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Author: Deborah Tayloe

About the Author

Deborah Tayloe

Deborah Tayloe loves spreading positivity and making a difference in people’s lives. As an Editor and Contributing Writer at Power of Positivity, Deborah’s passion for uplifting content shines through her work.

Deborah earned a B.S.Ed. in Secondary Education/English, accompanied by a minor in Spanish. Her writing expertise allows her to craft engaging, impactful stories that resonate with readers.

In addition, she holds a fully-accredited Certificate of Natural Medicine and is also a POBA-certified Herbologist. Through her understanding of complementary medicine, Deborah gives people the information they need to embrace natural approaches to wellness.

Deborah is also a published author with a children’s book series that tackles the challenges of everyday “firsts” that often cause anxiety in little ones. Her books provide valuable guidance and support, helping children navigate unfamiliar situations with confidence and ease.

When she’s not working, Deborah trains for 5K races, grows a large vegetable and herb garden, and engages in animal advocacy in her community.

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