We all have our actual age, and then we have something called our “mental age.” What is mental age, you ask? Basically, our mental age relates to how we think, act, and talk, regardless of our birthday. In other words, some people might call you an old soul if you act older than your age, or a young soul if you act younger than your age.

Today, we’ve put together a little quiz for you to test your mental age. Don’t take it too seriously though; there’s no passing or failing here! Just answer the questions as honestly as you can, and read on to the bottom for your results!

What Is Your Age, According To Your Mind?

1. What color pops out at you most in this image?

age according to mind

A. Dark brown

B. Light brown

C. Green

2. How about this one?

age according to mind

A. Black

B. Light brown

C. Orange/yellow

3. Which is the dominant color in this photo, to you?


A. Blue

B. Green

C. Orange

4. What color stands out the most here?


A. Green

B. Red

C. Yellow

5. I think you get the idea now. How about this one?


A. Green

B. Brown

C. Pink

6. How about here?

mountain age mind

A. Dark Green

B. Lighter Green

C. Red

7. What color stands out most here?

age mind

A. Orange

B. Yellow

C. Green

8. Last question, we promise. What color is most prominent here?

age mind test

A. Red

B. Orange

C. Green

Now, for what you’ve been waiting for: the results!

If you chose mostly A:

You’re an old soul. Your mental age is somewhere around 75-80. You’ve been called wise beyond your years by your friends and family, and they often go to you to seek advice about personal matters. You feel like you’ve been on this planet before. And you don’t really relate to most of what goes on here. You prefer to spend time by yourself doing quiet activities such as writing, reading, walking in nature, or gardening. You love the great outdoors, and find the most peace there.

If you chose mostly B:

You’re a vibrant, outgoing person, and prefer being around people. Your mental age is around 35-40. You have a fairly young spirit, but have a maturity about you that helps you remain balanced in life. You do enjoy the social scene. But you don’t allow yourself to go overboard when it comes to going out. You also take care of responsibilities. Perhaps you enjoy decorating your home, and allowing your creativity to flourish in whatever you do. You likely have a leadership role at work, because you do very well in dealing with people and taking the reigns when you need to. You stand out in the crowd, and you carry yourself very confidently.

If you chose mostly C:

You’re a very young soul. You have a mental age of around 5-10. You don’t take life too seriously. Instead, you feel compelled to follow your intuition and heart wherever they may lead you. You don’t really get along with people your age, and actually find yourself playing with the little ones whenever it comes to choosing between them and the adults. You just don’t have much to talk about with older people, because you feel like you came here to simply play, laugh, and love. People are drawn to you for your infectious smile and laugh, and your ability to see the bright side of everything and cheer others up when they’re feeling down.

What About a Combination?

If you chose a combination of answers: Eh, no worries. Your mental age likely changes depending on the seasons. Sometimes you feel like a kid, sometimes you feel like an old man/woman, and sometimes you feel somewhere in between. That’s perfectly normal, and most of us probably feel this way.