In this world where we’re inundated with bad news almost constantly, it’s nice to read something positive for a change. One sweet ten-year-old boy in Chicago, Illinois spotted a blind deer before school one day and decided to help it find food. We could learn a lot by adopting habits and behaviors of children, don’t you think?

A Reddit user with the name Bluecollarclassicist shared this heart-warming story with the world. Of course, if the deer attempted to return to living in nature, it wouldn’t survive very long. That’s where this kind-hearted boy comes in to offer relief to the helpless deer. He took the deer to grassy spots along the sidewalk so it would have food to eat. A neighbor snapped a photo of the pair together and posted it on Imgur. It quickly went viral as people’s hearts melted over the generosity of the young boy.

Boy Helps A Blind Deer Find Food Before School Everyday

When the Illinois Department of Natural Resources got word of the story, it decided to adopt the deer. They gave her a safe shelter, food, and water. They learned the boy hadn’t named or pet the deer, wanting to be respectful of the fact it was a wild animal despite its limitations. The boy didn’t feel sad, therefore, when the deer was taken away. Rather, he felt a sense of relief knowing that the deer would be in safe hands from then on.

Luckily, the deer didn’t get picked up by government officials, who often put down animals without a second thought. The group that came to pick up the deer is a local organization that made sure the deer was well taken care of.

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Source: Reddit/bluecollarclassicist 

The boy’s natural affection and care for the deer is something all of us can learn from. Humans don’t live in harmony with our local environment, instead choosing to exploit and become possessive of resources, and even each other. However, the boy and this deer have a beautiful relationship, where the deer can fully trust the boy to care for it.

The deer was extremely lucky to have wandered into a neighborhood where such a caring person lived, because otherwise the deer would’ve likely been hit by a car or starved to death. When the IDNR came to pick up the deer, half the neighborhood came outside to show their support and witness the act of kindness for themselves.

The reddit user and his wife hope to reward the child’s act of kindness and take him to visit the deer in the local nature preserve.

Final Thoughts on Helping the Environment Around Us (even a blind deer)

We can all do better in regard to living in harmony with the animals around us. If you see a stray dog, for example, you could post pictures of it on social media to see if anyone would like to adopt it. Or, if you have a local no-kill animal shelter, you could take it there so it can be formally adopted. This is just one example, but the point is that we can all do our part to live more cohesively with the environment around us.

Do you know of anyone who has helped an animal in need like this? If so, please share your story with us in the comments!

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