Meet The Founders

Meet the Founders

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world!” – Mahatma Gandhi

It’s great to meet you! You’ve come here to learn more about us, so please let us explain a bit about ourselves, and why we’re here.power-of-positivity-family

Power of Positivity (PoP) was born in early 2009 with a deep inner calling to create it and serve others. We, at the time, were experiencing a series of major events that changed our lives forever. We truly embraced the Power of Positivity in our lives and gratefully witnessed EVERY aspect of our lives completely transform. The culmination of everything we’ve done through our thoughts, words, actions, and attitudes ever since has manifested itself into what you’re reading now.

Throughout our lives, we’ve undergone a synergistic spiritual awakening that triggered epic transformations in all areas of our life. We’ve experienced the divine light and received the gift of changing our mindset to focus on the positive in our lives. We’ve released negative attitudes about ourselves, others around us, and past relationships that pulled us into darkness we thought would never be illuminated. Since our awakening, we’ve attracted an entirely new life. We’ve released over 300 lbs. together as a couple, attracted new positive relationships, learned to treat our body well on both the inside and out, conceived a child when it was once considered impossible without fertility treatments, increased our financial abundance and SO much more. We plan on telling you our story in deeper detail as time goes on.

We feel that our spiritual awakening calls forth our role as lightworkers who have been through the darkness and are living the light. We are ready to help others and change the world in our own way.

This is no gimmick to garner your attention, but rather a display of honesty – we’ve lived in the darkness and are ready to illuminate the path for others. Our passion is to serve; we are truth seekers and want to help you find the inner truth that is within us all – love, light, and positivity.

We bring Power of Positivity here to travel with you through your journey, as well as our own. As you explore our community, you’ll see that we solely focus our light on the good in the world and how we can illuminate every corner of darkness. What is focused upon expands. Our focus is to plant, nurture, and grow positive energy in the hearts and minds of everyone to help raise the overall vibration of our beautiful planet and align it with the highest light, what we call source energy. Let’s do this together. Stay connected with us on your favorite social media outlets and keep in touch often.

We love you – Shine On!