The Power of Positivity Team

Kristen B.


Kristen has a real love for life! She is the Founder of Power of Positivity and proud Mom and Wife. Kristen has dramatically transformed her life in many areas and has had a lifelong desire to help and inspire others daily.  Her interests include positivity, spirituality, law of attraction, health & fitness, natural living, animals and plant-based nutrition.

Kristen also has a passion for Social Media and connecting with other like minds! You can find Kristen here.

Chris B.


Chris is a happy dad, and co-creator here at PoP. In recent years, he’s experienced multiple life changing events that he describes as “Integrative Inspiration”. Positive thoughts, words, actions, and reactions has helped him release over 120 pounds, follow a path of inner peace, create academic and professional success, and see increased abundance in every area of life (while remaining grateful and joyous through the journey).

In his spare time, Chris enjoys running, yoga, fitness, plant-based nutrition and inspiring others to take positive actions steps in their own life. Chris also loves to spend quality time with his family as much as possible.

Kristen L.

Kristen Lawrence

Kristen is a Producer and Staff Writer at Power of Positivity. When she’s not working, she enjoys hiking in the great outdoors, making smoothies, eating out at yummy vegan restaurants, and relaxing with a nice big cup of coffee. She just wants to share a slice of happiness with as many people as possible. 🙂