Have you ever truly taken the time to dive deep and learn more about yourself? This Tibetan personality test can help you do just that, by tapping into your higher self and deepest desires. This test may seem abstract at first, but it will get you thinking deeper and learning more about your subconscious mind. The personality types can get pretty complex, but this test is designed to simplify the topic and help you understand yourself better.

While there are literally thousands of personality tests available online, it’s believed that this particular test was created by the Dalai Lama himself. Whether that’s completely true or not, we aren’t sure, but either way, it’s worth taking to get a new, possibly better perspective about yourself.

To do this test properly, you only need to remember this simple instruction. Don’t think about each answer too much, instead just letting the thoughts come to you and going with the flow.

You’ll also need a notepad and pen to get started. So, without further ado, let’s get on with it!

“Happiness is not something readymade it comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama

What Does This Ancient Tibetan Test Reveal About Your Personality?

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1. First, imagine there are five animals standing in front of you.

Remember, just go with it. Imagine that a cow, a sheep, a tiger, a horse, and a pig are currently staring at you, just waiting for you to decide your favorites.

Now, list the animals in an order that suits you. Whether you list them from most to least favorite or some other way, just write them down in an order that you like.

2. Write one word that describes each of the following.

  • A dog is _______.
  • A cat is _______.
  • A rat is _______.
  • Coffee is _______.
  • The sea is _______.

Remember to just list one word per noun.

3. Link five people in your life to a color.

Each person needs to be assigned to a color from this list below.

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White
  • Green

Use your intuition to assign each person to one color from the list.

When you’ve finished, read below to find out what your answers mean!

1. The Priorities of Your Personality Type

If you chose the cow, your first priority is your career. If you chose the tiger, you’re mostly concerned with your self-worth. Chose the sheep? You place love at the top of your priority list. Picking the horse means that family is most important to you, and choosing the pig means you care mostly about money.

Then, you can read even further into it and see not only your first priority, but how you view all the important aspects of your life, and the order of importance for all of them.

2. Your Attitude About Life

  • Dog: Your personality
  • Cat: Your partner’s personality
  • Rat: Your enemies’ personality
  • Coffee: Views about sex
  • Sea: Your life overall

What adjective you chose to describe each noun will determine your attitude about each of these things in your life.

3. Your Attitude Towards People

  • Yellow: Someone who impacted your life positively.
  • Orange: A person that you view as a true friend.
  • Red: Someone you love with all your heart.
  • White: Your true spirit.
  • Green: Someone you’ll never forget.

So, whatever people you associated with each color will determine your thoughts and feelings about each of those people.

Final Thoughts on the Tibetan Personality Test

What did you learn about yourself? Did the results match up with how you view your personality?

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