You might already know about the numerous health benefits of having great friends in your life, but what about having a crazy friend to boot? Friends laugh with us during the good times, cry during the bad, and just help us through life. They understand where we’ve been and support our direction, but crazy friends add a little bit more to the mix. They take away the seriousness of life and give us laughter and good memories.

Here are nine reasons why you need at least one crazy friend in your life:

crazy friend

1. They turn that frown upside down

Crazy friends will make you laugh at the drop of a hat. They have a lighthearted, carefree approach to life and enjoy making people feel good and forget their problems. A crazy friend won’t let you stay in a bad mood for too long because their contagious humor will quickly lighten your load and make you forget about your problems, at least for a little while.

2. They challenge us to try new things

A crazy friend won’t let you stay in the confines of familiarity – they’ll push you to step outside your comfort zone and show you what you’re truly made of. Always wanted to go skydiving but too afraid to go through with it? No worries, that crazy friend of yours will accompany you to help you knock one of your bucket list items out.

3. They have a positive outlook on life

Crazy people normally have a great outlook on life; their upbeat personalities and great sense of humor prove that. These people have been through a lot in life, just like all of us, but they’ve chosen to use those experiences to better themselves and to teach them that life is truly what we make of it. So, they’ve made it their playground – they make the rules, they run the show, and they choose to feel happy and positive about life. These types of friends are wonderful to have around, especially if you’ve been going through a rough time.

4. Crazy friends have a great sense of humor

Like we said before, you’ll never stop laughing when you hang out with that crazy friend. Everything just seems funnier with them because they put their own unique spin on everything that happens and just have a lighthearted approach to life that all of us could learn from. True friends will always help you to stay in a good mood, and will truly care about making sure you feel good in their company. To read more about signs you have a true friend, consult our related article here. 

5. They hardly ever let themselves get into bad moods

A crazy friend doesn’t know how to stay down in the dumps too long; it kills their vibe and doesn’t resonate with their soul. So, it won’t last long if they seem in a bad mood. They tend to have a positive outlook on life and don’t allow petty things to affect them.

6. Crazy friends don’t take themselves too seriously

Another plus to having a crazy friend is that they don’t set ridiculous standards for themselves, and if they mess up, they don’t beat themselves up. They stroll through life casually, learning, growing, and loving along the way, but not getting hung up on trivial things that won’t matter in the long run. They don’t get embarrassed or ashamed easily because they have high self-esteem and truly value themselves. If they make a mistake, they simply laugh it off and keep going.

7. They show you how to let loose

A crazy friend won’t let you spend a Friday or Saturday night cooped up in your room catching up on Netflix. They’ll take you out on the town, possibly get you into a little trouble, and maybe leave you with a few regrets, but they’ll make sure you don’t forget about the time you spend with them. Since they don’t take life seriously, they enjoy showing the world their wild side as often as possible – and they want you to come along for the ride!

8. Crazy friends don’t care what others think

Most importantly, they pay no mind to the opinions of others. They feel comfortable and happy with themselves; if other people want to talk about them, so be it. They’ll continue to dance like no one’s watching and march to the beat of their own drum.

9. Crazy friends make life more fun

Simply put, life doesn’t seem as enjoyable without having that one crazy friend to put things into perspective. On the days when you feel that stress will eat you alive, they come to the rescue and take you out to do something fun. When you hang out with them, they just have so much laughter and good vibes to share that you can’t help but fall in love with them just a little bit.