Loneliness is a real problem that many people face. Numerous songs talk about being alone, and it seems like some folks can surround themselves with others and still feel the pangs of seclusion. However, being alone is necessary for many people, especially if you’re an introvert and need to recharge your batteries.

Why do people want to celebrate things in a crowd surrounded by friends and family? What’s wrong with curling up with a good book and your thoughts for a night? Did you know you can resolve many of the massive problems you face by spending some time in solitude?

It sounds ironic, especially considering it’s the opposite of how most people live. Perhaps, folks have been going about things all wrong. Maybe we need to incorporate some time for self-reflection instead of being surrounded by a crowd.

Assume you’ve had a rough day at work and you’re exhausted. It happens to be an evening that your friend wants to go out to dinner, or you have other pressing issues. How often have you stated, “I just want to be alone?” It’s because you need that time of solitude to escape the pressures of the day.

Sometimes you need silence when you’ve heard cash registers chiming, music, people, chatting, and customers complaining. Anyone fighting loneliness should work retail for a few hours, as it’s not for the faint of heart.

Why Being Alone is Productive?

To dedicate time to being alone, you must first change your mindset. Society has ingrained in people that it’s terrible to isolate yourself. You don’t want to close yourself off from the world for days at a time, but you do want to make time for yourself to be alone.

There’s a big difference between the two. You will learn that solitude is the antidote to many things in life. Here are some reasons why it’s okay to spend some time by yourself.

being alone

1. You Can Plan and Set Goals

How can you plan for the future or set goals when you have commotion? It’s hard to think about where you want to be in five years when your spouse wants to know what you want for dinner, and the kids are fighting over a toy.

You can shut the door and be alone with your thoughts, and, incredibly, the amount of goal setting you can get done in just a few minutes.

2. You Get More Accomplished

When you have some solo time, you are calmer and more centered. This allows you to concentrate and get things done. If you have a project that you need to focus on, shutting yourself in a room for a couple of hours may be all the time you need.

It’s hard to concentrate when you’re being pulled in many directions but closing the door indicates you need to be alone. You can do this at home or in the office when you need to focus and shut off the outside noise.


3. You Can Rest

One thing that so many people don’t get is sufficient rest. Maybe you need a nap daily to help you feel refreshed and ready to go. You might not need to go to sleep, but perhaps you need to rest your mind.

Spending this time alone can give you the strength to keep going throughout the day. It can be the little boost you need to get your second wind. According to Harvard Health, there are many benefits to napping.

One benefit of a nap is that you reset your brain. The experts further state that you need 7.5-8 hours of rest each night; many people don’t get that amount. However, taking a nap can help boost the sleep you need so that your brain isn’t frazzled and can wake refreshed.

4. You Increase Your Spirituality

Whether you believe in a higher power, the Universe, or nothing, it doesn’t matter. Every person has a spiritual side to them. You’re a triune consisting of three parts, body, mind, and spirit.

Some folks pray while others meditate or chant, and some do nothing. Whatever you do to help bring you back to a center point is beneficial. You can’t pray with noise going on all around you, and you can’t get answers from the Universe when you’re distracted by your atmosphere.

Closing yourself off and being alone can allow you to increase your spirituality.

5. You’ll Improve Your Mental Health

Have you ever been in a crowded shopping center with people everywhere and couldn’t wait to get to your car? When you returned to your car and shut the door, the silence was relaxing. It’s because peace is not just luxuries; you must have them to keep your mental health in check.

Silence is refreshing. When there’s no one talking to you, bothering you, or asking a hundred questions, you get to bask in the silence. Your mind needs this time to refocus, regroup, and let go of the day’s tensions.

being alone

6. You’ll Cherish the Moment and Replenish

As you age, you realize that the moments you get alone are few and far between. Someone always needs you, and there are always numerous things you need to do. You no sooner get caught up with the things of yesterday if today’s burdens overwhelm you.

When you have children, they require the assistance of their parents nearly 24/7 and don’t think that when they turn 18, things will get any easier. While they won’t always be underfoot, you need to make each moment with them count. Therefore, you need these spaces of time to gather your thoughts, refresh your mind, and be alone.

This solitude allows you to gain the strength and energy you need to keep going. Remember that an empty pot can’t pour into others, so if you don’t take time for yourself and handle your needs, you won’t benefit anyone else.

7. You Have Time for Journal Writing

Being alone can help you reflect. What amazing things have you, your children or your spouse accomplished? Journaling is an essential part of mental health. You can not only write down the things that trouble you, but you can also keep track of any good things that happen along the way.

Most parents document their baby’s first steps, first words, and those initial milestones, but what about the other things that happen? Why not write down when your child wrote you a letter that made you cry because they poured their heart into you?


A journal is something that many people feel they don’t have time to do, but you need to make time. This little book can be a roadmap of your life and a legacy you leave behind for others. Though being alone sounds scary to some, you have time for these little things that can enrich you and your family.

8. You Can Pamper Yourself

Don’t look at being alone as scary or something that you dread. Instead, think of this as your time to pamper yourself. You will be a better parent, worker, and friend when you learn to give yourself a little TLC.

A study conducted by Southern New Hampshire University found that people who engage in self-care have better cognitive function than those who don’t. You’re at a higher risk of burnout, depression, and other mental health issues when you burn the candle at both ends.

9. You Get to Know Yourself Better

One of the things you will notice when you’re by yourself is that you don’t have to be something you’re not. When you’re at work, you must be customer-service-driven and listen to every management demand. However, you don’t have to listen to anything or anyone when you’re all by yourself.


You call the shots, and you can say or think whatever you want. It’s the one time in your life when you are entirely free.

10. Your Creativity Will Flourish

Did you know that most people who have a creative side need the peace and tranquility of being alone to be productive? Painters, authors, and other crafty folks need that solo time to think and allow their talent to flourish.

Do you have a story to tell or want to start painting? Now’s your time!

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Final Thoughts on Why Being Alone Is Productive

You make choices every day, so you must choose peace and serenity over chaos and anxiety. Loneliness is a real problem, but it doesn’t have to be your issue. You can find plenty of things you can do when you’re solo to make you relish every moment.

Take this time to engage in activities that interest you and get to know yourself better. Being alone can positively affect your health and outlook, and who doesn’t want to feel better? This is your time to do what you like, and you don’t have to accommodate others. Doesn’t being alone sound amazing?