These Beautiful Photos Truly Capture What It Means To Be A Father

These Beautiful Photos Truly Capture What It Means To Be A Father

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Many first-time parents get a little terrified before their first child is born, and rightfully so. All those little insecurities begin to pop into their heads about if they’re truly cut out for parenthood and if they’ve prepared enough for the tough but extremely rewarding journey ahead. However, unlike most stories you’ll hear in mainstream media about modern parents, plenty of dads out there give 110% for their children every single day, even if they have to wing it sometimes.

Dads might not know the little things, like how to put their daughter’s hair in a ponytail or how to get their son to stop crying in the middle of the night, but they always pull through for their little bundle of joy.

Give it up for these dads below, because they show us the beauty of fatherhood and prove that good parents still exist in the world today.

These Beautiful Photos Truly Capture What It Means To Be A Father

1. This Dad makes sure his daughter is fully ready for her dance recital by helping her put on makeup.


He may not know the ins and outs of applying makeup, but this Dad still tries his best to get his daughter ready for her big debut. He shows his daughter the importance of helping the people she loves to succeed, no matter what she must do in the process.

2. This father looks like he needs a good nap, too.


Both Dad and baby are tired, so why not take a nap together? He shows his baby that even adults need rest, too, and to always take time for himself even as he gets older. And, you’re never too old to wear a pacifier, apparently.

3. Cribs aren’t just for kids, right?


This Dad just wants his son to get a good night’s sleep, and doesn’t mind being uncomfortable if it means his son will get to bed quicker. This teaches his son that sometimes, you have to get out of your comfort zone in order to help others. He might also enjoy sleeping in the crib – I mean, it looks mighty cozy in there!

4. Even Dads need a fresh pedicure sometimes.


Dads will do anything for their little girls, even if it means getting their toenails painted bright pink and having to clean polish off the towels. He’s teaching his daughter that you sometimes have to let go a little in order to have fun in life and bring happiness to others.

5. This little boy can’t wait for his Dad to come home.


This Dad clearly spends a lot of time with his son, because look how excited he is for his Daddy to come play! This shows the deep bond between father and son, and illustrates the fact that even when you have to be apart, your son or daughter will always miss you if you’ve given them the love and attention they deserve.

6. Big smiles from both Daddy and baby.


This Dad is showing his bundle of joy what bonding truly means. You don’t have to do anything special; as long as you’re together, that’s what really matters.

7. You can just feel the love between this Dad and his daughter.


Dads and daughters have a very special bond, and these two are clearly best friends. This Dad is teaching his little girl the value of having a close relationship with your parents, even if you may not see eye-to-eye all the time.

8. Holding his newborn baby tight.


Newborns need even more love and care than older infants, and this Dad doesn’t hold back on love and affection. Truly a beautiful moment captured, as father and son get to know each other in those first precious moments of life.

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