Ever wonder why certain people get so much done in the day? If you’re constantly struggling to get going in the morning or get past low energy levels during an afternoon slump, it’s time to find new ways to find some energy for yourself. Most of us would like to be more alert and focused throughout the day. There are a few ways to achieve this – from sleeping more to reading to exercising. There are also supplements like Noocube that can give you an extra boost. While these supplements are not “magic pills”, they can aid your other healthy efforts and improve your mental performance.

15 Positive Habits That Boost Low Energy Levels

Get a new lease on life by boosting low energy in all-natural ways. Read on for 15 great ways to reclaim your energy.

1. Hydrate First Thing in the Morning

Water does the body wonders. If you’re feeling a little sleepy or like you lack motivation, make sure you’re not dehydrated.

If you want to start your day off as refreshed and healthy as possible, try pouring yourself a glass of water. With an energizing glass of water, you’ll be able to give your body the push it needs to handle the day.

To wake up even faster, experts suggest downing a cup of hot water. With a dash of sea or rock salt and some lemon juice, you’ll be able to cheer up your body and balance your electrolytes. Likewise, the combo will help to soothe your digestive system, accelerate your blood circulation, and promote your body’s pH balance.

2. Eat Nutritious Foods

Just like your body needs its water, it needs the proper nutrition to function. Without an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables, you’ll feel depleted and tired more often than not.

Get back into business by filling up on healthier foods. Stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables to make sure you have the nutrients you need.

A plant-based diet is higher in alkaline foods and is very nutritious. When it comes to plants, you’ll never go wrong with big leafy greens.

Other nutrition superstars include pineapple, grapefruit, pomegranate, and more. Additionally, superfoods such as raw cacao, spirulina, and chia seeds, are foods that are packed with energizing ingredients.

3. Rise With the Sun

The sun has unique power when it comes to energizing the body. Rising with the sun is an effective way to help your body follow its natural rhythm.

Setting your internal clock to awaken with the sun will boost your energy overall. This is especially true if you ditch your curtains and let the sunlight flood your room to wake you up.

Just as it’s helpful to take in the sun to help kickstart your morning, it’s also helpful to get out into the sun throughout the day. If you feel yourself burning out, taking breaks to go outside will help you perk up.

4. Start Exercising

Exercise is another natural way to help your body refill its fuel tank. Moving your body will give you the boost of adrenaline needed to help you start your day.

Whether you go for a quick morning jog or take a bike ride, getting moving earlier on will help you to find more energy throughout the day.

Before getting your workout in, be sure to choose your favorite type of fitness that will energize you rather than exhaust you. For example, doing yoga early in the morning is preferable to a heavy session of weightlifting.

Pay attention to the exercises that leave you feeling fully refreshed and exhilarated. These are the go-to exercises that will help you stay awake and alert during the day.

5. Take a Shower

Water is beneficial both inside and outside the body. This powerful purifying element is a great way to start and end the day.

If you’re looking for a quick way to wake up, try taking a cold shower. A cold shower will increase your body’s blood circulation, improve your immune system, and regulate your endocrine system.

Experts recommend taking a three-minute-long shower to beat the effects of fatigue. Even a 30-second blast of cold water will be enough to get your body stimulated.

6. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness isn’t just a buzzword; it’s one of the best ways to stay present and alert. Whenever you start to feel yourself burning out during the day, take a short break to practice mindfulness.

During your break, spend time alone. At this time, give your mind and body a chance to relax. Sitting in a comfortable position, close your eyes, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

This breathing technique will allow you to center yourself and let go of any lingering stress or anxiety. Taking just a few minutes to practice mindfulness and meditative breathing will help keep any anxiety-related fatigue at bay.

7. Detox From Low Energy Creating Toxins

Toxins rob the body of its natural energy throughout our daily lives. We encounter toxins in the air, processed foods, and water. Over time, these toxins can build up, taking a toll on your body’s ability to function correctly.

One of the easiest ways to get energized and get rid of these toxins is detoxing your body. The best way to start your detox is t eat antioxidant-rich foods and stay away from sugary and processed items. During your detox, you’ll soon see the powerful effects of removing toxins from your body.

In addition to intentionally taking toxins out of your diet, try a massage, steam bath, aromatherapy, or meditation to complete this process.

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8. Take the Stairs

If you find yourself in a mid-day rut and are near a set of stairs, you’re in luck. Jogging up a staircase may be more effective than downing another cup of coffee if you’re trying to beat your afternoon slump.

Research shows that taking the stairs for just 10 minutes can boost your energy levels as much as 4 oz. of coffee would. Whether you take the stairs or use a stair climber, use this hack to keep you powering through your day.

9. Try Orange-Colored Glasses

Orange-colored glasses can quickly help you get a better outlook on life. This orange-colored solution will help take the edge off your day by reducing your exposure to blue light.

The orange tint will effectively block the blue light emitted from your electronics. Wearing these glasses throughout the day will help block your blue light, making it easier to rest, sleep, and wake up energized for another day of work.

Likewise, while most people fall asleep with their smartphone in hand, this is counterproductive to getting a good night’s rest. Ensure you’re getting the rest you need by limiting your interaction with blue light towards the end of the night.

10. Take More Protein

Whatever diet you follow, chances are you’re not getting the right amount of protein. While you can add more protein to your diet with certain meats, consider using protein powder.

With a protein boost via a smoothie, shake, or protein bar, you’ll help to give your body a boost. With this addition to your diet, you’ll have a higher level of energy, and you’ll feel fuller for a more extended period.

11. Take B-12 Supplements

If you’re looking to improve your memory or concentration naturally, it’s time to consider taking B-12 supplements.

Vitamin B-12 is an essential nutrient for the body. One of 8 B vitamins, B-12, plays a role in your body’s production of blood cells, your nervous system’s health, and your concentration levels.

While this supplement may not inherently provide you with a vast energizing boost, it helps individuals deficient in B-12.

Not sure if you’re getting enough of this vitamin? If you take any antacids, are vegan, have a compromised immune system, or have a similar condition, you may very well benefit from adding this supplement to your diet.

12. Cut the Smoking Habit

Smoking is a threat to your overall health. While it contributes to the potential for lung disease, smoking tobacco also affects your energy levels.

As the nicotine in cigarettes acts as a stimulant, it speeds up the heart rate, leading to higher blood pressure. With your brain overstimulated, you’ll have a hard time getting to sleep.

Try weaning yourself off the cigarettes to feel more energized during the day. This way, you can keep cravings at bay and help yourself have a more restful sleep.

13. Try a Catnap

A catnap can help you get through the day and feel more energized. A short nap between 10 – 30 minutes is all you need to reset your body for the day.

Experts recommend napping anytime before 4:00 pm to keep your sleep schedule on track. This type of shorter nap will improve your overall alertness, cognitive function, and improve your memory.

Want to nap longer? Try to limit yourself to 30 minutes. This way, you’ll avoid the phenomenon of “sleep inertia” that will prevent you from feeling fully alert.

14. Listen to Fast-Paced Music

Fast-paced music can help override the brain’s fatigue signals. This type of upbeat music will help you stay focused as you find new motivation to get more work done.

Try a song that plays at 145 BPM. This type of beat will make it easier to focus as you catch your second wind.

15. Start Dancing

You don’t need to be a professionally trained dancer to make this tip work for you. With just a few dance moves, you can wake your body up even more.

Take a 5-minute break to get your groove on. Whether you shake your hips or move your head, a little bit of dancing can change your whole day.

We all get 24 hours in the day. With the proper energizing regimen, you’ll be able to tackle whatever the day has to throw at you.

Final Thoughts on Having Less Low Energy Every Day

Keep this guide in mind as you find new and healthy ways to stay alert, awake, and active. Embrace one or two of these new habits to see if you can reap the reward of a much-needed energy boost.