? Here are some options:

a)    A Push-Up Bra

Many women with smaller cup sizes use these bras for the enhancing effect. But you can achieve something similar with push-up bras! The thick padding within effectively raises the breasts to make them look larger.

Plus, most push-up bras have plenty of underwires, meaning they offer great levels of support and firmness. Many make the mistake of thinking underwire is bad for you, but they’re actually pretty positive and there is no scientific evidence to suggest that they harm you.

b)    A Strapless Bra

Sticky bras are great for doing away with annoying bra straps, but strapless bras achieve the same look. Although they’re not the best option for everyone – especially those with bigger breasts – they provide a good amount of support through close stitching, underwire, and a firm band. They also stay hidden in most tops.

c)    The Halter or Racerback Bra

Another reason you might want to use a sticky bra is because you don’t want your bra straps to show under a halter top blouse. But racerback bras solve this issue! Their straps come together in the back, remaining hidden in these circumstances.

Racerback bras also provide a lot of support as they’re better at holding breasts in place. This is even true for larger chested ladies!

d)    A Convertible Bra

If versatility is why you want a sticky bra, the convertible kind is a great choice. You can move the straps around to match your top or even remove them altogether, depending on your preferences.

e)    Go Braless!

In some situations – like if you’re wearing something backless – the best option if you don’t want a bra to be seen is not to wear one at all! Sure, you don’t get any support, but you won’t suffer skin irritation, either.

2.    Bras That Fit Badly

A whopping 80% of women are wearing a type of bra women should never wear – ill-fitting ones. A too tight bra can result in countless different kinds of health problems, including:

  • Pain in the neck
  • Pain in shoulders
  • Allergic reactions
  • Skin irritation
  • Stretched breast tissue
  • Distorted breast tissue
  • Compressed breast tissue
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Poor circulation

The best way to avoid ill-fitting bras is to try on bras the right way. Here are some things to look out for when you’re trying them, and some things to keep an eye out for when wearing bras you own.

  • Raise your arms. Your bra should not shift too much or restrict your movement.
  • You should not have “double breasts,” where your breasts bulge out over the top of the bra.
  • Your straps should not slide down.
  • You should not feel as though your shoulders are being yanked forward.
  • Your breasts should look and feel supported and not droop downwards.
  • The band at the back of your bra should never ride up.
  • Your bust should stay in place, centered, and even on your chest.
  • The middle of your bra should touch your breastbone.
  • Look out for reddish marks forming around your shoulder with bras you own.
  • Does it feel uncomfortable at all? Any time a bra feels uncomfortable, don’t rely on positive thinking to ignore it – switch to a better-fitting one.

If you wear tighter bras for better support and are just now discovering how dangerous that can be, here are some options for you:


a)    A Sports Bra

Sometimes, people buy too tight bras to keep their breasts in place better. After all, heavy movement around the bust can be uncomfortable and even painful. But not only is using a tight bra ineffective for the most part, it’s also bad for health.

Sports bras are designed to be able to hold everything in place and provide support, even during intense physical activity. Ensure you have the right size when buying them, as the band size can differ from typical bras.

b)    A Full-Support Bra

Sure, they’re not the most attractive-looking, but for everyday wear, full-support bras are great options. They’re great for those with bigger breasts, who may have trouble finding bras that fit well and resort to ill-fitting sizes. They’re practical and utilitarian, providing positive effects on breast health.

c)    The Minimizer Bra

These bras are designed to appear slimming. Someone who wears tighter bras may be trying to pull in their bust for a frame they deem more “desirable.”

Of course, the fact is that all bust sizes are beautiful. But if this is your goal, try for a minimizer bra instead. They’re extremely supportive and help press your breasts back to reduce their size for a slimmer silhouette.

3.    Plastic Bras

Plastic bras, ranging from clear transparent ones to those colored and tinted and covered with patches and designs, are all the rage right now. But wearing them directly against your skin will have the same effect as wearing any other kind of plastic underwear – and it’s not fun.

These bras are extremely uncomfortable to begin with, so investing in one usually spells awkward days ahead. But even if you’re going for fashion over comfort, these bras aren’t very breathable. This means they can cause allergies and rashes, and their lack of air circulation equals more sweat to cause these skin reactions.

On top of that, plastic bras are noisy and chafing. Every move is marked by a squeak. So if you’re buying them to feel sexy, that won’t last for long! Here are some more positive alternatives to plastic bras.

a)    A Strapless Bra

If you’re using a plastic bra to avoid obvious straps, let’s just say that no amount of transparency truly makes a bra strap invisible. It’s still going to stand out, and people are still going to see it.

A strapless bra provides support thanks to a strong band and some good underwire, and the cups come padded for a more attractive silhouette. The closeness of the cups of a strapless bra also means they’re great for support for small and medium breasts.

b)    A Bullet Bra

Yes, we’re being serious here. Bullet bras are definitely old-fashioned, but if you want an avant-garde, interesting look that resembles the fashion statement of a clear bra, these are pretty cool options!

Believe it or not, bullet bras offer tons of support. They have a lot of breast coverage, making it perfect for all breast sizes, and they create an interesting silhouette.

c)    A Lacey See-Through Bra

If the reason you wear plastic bras is for their sex appeal, there are plenty of see-through bra options fashioned from lace and softer fabrics that have the same effect, without all the downsides.

4.    Bustiers and Others With Little Support

Bustiers and other non-padded, not-quite-a-bra options are pretty popular. They’re pretty, easy to put on, and are super comfortable, so it’s no surprise that they took off.

But unless you have a very small chest, wearing bustiers all the time can lead to pain in your shoulders and neck. This is because you will lack the support you need to keep your bust’s weight held properly.

Is there really a good replacement for a bustier? Not really, as these items are almost like crop tops or even sleepwear. But there are some good alternatives you can consider for more positive bodily health. Here they are.

a)    A Front Closure Bra

If you like bustiers because they’re easy to wear, a front closure bra can provide the same. You can snap the bra on easily from the front instead of awkwardly reaching behind you to get the job done.

b)    A Convertible Bra

A bustier doesn’t look out of place with most types of clothing, so it’s very versatile. Well, so is a convertible bra. These bras allow you to remove straps or swap them around in different configurations to go with any outfit.

c)    A Sports Bra

These aren’t really what you think of when you consider a bustier-look-alike. But if you wear bustiers so they look cute when peeking out beneath low-cut clothing or ones with lots of cutouts, you can try a patterned sports bra. There are tons of options in different colors and prints so you can really show off your style!

d)    Any Fancier, More Intricate Bra

Again, if you like bustiers for their prettiness, detailed bras can do the trick. Opt for ones with lace, those with fancy designs, or even ones typically used for sexy lingerie. They’ll all look just as cute!

5.    Purely Synthetic Bras

A bra made only out of synthetic material is a big no-no. This is because a wide variety of chemicals are used when they are manufactured, and a few of these chemicals are bad ones. This means a bunch of toxins still remain in the material of these types of bras.

It’s okay for bras to have some synthetic material, of course. Pure cotton can feel stiff, so it’s rare to find pure cotton bras, and when you do find them, there’s a good chance they won’t be super comfortable. As such, opt for bras made from a mix of cotton and safely-made synthetic fabric. Spandex is a great option, and it’s stretchy for added comfort.

stop wearing bras

Final Thoughts On Some Bras Women Should Never Wear

The process of finding a good bra that truly fits well and provides support, comfort, and attractiveness is definitely difficult. Proper fittings are often necessary in order to get the right cup and band size, and doing this the wrong way can lead to many health problems.

So yes, buying the right bra can be tricky. But maintain positive thinking! Just steer clear of these 5 bras women should never wear, and you’re already on the proper track to getting the right one!