Many people count their material blessings and forget about the rest. However, remembering that material blessings aren’t everything can help you remember all the other positive parts of your life. Many non-material aspects of your life leave room for gratitude and thankfulness.

Social media might make you believe you must have what others have. Watching others live and develop can make you think you aren’t keeping up or experiencing as many benefits. However, turning away from the highlight reel of social media can help you embrace the best parts of your life.

Taking time to embrace the things you usually take for granted can boost your positive thoughts and happiness. You can have dreams and ambitions while still slowing down and appreciating your daily blessings. It helps you discover what matters on your life journey and see the abundance in your blessings.

When you consider your blessings, you can instantly shift your mindset. It’ll help you turn your day around when things aren’t going well. The shift can help change your life as you focus on positivity and finding happiness in the things that mean the most.

Nine Blessings Most People Ignore

Many parts of your life are worth celebrating and expressing gratitude for. While things don’t always go the way you’d hoped, you still have things others would be thankful to have.

You might believe many things in your life are a given, but that’s not the case. Sometimes you might forget to express gratitude or find the blessings in your life. Either way, knowing the blessings that many people ignore can help you focus on them a little more.


1 – Count Having a Safe Home Among Your Blessings

You might not love where you live, but it’s still a safe place to take refuge from the world. Remember that your home protects you from the elements when you struggle to find positivity in your living situation.

Without your home, you might have to live outside without protection. Many people find themselves stressing about where they live without thinking of the blessing of safe shelter.

2 – Being Able to Make Choices

You can choose what you eat, wear, and marry, giving you a luxury others don’t have. When you have the freedom to decide, it’s a blessing you shouldn’t ignore.

You might take it for granted if you were born with the ability to make choices, but it’s not something everyone experiences. Thinking of it this way helps put into perspective that being able to make your choices is a blessing.

3 – Having Resources at Hand

Life would be hard without all the resources you have at hand. You can quickly search for how to do something online or find answers using your phone.

There are also powerful tools that help you do things you aren’t strong enough to do alone. You have many resources available that people in the past didn’t have, and it’s always a blessing to consider how these resources help.

4 – Friends and Family Are Always Blessings

Your friends and family are sometimes your favorite people and other times the ones who make you upset. However, no matter what happens, you know these people will be there for you when things get hard.

Your friends and family being there whenever you need them are a reason you might take them for granted. When you know they’ll show up for you, it’s easy to be hard on them or forget about how great their presence is in your life.

You might sometimes let little things interfere with these relationships. However, you must do whatever you can to protect these relationships because your family and friends are a blessing.

Rather than letting minor irritations disrupt your relationship, you can remind yourself that your people bring light to your life. Making room for their mistakes and faults can help you cherish each moment with those you love. No one is perfect, and part of appreciating those you love is understanding and supporting one another no matter what you go through.

So, when spending time with your friends and family, focus on having a good time. Laugh, talk, and share your positivity with them when you’re together. You can also cry together as you talk about your problems.

Whatever way you want to spend time with your friends and family, make sure you view them as the blessing they are. They’re the ones who will be there to offer support or cheer you on.

5 – Good Health

Having good health is a blessing that many people take for granted. If your body works as it should, and you experience positive physical benefits that others don’t, it’s one of life’s blessings. Examples of this include the following:

  • being able to walk or exercise
  • having clear vision
  • breathing without issues
  • not being prone to overthinking
  • being able to speak

These things we do each day are actions others wish they could have. When you can’t find any blessing to be grateful for, you can consider your good health.

6 – Having Distant Friends and Family Are Blessings

It might seem unfortunate when you have friends and family who live far away. However, it’s a blessing because it reassures us that we’re not alone when someone from afar reaches out. It likely makes your day when they send a message or call you to see how you’re doing.

While you’d rather have them nearby, it’s a blessing to hear from your distant loved ones. Your loved ones far away still care about you, love you, and remember you.


7 – Having Food and Water

Not everyone has food and clean water, making it a blessing most of us ignore. The World Health Organization states that nearly 820 million people worldwide are without enough to eat. It’s a part of your life that many dreams of.

Having access to clean drinking water is a blessing, too. Many of us have never gone without, so it’s hard to think of it as something to be thankful for. However, many people don’t have easy access to clean water.

8 – Aging

You might dread getting older, but aging is something you should be thankful for. Viewing aging as a blessing can help you embrace each day of your life.

While you might wake up and think of your to-do list, sometimes thinking about the blessing of waking up is better. It can help you focus on positive thoughts throughout the day, seeing the good in the world around you.

Many people view aging as a fearful time of diminishment, powerlessness, and loss. You might even think of it as a time of pain and loss of dignity. However, it can be a joyous part of your life that not everyone gets to experience.

9 – Time

One major life blessing most people ignore is time. You have time to work toward your dreams, to plan and act, and to spend time with people you love. No matter what changes in life, you still have 24 hours each day to make things count.

You might not accomplish everything you planned, and things might take longer, but it is still a blessing that you have those 2 hours to do what you can. Having the opportunity to do something is something to be grateful for.

Don’t waste a moment because even using your time to relax and enjoy leisurely activities is worthwhile. Spend the time how you think is best, and it’s sure to be a blessing that never stops giving.

Why You Must Stop Ignoring Your Blessings…Embrace the Positivity

Focusing on your journey to finding wealth and success can interfere with your present. It can cause you to ignore your blessing and forget the essential things in your life. Your goals can cause you not to appreciate the things you already have and what others only dream of.

Gratitude can help you celebrate and find happiness in the present. Sometimes, your life goes so well that you don’t realize how well you have it.

You sometimes won’t notice the blessings in your life until you lose something or someone you care about. However, when focusing on the good in your life, you’ll recognize how good things are before it’s too late. You’ll be able to make the best choices to help you keep the things that mean the most to you.

How You Can Learn to Appreciate Your Blessings

Having a hard time seeing your blessings often means you should slow down and take time to reflect. Consider the things you have that make your life easier, more enjoyable, or more comfortable. Some of the ways you can learn to appreciate the blessings in your life include the following:

  • make a list of everything you take for granted
  • read gratitude quotes
  • set aside time this week to tell people how they’ve been a blessing to you
  • focus on nutrition and exercise to promote your health
  • repeat positive affirmations
  • find the good in all situations


Final Thoughts on Acknowledging the Blessings Most People Ignore and Embrace the Positive

Life isn’t always perfect, but you have blessings you might not consider. Don’t waste time believing that you don’t have anything worthwhile when you have many things to be grateful for.

You can always find something good about your life, and it’s best to focus on those blessings. Embrace the good things and positive people you have around you. There are more blessings than you might realize, and it’ll help you find happiness and focus on positive thoughts.