Daily, loving self-care is a habit that can make you more attractive to others. There are many ways to treat yourself right that can make a visible difference on the outside as well as the inside.

Prioritizing self before others can feel selfish, but it is vital for your health, well-being, and wholeheartedness. Your self-confidence is attractive to others, so nourishing this inner resource is important. Let’s look at 10 daily habits that make you more attractive.

10 Habits That Make You More Attractive

When we think of attractiveness, we usually think of things that affect our physical appearance. However, not all attractiveness is external. Being attractive emotionally, spiritually, and mentally is just as important as sprucing up your exterior through a new hairstyle or a facial treatment.

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1. Connect with people deeply

We are attracted to people like us, and we also find likable people attractive. You might not realize this, but being likable is easy. All you have to do is: be more interested in hearing about the other person than you are in talking about yourself.

When you are in conversation, ask probing questions to understand the background behind someone’s actions, preferences, and stories. What is this person like when they are at home alone? What are their fears and dreams? Actively listening to someone makes them feel important, and we all like to feel important.

2. Treat friendships as a priority

True friends don’t let friendships grow apart. By nourishing your friendships, you practice the skills necessary to sustain a romantic relationship as well.

What is more, friends make you smile, and smiling is always an attractive habit.

3. Live in the present moment

In a study of attractiveness in a speed-dating situation, women found men more attractive if they measured higher in mindfulness. Interestingly, this appears to only go one way for the sexes, as men in the study did not find mindful women to be more attractive.

Mindfulness is peacefulness. Self-awareness. It is the knowledge that in the present moment, everything is just as it should be. Mindfulness is attractive because we shift focus away from anxiety or depression while we focus on the now. Mindful people tend to be more emotionally balanced.

4. Move your body

Obviously physical exercise keeps a body in shape, and healthy bodies are more attractive than unhealthy ones. This is especially true of males and females who are looking for healthy partners with whom they hope to raise a family.

When we think of someone who is attractive, they almost always possess grace in their movements. Balance and stretching, as well as mindful movements, will help you to present yourself as an attractive partner.

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5. Nourish yourself with excellent food

Nourishing your insides through eating the right foods helps nourish your skin. Radiant skin is always attractive, and beauty starts from the inside. Think about a potential mate watching you as you eat. Would your potential mate be more attracted to you if they saw you eating some greasy fast food or dining on a gourmet vegan meal that you had prepared yourself?

6. Know your self-worth

Be sure of your value. Be confident in the fact that you are intrinsically valuable as a human being and more so because of your character, intelligence, and kind actions. It’s been said before that confidence is sexy, and self-love is the best way to build self-confidence.

Project your value with your head held high. Meet the gaze of others directly and say to yourself, “I would make a great catch for the partner who is worthy of me.” Be careful not to cross the line into arrogance. Aim for an attitude of gentle self-assurance.

7. Have excellent sleep habits

Sleep ensures that our bodies are able to replenish their depleted resources. Making a habit of getting good rest also means that you’ll look better physically; your skin will look healthy and your eyes will shine!

Mentally, well-rested people are better able to cope with stress and less likely to fail to manage their emotions. Good sleep is a good self-care habit that can also make you more attractive to your potential mate.

8. Make it a habit to have downtime

Self-care includes regularly treating yourself to time with no stress or concerns. Make sure to release stress by enjoying plenty of downtime. Again, visualize your ideal mate watching you as you relax. Choose an activity that feeds your soul like mindfulness meditation, yoga, or reading.

9. Forgive and learn from mistakes

Self-improvement is synonymous with continually learning. Studies that consider desirable traits in a partner show that “psychological traits are important in human mating, with both sexes valuing intelligence and kindness very highly.”

Intelligence doesn’t have to mean that you have a degree. You can demonstrate intelligence to a potential mate by learning from mistakes and handling it well when you make one. You can demonstrate self-kindness by forgiving yourself for making a mistake in the first place; then, show what you’ve learned by avoiding the mistake in the future.

10. Take immense pleasure in simple things

In every moment, you have a choice to be happy or angry/sad/afraid. Choose joy and gratitude no matter the situation. This choice could lead you to find the mate who is right for you, and who has a matching inner and outer attractiveness.

And above ALL things, it’s most important to remember that you will be loved not for who you aren’t but for who you truly ARE. This list is only meant to help bring you closer to that truly authentic, loving, attractive self.

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