In somewhat of a deviation from the norm, we thought it’d be fun to talk about some “universal truths.”

“All truth is eternal. Truth is nobody’s property; no race, no individual can lay any exclusive claim to it. Truth is the nature of all souls.” – Swami Vivekananda

In fact, here’s universal truth numero uno: finding universal truths is a difficult task. In most ways, it’s terrific that we don’t all have common thoughts and beliefs; it makes our world much more diverse and culturally rich. Divergent thinking is an asset that has led to some of the world’s greatest advancements. There are a common set of thoughts, beliefs and guiding principles that have made both us and our world better.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at 75 truths I’ve learned about life (hopefully, you’ll agree with most)!

1. Time is our most valuable asset – we can never get it back.

2. Wishing for circumstances to be different is a waste of time and energy…and

3. Taking action is much more satisfying!

4. The fewer things one has, the more they have meaning.

5. Success is a journey, not a destination.

6. Every circumstance – good or bad – has something to teach us.

7. Finishing a boring book is a waste of time; find the next one.

8. Watching the stars or ocean always has a tranquil effect.

9. People we know that don’t add to our betterment subtract from it.

10. Some relationships are not worth keeping.

11. We can’t always show happiness to others, but we can always show politeness.

12. Most things that we worry about will never happen.

13. Discipline is a lot less painful than regret.

14. If we can picture our dreams, we can find the motivation to achieve them.

15. Thinking about our problems causes much more fear than addressing them.

16. Trying new things is always a journey.

17. Most food that is packaged, bagged and canned is not healthy.

18. Very few things are worth the cost shown on the price tag.

20. Buying experiences rather than items is more fulfilling over the long-term.

21. People born in California rarely move to the east coast.

22. Immigrants have made developed nations better – almost every time.

23. Words carry incredible power, for the good and the bad.

24. Indiscriminately cursing makes one sound ignorant.

25. The best education for life takes place far away from the classroom.

26. Giving a smile to someone who’s hurting is an inspirational act.

27. Children don’t have a very good attention span.

28. Taking action in the name of “justice” often brings out the worst in people.

29. There are lessons to be learned from the past, but not too many.

30. A great mind doesn’t matter if one is idle.

31. Giving our word is not to be taken lightly.

32. We are much more resilient than we think.Starting late is a slight better than never starting at all.

33. Most reality television shows are worthless.

34. Life is far too short not to live out our passions.

35. The best people often arise from the worst circumstances.

36. A high-quality mattress is one of your best investments.

37. We’ll never know what the future holds.

38. Worrying is one of life’s most useless activities.

39. When thinking back a hundred years ago, we all think “How did they live like that?”

40. Mindfulness and meditation are immensely powerful practices.

41. Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.

42. Our animals are very much our family.

43. Distractions are the #1 killer of productivity.

44. We should all give a little time to something greater than ourselves.

45. There’s always someone smarter or better at something than you.

46. The rights of minorities are something to be preserved and fought for.

47. Most suffering in the world is caused by man and can be overcome by man.

48. Father Time will win any matchup.

49. Contemplating the Universe is a mind-bending experience.

50. Nearly every marketing message is misleading in some way.

51. We’re all entitled to our own opinion; nobody is entitled to be ignorant.

52. Self-mastery is a long, difficult fight…but worthwhile.

53. Taking responsibility for oneself is an absolute necessity for success.

54. There can never be too many environmentalists.

55. Good teachers, firefighters, and police are all underpaid.

56. Too many people go to bed hungry every night.

57. Feeling too uncomfortable hinders advancement.

58. A great artist at work is an amazing sight to behold.

59. Honesty is always the best policy.

60. Our Universe is one of laws – we are no different; what we give, we get back.

61. Kids do not get outside enough anymore.

62. Nobody likes political ads.

63. People that litter are clueless.

64. There is too much dogma and not enough tolerance.

65. Hating someone is the worst type of negative energy.

66. We don’t have the right to judge anyone; all paths are different.

67. We can’t control the things that happen to us, but we can control how we respond.

68. People often think about their legacy much too late in life.

69. Children should be encouraged to daydream more, not less.

70. An afternoon nap is always awesome.

71. Good food makes almost everything better.

72. Having the ability to focus on the task is one of life’s most valuable skills.

73. The energy of the Universe is limitless.

74. Reading a good book is one of the best investments of our time.

75. Our world needs more selfless people.