Shane Turner, an airbrushing, speed painting and fine artist, creates amazingly realistic, unique artwork. He’s been a mixed medium artist for around 30 years, creating whatever comes to mind. For him, art isn’t just about earning income; it feeds his soul as well.

“The reason that I make art, in general, is because as a child, I was quite severely dyslexic, and I found that art and illustration were a fantastic way to communicate. While everybody else could understand by reading an entire page, I would just take one look at an image and understand what the story was basically about. I started attempting to paint at a very young age, basically as a child, I could make a mess on any surface. I would paint on glass, I’d paint on walls – you would find artwork in your car if you left me alone for long enough.”

On his website, Shane describes his experience creating artwork from a young age:

“I found that even though I was not particularly great at drawing, I was untroubled and I began my life in art at the tender age of 9 with my first commissioned mural at the age of 12 – A Grim Reaper on the wall of a biker club.  (I was paid with a single beer, and it seemed like a fair trade at the time.) Creating was more of an adventure and felt like a less oppressive way to exist. As my interest in art grew and my ability developed, I realized that if I could learn to do this, I could learn to do anything. I started writing a novel at the age of 20 and spent the next few years badgering people to read it and correct the spelling. I know two things about myself that are true: I can’t paint when I’m drunk, and I’m terrible at spelling, but thanks to the creative medium of art, I am not afraid to fail or succeed.”

 The talented artist creates artwork for clients around the world

 A gallery of his artwork includes various mediums such as airbrush, paintings, ink art, and more. Clients have asked him to paint cars, murals, portraits, nature scenes, and more. Basically, if you can imagine it, Shane can paint it! His multidimensional artwork draws the attention of large companies and governments around the globe.

He describes some of his favorite memories of creating artwork:

“I was given this opportunity to work in the special events industry, which is really quite crazy because we did these massive, massive backdrops. And we created credit stage props and all sorts of things. I was trained to use a spray gun, I was trained to understand perspective, we managed to work on large stage productions, we did things for film sets, we created props and it was absolutely amazing.”

Some of his most notable artwork projects over the years include:

  • Hundreds of handpainted backdrops used for international corporate functions
  • A 100m x 6m backdrop of an African landscape and wildlife
  • A project for Miss World 2001 stage production
  • Painted a building to make it look like a dog kennel for a Huggies campaign
  • Produced murals for children’s bedrooms, churches, shopfronts, casinos, and advertising murals for Stargazer Art. Notable clients: The Emerald Casino Resort, Prima Toys, Showgroup
  • Produced around 80 murals per year, along with many other projects, beginning in 2014 for his company Paint Addiction. He created artwork for both businesses and private homes, with the biggest client being Emperors Palace Casino.
  • Two custom airbrushing cover on Speed & Sound magazine
  • In 2006 Shane performed his first speed-painting show, a portrait of Nelson Mandela that he produced live for an audience of 350 people in under five minutes.
  • In 2009 Shane joined forces with Graham Hide of Stargazer Art and developed a unique set of performances utilizing multiple canvasses. Since that day, Shane and Graham have performed in 18 countries for hundreds of companies and hundreds of thousands of guests, including members of Parliament and Royalty.
  • Created murals in Johannesburg, South Africa for Prima Toys – 28 showrooms in thirty days
  • Qatar, Villaggio Mall: 28000 sqr/m ceiling cloud mural in Villaggio Mall, Qatar, contracted by Le Studio


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More about the genius behind the innovative artwork

He offers both personal and commissioned artwork upon request. Shane also has an online store featuring some of his most popular paintings. However, he doesn’t paint with any end goal in mind unless it’s for a client. Instead, it’s the act of painting itself, the release of pent up energy through creativity that inspires Shane the most.

“Every single one of my paintings has got a completely different avenue, so every one has a completely different message. I don’t think that there is an overall generic theme of what my work says. It just simply goes with the flow of my inspiration. I also get people to make suggestions, and that helps me to grow as an artist because it helps widen my perspective,” Shane explains.

His advice for anyone wanting to create art:

“If you want to try something, try it all the way to the end. Once you’ve gone through the process, you might love it. Don’t give up, don’t settle. You also have to understand that when you do things more and more, you become better at them. And stay focused on what you’re working on, because that’s what you need to do.”


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Final thoughts on the multitalented artist that inspires people worldwide

Shane, a talented artist who can paint on any surface, from canvasses to buildings, creates breathtaking artwork for clients worldwide. He seems to never run out of inspiration, drawing from an endless well of creativity. He began his journey into the world of art at a young age, and it’s taken him quite far in life. Shane’s passion for art has taken him to exciting locations like Qatar, Dubai, and the Czech Republic.

His artwork offers a unique perspective, making the world a little more beautiful to boot.