Telling a man he’s attractive isn’t always easy. It can be scary to admit your feelings, or you might be unsure how to do it. These tips can help you reveal your attraction to someone without discussing sex.

Telling a man that he’s attractive can boost his confidence and promote your relationship. It will make him feel desirable and boost his self-confidence. Whether you want to tell your boyfriend he’s attractive or talk to someone new; these tips can help.

You might be afraid to let someone know you think they’re attractive because you’re unsure how they’ll react. However, it’s always worth it because you’ll know if it’s a relationship that can move forward.

When he knows you appreciate his appearance, it’ll make him feel good and want you more. These tips will send your message without going too far.

NOTE: If you’re looking for suggestions on telling a woman she’s attractive, there’s another article you can read.

How to Tell Men They’re Attractive


1 – Show Him That You Think He’s Both Attractive and Special

Treating an attractive man like you treat others won’t let him know that you think of him differently. When you want someone to recognize how you feel, you must make it clear they’re not just another person. Do things that set him apart from others, and he’s sure to understand.

2 – Avoid Distractions When Talking to Him

When you’re near an attractive person, avoid distractions and remain present. Being present creates intimacy between the two of you without anyone having to mention it. It might help if you silence your phone, avoid multitasking, and look at them as you speak.

This tip is beneficial for established relationships and meeting someone new, so it’s helpful to anyone. It helps build a connection and lets them know you hear them. Avoiding distractions also shows them that you’re interested in them and what they have to say.

3 – Show You Find Him Attractive by Laughing When He’s Being Funny

Men love to know when someone thinks they’re funny. Laughing at his jokes shows you enjoy his sense of humor and that you’re into him. It’s a way you can treat him differently, so he knows the attraction you feel.

Sometimes laughing at his jokes will even encourage further conversation. It gives you something to discuss and breaks the ice for new relationships.

4 – Compliment Something You Like About Him

Complimenting a man is one of the best ways to tell him he’s attractive. You can tell him he’s handsome or mention something specific about his physical appearance. Men like verbal validation and are often motivated by praise, so they’ll pick up on it and recognize how you feel.

Complimenting his appearance ensures he knows that you notice him. It also shows that you appreciate what you see, letting him know you’re open to getting to know one another more. The best part is that complimenting someone can release feel-good hormones in their body.

5 – Flirt with Him and Drop Hints About the Attraction

One of the best ways to tell a man you think he’s attractive is by flirting and dropping subtle hints. Flirt without being too obvious, so you don’t make it uncomfortable. It will help you catch their attention while letting them know you like them.

Flirting with your boyfriend is helpful because it shows them that you’re still into them. When you meet someone new, flirting can help you signal that you want to know them better. It should be fun, so don’t worry too much about how they respond.

6 – Give Physical Contact to Show He’s Attractive

Touching a man will let him know that you think he’s attractive. It shows that you notice and appreciate his body.

When spending time with your partner, you can spend time cuddling with him. You can also hold his hand whenever you get the chance. However, consider being a little less obvious if you aren’t in a relationship with the man.

Engaging in physical contact with someone you’re not in a relationship with should be more subtle. You can touch the man’s arm or shoulder as you talk to them or sit a little closer than you would with others. When they notice the touch, they’ll know you think they’re attractive.

7 – Build a Personal Bond

One of the best ways to tell someone they’re attractive is by making it clear you want to communicate more often. Don’t wait for chance encounters with someone if you want them to know how you feel. Be open about wanting to stay in touch, suggesting text messages, messenger communication, or a phone call.

You can suggest hanging out if it won’t make things uncomfortable, making it clear you’re interested and find the person attractive. Spending time together is a sure way to get your message across and gives you a chance to know the man better.

8 – Let Your Eyes Reveal the Attraction

Looking into a man’s eyes shows him that he’s special to you. Hold his gaze for a few seconds before looking away. It can release oxytocin, a bonding hormone, making the two of you feel closer.

Don’t be afraid to let him see you staring at him. If he catches you, it means he’s looking back, and the encounter can spark a conversation. It’s helpful to see if there’s chemistry between you, helping you identify what you should do next.


9 – Show Excitement When You See Them

When you want someone to know they’re attractive, you should show them you’re happy to see them. It makes it clear that you think of them differently than others.

Playing it cool when they walk in the room won’t let him know that you think he looks good. Show your excitement by giving your best smile and saying hello immediately.

10 – Use Your Body Language to Show You Find Him Attractive

Your body language helps communicate your thoughts and feelings. You can signal you want to talk by standing straight and keeping your shoulders back. Meet the man’s gaze and show that you’re open to getting to know one another.

You can also show him he’s attractive by facing him with open arms. Avoid crossing your arms or clenching your fists because it can signal that you don’t want to talk to him.

How to Handle It If They Do Not Reciprocate the Attraction

One of the scary parts of telling a man they’re attractive is the risk of rejection. It happens to everyone, but that doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable and painful. Here are some things you can do if you experience rejection:

Distract Yourself

Don’t focus on rejection if the man didn’t respond the way you wanted him to. Distract yourself when you can’t stop thinking about it so you can do something more productive.

You can go out with your friends, meet new people, or take up a new hobby. Creating new memories can help you move forward and replace negative feelings with good ones.

You can also use this time to do things you’ve been procrastinating on or plan a trip you’ve always wanted to go on. Anything that makes you feel good and helps you push away thoughts of rejection can be beneficial.

Focus on Self-Improvement and Doing What You Want

Consider improving your life by reflecting on your career, goals, and progress. You can recall your dreams and assess whether you’ve stuck to your plans. Put your energy and time into self-improvement rather than dwelling on a bad experience.

Consider courses or skill-building experiences you can join to help you achieve your goals. You can also consider positive changes that help you get closer to living the life of your dreams.

Embrace Your Other Relationships

The attractive man isn’t the only person in your life. Embrace your friends and loved ones if the man you like doesn’t feel the same way. Many people think you are great, and spending time with them can help you remember your worth.

Trust That the Rejection Happened So You Can Find Your Match

When someone rejects you, tell yourself that it happened so you can find the best partner. Not everyone you feel attracted to is the one for you. Since you didn’t get what you wanted, you will remain available when the right person comes along.

Stay Hopeful – You’ll Find Someone Else Attractive Soon

It’s easy to let rejection create bitter feelings but staying hopeful can improve the situation. Try to express gratitude for what you experienced with the person because it’s part of your life journey. However, don’t let it create negativity that prevents you from finding a loving relationship.

Reminding yourself that someone out there wants to be with you can help you embrace the situation. You won’t have to force anything on the right person, and staying hopeful can help you attract them.


Final Thoughts on Telling Men They’re Attractive

Using these tips can help you tell a man they’re attractive. You don’t have to discuss sex to make your feelings clear. Subtle methods will send your message and give the man a chance to reciprocate.

You may never know how someone feels about you unless you open up a little. Don’t be afraid to tell someone they’re attractive because even if the person doesn’t reciprocate, you’ll have answers for moving forward.