If your partner was born between June 22 and July 22, then we have a list of 9 things you need to do for your love, Cancer. Watch out for those pinchers and prepare to get salty wet. The crab will grab you for the long-term if you can do these things for your Cancerian love.

Cancer, the sign of the crab, is a water sign ruled by the Moon. That means that they are all about emotions. But if you love a Cancer man or woman, you may already know that by now you need to keep the tissues handy.

Your Cancer love is going to be a fiercely loyal, loving, active, enthusiastic partner. But he or she also falls apart over the tiniest thing. We want you to be prepared for how to handle the Cancer partner with care. So let’s look at the 9 things that are in the care manual if you are the lover of a Cancer partner.

9 Things You Need To Do If You Love A Cancer

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1. You need to love that your Cancer partner is clingy

Isn’t it nice to be so needed and wanted all the dang time? Not likely, unless you have the patience of a deity. Cancer wants to be around you all the time when they love you, which is pretty obvious because you can’t go 5 feet without finding their arm around your waist again.

2. Know that you are a major contributor to Cancer’s success

In a review of Vedic Astrology published by the National Council on Geocosmic Research, chart readings for Cancer reveal that ‘Cancerians are devoted to their families, and quite often, their relatives and loved ones are instrumental in helping them achieve their goals.’ If you love a Cancer, you need to ask them what you can do to help them fulfill their dreams because they are relying on you so much.

3. Be aware of the turmoil deep under the Crab’s outer shell

The National Council on Geocosmic Research also says ‘Cancer is a cardinal, water sign that represents home, family, emotions, and often turmoil that lies beneath the surface.’ The likely hidden emotions that you will encounter if you love a Cancer are anger, resentment, betrayal, and fear. Cancer is pretty forthcoming with their emotions. But they are passive aggressive, meaning they won’t say exactly why they are so upset.

4. Channel the personality of a Taurus

Taurus is Cancer’s ideal mate for compatibility purposes anyway. So acting bullish if you weren’t born a Taurus may be a good way to win, and keep your crabby partner’s heart.

Cancer’s most compatible partner matches are Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Cancer. If you love a Cancer but aren’t one of these signs, pick up a few habits of the ones that are most compatible to your Cancer love.

5. If you love a Cancer, you need to put up with nagging

A recent astrological review by Geoffrey Dean cites research by Gunter Sachs who concluded that astrological signs are of particular importance when it comes to choosing a partner that you will be compatible with, but they play a less important role in predicting divorce than they do for marriage.

So no matter the sign, conflict that is severe enough to make you want a separation from a Cancer is possible because of all of their nagging. If you can put up with the constant critique and not take it personally, you will be able to love your Cancer in a long-term relationship. Otherwise, you might quickly get over this crab.

6. Do not cross a crab

The National Council on Geocosmic Research says:

‘Cancerians are very sensitive, and since their feelings often stay beneath the surface, they are accustomed to relationships that fall in and out of favor. As close and loyal as they are to those they love, they are equally unforgiving to those they feel have betrayed them.’

Trust in you is what keeps the partner loyal, and once you break that, usually it will mean the end of the relationship.

7. Sex happens when they feel love

Give your Cancer partner a long hug. As long as they’ve already had an emotional dump of their worries and frustrations, sex is on. Close emotional connection is important to intimacy with the Cancer partner. So keep your eyes open and look longingly into your partner’s eyes.

8. You need to know that for a Cancer, emotional dump mode is always on

Your crabby mate wears their heart on their sleeve and all of the emotional torment from today’s decisions that they made, from what to eat for breakfast to what to say in the meeting, are going to come pouring out of their mouths when they see you again.


9. For a Cancer, home is where the fun is

Cancer is terribly happy at home with family in a comfortable chair. They also love people who can cater to their needs for their favorite comfort items, like their security blanket, favorite mug, favorite sweater – you get the point. Cancer is not a party animal, but they are occasionally prone to a surprise attack of spontaneous fun.