You believe in love boldly and fearlessly. Daydreaming of your perfect love, there’s no second option for you when it comes to your dream lover. While the more pragmatic among us may look at hopeless romantics and laugh, the truth is that if any of us hope to make our love work, it’s the hopeless romantics that will win the day.

Love and the Hopeless Romantic: Why it Works

“People don’t write songs about being compatible or novels about shared life goals and stimulating conversation. The great loves are the crazy ones.” – Gossip Girl

Don’t let the others get you down: you’re a hopeless romantic, and that’s okay. You have high expectations for love and you really enjoy believing in it. While others may warn you that no one will be able to meet your expectations, don’t stop believing. Here are six reasons why you should keep the faith:

Signs you are a hopeless romantic


1. Hopeless Romantics Celebrate All of the Little Things

Hopeless romantics are likely the most hopeful people on this planet. You get excited at all of the possibilities that could happen in life and in love. Whether it’s a smile from a kind stranger on the street or a text from your significant other, taking the time to revel in little joys each day is a sign of positivity and strength.

2. Stronger Romantic Beliefs Lead to a More Fulfilled Love Life

Hopeless romantics tend to go big when it comes to their idea of romantic love. While cynics may call this wishful thinking, for hopeless romantics, strong romantic beliefs are more likely to lead to a more fulfilled relationship and love life.

The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships conducted a study to explore the effects of partners’ romantic beliefs on their relationships. The study found that though unmet expectations could be attributed to lower satisfaction in a relationship, the partners who held strong romantic beliefs were more likely to be satisfied with their expectations as well as their partner’s actions and behavior.

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3. Being a Romantic Means You Know What They Want

“I think the perfection of love is that it’s not perfect.” – Taylor Swift

There’s nothing wrong with daydreaming about your ideal partner or relationship. In fact, fantasizing about exactly what you hope for in life will allow you to determine what you truly want in a partner.

While you’ll never find a “perfect” person, you can still be hopelessly romantic and find someone that is perfect for you. Of course, there will be flaws and setbacks in any relationship, but don’t let that stop you from dreaming for and going after what you really want.

4. As a Hopeless Romantic, You Don’t Settle

A hopeless romantic knows the difference between settling for the next opportunity that comes your way and holding out hope for the great love of your life. Hopeless romantics wait for what they want. They know what it looks like and what it should feel like, so they fight to find that special love.

Of course, it can be tempting to go the easy route and settle into another average relationship. While this may abate temporary feelings of loneliness, in the end, you’ll realize that your soul longs for more.

5. Hopeless Romantics are Some of the Most Honest People You’ll Meet

Hopeless romantics believe in love so strongly that they are honest to a fault and have nothing to hide, especially their true feelings. They are always open and ready to be vulnerable, even if it means getting hurt. While this can be aggravating, it also means that you’ll never stop looking for your own hopeless romantic partner until you feel whole and complete.

6. There’s No Holding Back for a Hopeless Romantic

While others may tell you that the reason you always get hurt is that you fall too fast or too hard, the truth is that loving strongly is your superpower. When you find the right hopeless romantic partner, all the love you’ve longed to give will be well received and will make all the heartache and waiting worth it.

Final Thoughts: A Love for the Ages

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” – Moulin Rouge

Being a hopeless romantic is all about embracing your true self and sharing that freely with the world. Being a lover at heart is as much about loving yourself as it is about loving another, so don’t let anyone dim your light or tell you that you’re too much.

Let these words of loving wisdom inspire to keep pushing and holding on to hope. Love has the ability to transform you. Why would you settle for anything less than extraordinary?