Mentally strong people can relate to this quote:

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” – Thomas Jefferson

Let that sink in for a second. Everything we do or don’t do in life depends on our mental attitude. Sure, other circumstances can get in the way, but more or less, we have control over our lives, and our thoughts become our reality. Being mentally strong isn’t always easy, but anyone can learn how to balance their mind with practice.

Remaining mentally strong in life boils down to changing your attitude and outlook on life. Some of us have been through so many trials and tribulations with no choice but to become stronger. We’ll go over some everyday habits and behaviors of the mentally strong among us.

15 Signs of a Mentally Strong Person

(Note: Before we get into this article, we in no way are trying to understate or discredit the struggles of those with mental illnesses. We know that a mental disorder is challenging to manage, so keep this in mind as you read the article.)

mentally strong people

1.     They don’t complain much.

Mentally strong people try not to complain about their situation. Instead, they assess the problems and focus on solutions. They know that dwelling on problems will not make their situation any better; in fact, it usually magnifies the issues until they’re blown way out of proportion.

The toughest people know that the only constant in life changes, so they embrace that. Even if the changes are not necessarily positive, they go with the flow and don’t resist what life throws at them.

They change what they can and forget about what they can’t. Complaining about what they can’t change only creates chaos, and they steer clear of that thinking.

2. Mentally strong people take control of their lives.

Mentally strong people don’t blame others for their misfortunes or expect someone else to come and save them. While they might have a support system when things get tough, they don’t just sit around and wait for someone else to fix their life. They take charge and make the necessary changes so that their life feels good from the inside out.

In fact, they don’t procrastinate on what needs to get done for them to find fulfillment in their lives. They take responsibility for themselves and their lives and take action to create the life they desire.

3. They learn to dance in the rain.

Mentally strong people know that life doesn’t come with an instruction manual; they have to write it themselves. With that said, creating a life you love doesn’t come easily. You’ll face many obstacles, but in doing so, you’ll have a deeper appreciation for your life when you overcome them. Mentally strong people take the good with the bad and don’t let life rain on their parade. Where others see a roadblock, they see a detour.

4. They let go of bad habits.

Anything that doesn’t enhance their life must go. Mentally strong people know that creating your best self and ideal life can only happen when you let go of things that no longer serve you. Whether those bad habits are toxic relationships, drugs or alcohol, unhealthy foods, or something else, mentally strong people have learned to distance themselves from these temptations. They might indulge every once in a while, but they get right back on track and follow habits that add value to their lives.

5. Mentally strong people stand their ground.

This means saying “no” when something doesn’t feel right to them. They exert boundaries to maintain the integrity and don’t let others walk all over them. If they can’t fit something into their schedule, they have no problem letting someone know that. They respect themselves and don’t allow others to treat them like a doormat. Mentally strong people also don’t mind standing alone if it means standing up for what they believe in.

6. They embrace changes, whether good or bad.

Being mentally strong means remaining balanced at all times and not shying away from difficult situations. Whether they encounter positive or negative circumstances, a tough person will meet every situation with courage. You will never catch a strong person remaining stagnant in life or waiting for the right moment to take action. They jump headfirst into rough waters, knowing that they have what it takes to survive. This doesn’t mean they make foolish decisions, but they don’t allow fear to paralyze them either.

7. Mentally strong people avoid people-pleasing.

Mentally tough people won’t bend over backward to make someone else happy. They don’t purposely do things to upset people, but they also don’t go out of their way to please others. The mentally strong speak their mind in a discreet manner, knowing it isn’t their responsibility if someone gets upset with the truth. They don’t allow emotions to get in the way of reason; when something needs to get done, you can count on them to follow through.

mentally strong people

8. They believe in their abilities.

A mentally strong person doesn’t doubt themselves because they know everything in life occurs due to our thoughts. So, they cultivate positive thoughts about themselves and life in general to manifest a fulfilling reality. Because they have faith in their abilities, they often take jobs that challenge them and never hide from life.

9. Mentally strong people live a healthy lifestyle.

To have a balanced mind, you must have a strong body. Mentally tough people know this and choose their habits accordingly, so they have the energy to meet their goals. Exercise, a healthy diet, quality sleep, and a mindfulness practice like meditation are all part of their daily routine. Studies have proven that exercise helps ward off depression and anxiety and contributes to a positive mood, for example.

They also surround themselves with people who care about their health and motivate them to strive for greatness. Mentally strong individuals always want to improve somehow, so they want to associate with others who have similar goals.

10. They aren’t afraid of failure.

Some people tend to dwell on their mistakes and berate themselves for every little thing they do wrong. However, being a perfectionist usually doesn’t get you anywhere since you overthink every detail. Instead, mentally strong people keep trucking through life even if they fail at times. They see failure as a valuable learning experience and an opportunity for growth. For them, failure is a necessary step on the pathway toward success.

11. They don’t compare themselves to anyone.

Mentally strong people don’t see others as a threat or wish to trample people on the path to success. They only want to become better than the person they were yesterday, using only their progress as a measurement of success. As long as they see personal improvement, they feel satisfied and don’t need to compare themselves to others.

12. Mentally strong people cheer others on as well.

Mentally tough people don’t need to belittle anyone to raise themselves in life. They already have a positive self-image because they have done the necessary work to feel whole. So, they spread that magnetic energy with others and encourage them to reach their individual goals. They know that we only rise by lifting others, anyway, and they want to see everyone become their best selves.

13. They practice gratitude no matter how much they have on their plate.

Even if they have very little in life, mentally strong people always feel grateful for their family, job, home, and life. They realize that the littlest things in life, such as having the ability to walk, see or eat healthy food, shouldn’t be taken for granted. By saying a simple “thank you” to the universe each day, they infuse their minds with positive energy that they carry through the day.

14. They manage their time wisely.

Having mental fortitude means carefully using every second of the day, not wasting time idly or trying to accomplish too much. Mentally tough people follow a schedule and learn to delegate tasks, so they aren’t overwhelmed. They see time as a precious resource and treat every day as an opportunity to reach for the stars.

15. Mentally strong people lean on their support network when needed.

Even though tough people attempt to do most things alone, they know when to ask for help. Everyone has a breaking point, even the most mentally resilient among us. Studies show that having a support network during tough times can help reduce stress and increase mental wellbeing. So, mentally strong people call on their loved ones when they need help managing stress. It doesn’t make them weak, and they’re only human.

mentally strong people

Final Thoughts on Mentally Strong People

Becoming mentally strong doesn’t happen overnight; it gradually becomes a natural byproduct of healthy habits and mental control. Mentally strong people set boundaries, have respect for themselves, and don’t expect others to take the reigns in their life. They know that building a life they love is entirely up to them, so they rely only on themselves to create something out of nothing. This might seem overwhelming to some, but to a mentally strong person, it’s an opportunity to test their skills and develop a stronger relationship with themselves.