There’s so much stress in the world that sometimes you feel like going into a spiritual hibernation. This fatigue can affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally. How can you awaken your soul with renewed determination?

Although many use the words contentment and complacency interchangeably, they don’t mean the same thing. When you are content, you feel an unspeakable joy that transcends materialism. You work to better yourself, but you’re grateful for what you receive.

On the other hand, complacency doesn’t include gratitude. It’s a depth you can go to when you’re unsatisfied with life and lose the initiative to improve it. Complacency causes stagnation in your creativity, thought processes, and spirituality.

Fifteen Ways to Awaken Your Sleeping Soul

If your spirit is in a quiet rest time, it doesn’t have to be forever. You can swing open the shutters of your mind and let the light of joy dispel the darkness. Here are fifteen ways to awaken your sleeping soul.

awaken your soul

1. Awaken Your Soul Through Creative Pursuits

One of the best ways to awaken your soul is to do something creative. It uses all three elements of your being: body, mind, and spirit. There’s no limit to your imagination and inspiration when these are in sync.

Anything that you make to give you and others pleasure is creative. Whether your niche is writing, art, music, or even preparing a splendid meal, it’s your soul at work. You needn’t become an expert artisan to create something beautiful to enjoy and share.

2. Practice Meditation

How long has it been since you’ve had a meaningful conversation with your soul? The overwhelming stress of daily living often blocks that gentle voice deep within your being. Meditation clears the internal chatter, opens your heart, and reminds you to “be still and know.”

All you need is a quiet space or room in your house to call your own. Relax in this sacred space and learn to be present with each breath. You’ll soon recognize the comforting whisper of your awakening soul.

3. Listen to Music

An article published by Frontiers in Psychology says that music is inherently related to the resilience of the human soul. It transcends all races, cultures, and languages now and throughout history. Indeed, the rhythm and rhyme of music is the silver strand that provides connections to the divine.

Awaken your soul each day with any tunes that resonate with you. It can be music you hear, sing, or play on an instrument. Step it up a bit and dance with your favorite beats and the beginning of your awakening process.

4. Helping Others Can Awaken Your Soul

It awakens your soul when you help, encourage, and speak life to others. Spiritual awakening is intensely personal, yet it’s a gift you can share. There’s no better way than to be generous with your time and resources.

Do you have a particular skill or talent that you can share with someone? It can make a difference for others even if you could devote a few hours each week. The beauty of volunteering is that you benefit just as much as those you serve.

5. Spend Time in Nature

An ancient inscription attributed to an ancient Greek philosopher named Hermes Trismegistus says, “as above, so is below.” It’s a stunningly simple reminder that the spiritual realms mirror the natural world and vice versa. So, observing nature is an ideal way to awaken your soul.

The trees raise their hands in celebration toward the heavens. Listen to the birds’ serenade as they take flight with the unseen angels. Every time you see a sunrise, you realize your eternal bond with this awe-inspiring world.

6. Practice Visualization and Dreams

Like daydreaming, you also communicate with your spirituality through night dreams and visualization. These let you peak beyond earthly realms into the mysteries of the spirit. Dreaming and visualization can help awaken your soul to your potential.

Consider the countless inventions in the world that started with a simple dream. As you visualize your desire, you send positive affirmations into the Universe. You attract the same positive results you’ve affirmed per the law of attraction.

7. Keep a Soul Journal

Have you ever kept a journal while you were traveling? You probably wanted to preserve your memories to reflect on in the future. Likewise, you may consider journaling your progress as your soul awakens to higher consciousness.

Feel free to record any thoughts, feelings, or ideas you have. Some people like to embellish their journals with inspirational quotes, pictures, or their artwork. Highlight each significant touchstone on your journey as you want.

awaken your soul

8. Learn Something New Each Day

Regardless of your age and experiences, there’s always more to learn. Your brain craves a challenge, and its worst enemy is boredom. If you’re uninspired and haven’t anything to look forward to, your spiritual light will diminish.

Make it a habit to discover something each day, like a new word, concept, or fact. If you’ve always wanted to learn a foreign language, play an instrument, or study art, there’s no better time than now. Not only will you exercise your brain, but it starts your soul’s awakening.

9. Have Some Spontaneous Fun

While there are many aspects of spirituality that are solemn and sacred, being glum isn’t one of them. Laughing and having some fun can awaken your soul. It would help if you had a healthy balance of work and play for your entire well-being.

Break out of the ordinary and do something enjoyable, like buying a box of crayons and color with your kids. Go to the pet store and adopt a couple of colorful goldfish. If it makes you smile and not take life so seriously all the time, give it a try.

10. Take a Spiritual Retreat to Awaken Your Soul

Remember the classic commercial for a fragrant bath wash that offered to “take you away?” Sometimes, your exhaustion goes beyond physical and mental, and your soul is tired. An essential way to revive it is to have a spiritual retreat.

Unfortunately, you don’t always have the time and resources to attend a spa. However, you can still take a quiet weekend at home or in a hotel to relax and revive your spiritual energy. Pamper yourself with books, music, incense, and anything that helps you relax.

11. Do a Spiritual Inventory

Your spirit is in a constant state of evolution, and few things are static. Are there attitudes and beliefs you have proven false or no longer work for you? What about burdens from the past like pain, guilt, and bitterness?

These things are like weights that trap you under the bleak waters of despair and darkness. Consider doing an honest introspection to identify these hindrances and then release them. Anything that doesn’t bless your spirit and make you a better person needs to go.

12. Practice Gratitude Daily

It’s a basic human need to feel validated, appreciated, and fulfilled. These are products of your heart, and you cannot buy them with money or power. You cultivate satisfaction in your soul through gratitude.

Part of your journal can be a gratitude list you can add to as needed. Make it a habit of saying “thank you” at the start of each day. Be grateful for everything you have and show others gratitude when they do something kind for you.

13. Connect with Your Spirit Guides

Do you need help to awaken your soul? Your benevolent spirit guides had known you before you were born. They long to reconnect with you and share their wealth of infinite knowledge and compassion.

They are polite and won’t ever enter your life without your invitation. Welcome them and discover peace and awakening you never thought possible. You can connect with angels, archangels, ascended masters, or ancestor spirits.

Your spirit guides anticipate your many questions and won’t ever get tired of you. They have a vested interest in your soul’s evolution and will offer you the tools to help. Experience their compassionate guidance, and you’re well on your way.

14. Consider Past Life Regression

Some traditions like Hinduism and Buddhism believe in the principles of reincarnation. According to them, your soul continues to be reborn until it achieves self-actualization. They also think that you can carry residual energy and memories of your past lives.

If these principles resonate with you, some shamans and practitioners can help you retrieve past life experiences. You can also work with your spirit guides to better understand these memories. Some of the past information you discover can be spiritually relevant today.

15. Call on Your Faith to Help Awaken Your Soul

Religious texts found in the Bible, Qur’an, and the Bhagavad-Gita agree on many aspects, including asking for divine favor. Whether you call it prayer, meditation, or affirmation, you need only to request to receive. If you want a soul awakening, ask for it.

For example, Jesus admonished His followers to seek, and they’ll find, knock, and the door will be opened. Allah said that He responds to the desperate ones when they call. It’s like having a beautiful gift that’s waiting to be opened and adored.

Regardless of whether you appeal to a deity or the Universe, asking applies the law of attraction. You’ll attract more positive blessings if you send positive affirmations into the Universe with faith. You can’t expect an answer to your prayers until you ask.

awaken your soul

Final Thoughts on How to Awaken Your Soul

Are you unfulfilled and haven’t discovered your purpose in life? Perhaps it’s because you’re in a deep spiritual slumber. Once you open your eyes and see the sun’s light, you’ll go from existing to living up to your potential.