Nuts. Would you be surprised to learn they’re a natural beauty powerhouse?

It’s no secret that investing in skincare and haircare products can be beneficial for your overall complexion and the health of your skin hair. However, something that many people fail to realize is that many of these products only help you compensate for things that your body does not have.

This is because a lot of your body’s external looks have to do with what is going on inside. A good deal of your nutrient intake affects how your body looks on the outside, meaning that you can look pretty good by just monitoring which foods you eat and getting yourself to eat more healthy ingredients.

Nuts and Nutrition

On top of this, there is also a huge benefit to getting proper nutrients in, as oftentimes maintaining a healthy diet is the key to having more self-confidence and feeling better in your everyday life. Despite this, while there are many different diets people can use to get their daily nutrients, there is often one type of food that is routinely forgotten.

So, which food should you add to your diet to experience these benefits? Believe it or not, it’s nuts. Nuts actually have many different benefits that can help you maintain your skin, your hair, and much more!

To help you discover the various benefits that you can gain from eating more nuts, we’ve created a list of 15 Amazing Benefits of Nuts for Skin, Hair and More:

Before beginning this list, it is important to state that you should check with a medical professional before incorporating any type of nut into your diet. This is because you may never know if you have food allergies, so it’s important to confirm you don’t have any underlying allergies before incorporating large amounts of a food into your routine.

15 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Nuts

benefits of macadamia nuts

1. Pistachios Reduce Acne

One of the first things you’ll notice when looking at the health benefits of nuts is that a variety of different ones can help your skin in different ways. For example, pistachios can help reduce acne by introducing antioxidants into your system that subsequently affect your blood sugar levels. Your blood sugar helps the cycle of androgen go through your system, reducing the chance of your body developing acne.

2. Hazelnuts Prevent Aging

Many people use skin lotions and products to make sure that their face doesn’t break out with wrinkles and lines. It actually turns out that Hazelnuts carry properties to help in a similar way! They supply your body with large portions of Vitamins E, A and C, all of which help reduce the chance of your skin getting wrinkles.

3. Hazelnuts=Healthy Skin

Another benefit of Hazelnuts is that they help give your body flavanoids alongside antioxidants. By using these two materials at once, your body can make way for new cells, giving your skin a more rejuvenated look.

4. Almonds Keep Your Skin Healthy

Almonds are incredibly important due to their ability to give your body heavy amounts of Vitamin E. By bringing Vitamin E, your blood vessels are able to keep your skin hydrated, helping you avoid skin conditions such as dark spots and acne, among others.

5. Walnuts Reduce Inflammation

Did you know that walnuts can actually help your joints? They carry inside them omega-3 fatty acids that help reduce inflammation in your body. This can help your joints move better in the same way that eating fish does. So, if you’re a vegetarian missing the benefits fish gave you, just grab some walnuts!

6. Brazil Nuts Can Prevent Hair Loss

These contain selenium, an essential part of maintaining the health of your hair. By eating them on a regular basis, you can make your hair stronger and prevent it from falling out in the future!

7. Brazil Nuts Also Have Selenium

Another benefit of these is that they also carry selenium, something that improves your skin’s overall health. This makes it easier for your skin to heal and prevents you from getting acne.

8. Hazelnuts Help Bring Hair Color

Did you know that Hazelnuts are a critical component to many hair dyes getting their colorful shine? They can also bring similar benefits to your hair by protecting the health of your hair, causing it to not lose color as quickly.

9. Almonds Contain Fiber

Almonds are also well-known for containing a lot of fiber, something that allows your digestive system to run properly. This means that not only will you be able to process foods quicker, but your body will be able to absorb nutrients at a faster rate, allowing your body to stay on top of its various processes.

10. Almonds Can Improve Cholesterol Levels

As one of the most important options you can introduce to your diet, there’s research showing that almonds have a positive overall effect on your health, helping reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) in your system. This is important to realize because through reducing your LDL, you can ultimately improve your cardiovascular health and allow your heart to pump blood at a normal rate.

Nuts to lower your cholesterol

Despite this evidence, though, it should be noted that almonds are not known to completely solve cholesterol problems, but simply perhaps alleviate some of them. This benefit is still one that is being researched, so there is still more to be learned about it.

11. Almonds Help Grow (Good) Bacteria

Believe it or not, but bacteria is actually necessary for your body to run efficiently. This is because a lot of the processes that allow your body to protect itself against diseases are actually run by good types of bacteria that can give your gut strength. Almonds help contribute to the helpful bacteria in your gut by helping support their growth, specifically helping Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria grow easier.

By supporting the growth of the good bacteria, almonds can help your gut be able to filter out negative particles and prevent your body from absorbing harmful diseases.

12. Pistachios Can Help Prevent Heart Disease

Another benefit of eating a lot of pistachios is that they can help reduce heart disease. This can help promote your overall longevity by reducing your chances later of having a heart attack, a stroke, or other harmful heart conditions. Pistachios do this by improving your oxidative status, something that directly contributes to your risk of developing heart disease.

Because pistachios can be so helpful for your cardiovascular health, they are probably the most important item on our list that you should increase in your diet, if possible. Along with almonds, they are definitely in a category of their own in terms of superfoods!

13. Cashews Have a Multitude of Benefits

Cashews are incredibly beneficial food to eat. This is because they have a multitude of different benefits that can seriously help you. For example, eating 28 grams of cashews can give you up to 1 gram of fiber, 5 grams of protein, and 1% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin E!

On top of this, cashews have also been shown to improve blood pressure in individuals with metabolic syndrome when incorporated as 20% of one’s diet. Cashews are also well-known for reducing blood pressure. They can also give your body many more antioxidants!

14. Hazelnuts Can Prevent Split Ends

This is definitely one of the more bizarre ways to consume hazelnuts on this list, but using hazelnut oil can be a great way to increase the strength of your hair. By rubbing a few drops of this special oil into your hair on a daily basis, you can remove and prevent further split ends!

15. Hazelnuts Have Even More Health Benefits Than You Know

Because hazelnuts have so many more benefits than the ones we’ve highlighted in this list, we thought it was necessary to lump a few of them in this point. For example, they produce alpha-tocopherol, something that can help you prevent cancer! They also give your body large amounts of magnesium, a nutrient that is essential for your bones to stay strong. Magnesium can also help maintain the health of your skin.

Did we mention that hazelnuts are also a great source of protein? This helps you not only burn fat quicker, but also grow your muscles more efficiently. Through incorporating hazelnuts in your daily routine, you’ll not only be able to exercise efficiently, but you’ll also have healthier skin overall!

Final Thoughts on Nuts and Your Beauty

As you can see, there are many different benefits of nuts. However, it’s important to understand that a lot of these benefits won’t solve all of your problems on their own. In fact, many of them work best in conjunction with a number of other methods so you can have a happier, healthier life! We hope this list has been helpful for you in learning more about the vitamins, minerals, and benefits that nuts can have on your skin, hair, and overall health!