Having more than one best friend is not unusual. As an adult, you’ll gain more positive benefits from surrounding yourself with different kinds of friends. You can’t grow as a person if you have just one or two close friends. Your needs as a social being depend on the different relationships you form in your life.

Sticking to just one type of friendship will not be enough to add value to your life. So, here are some kinds of friends you should have in your life. And if you have these people, you should not let them go.

Here Are 7 Types Of Friends To Never Let Go

“A friend is someone who makes it easy to believe in yourself.” – Heidi Wills

1.    The friend who’s always positive

It’s important to have a friend who constantly has a positive outlook on life. This is someone who doesn’t panic at the slightest problem or challenge. You’ll need this person by your side when you’re at your lowest point.

A friend with a positive mindset can influence you with healthy behaviors. In fact, this friendship’s effect may be better than a good diet, a medication, or an anti-aging supplement, according to The New York Times.

  • This is the friend you call when you’re having a bad day and he or she will show genuine care for your predicament.
  • She will always make you laugh and make your day better with her infectious smile.
  • He seems to be a ball of energy and enthusiasm that you can’t help but radiate in his positivity.

Studies have shown that people who are optimistic can deal with stress better. As a result, they have less risk for developing illnesses and they can throw off a spreading virus because they have stronger immunities. They also have reduced risks for cardiovascular diseases and depression.

Positive friends also bring out the best in you. With their support, you’re more inspired to try out new things, complete your goals, and reach for your dreams. You will also learn to see the challenges you encounter as an opportunity for growth.

2.    The friend who’s a rebel

This is a friend who does not tolerate nonsense. A rebel is someone who strongly believes in something and then stands up for this when she is challenged. She’s not afraid to break the rules if she doesn’t see the use for them. You need this kind of friend in your life at times when you feel constricted and bound.

The rebel friend will definitely have your back if you’re in a bind. She’ll push you to do something unexpected. She will embolden you and inspire you to get down and dirty because there are times when you need to face life this way.

This is the kind of friend who will keep reminding you that you’re worthy. So, if you have a partner who’s not treating your right or you’re not getting your due recognition at work, your rebel friend will be this voice in your head who will push you not to put up with something you don’t deserve.

3.    The friend who builds you up

There may be times when you feel that you don’t have it all together. You’ve been making mistake after mistake and you know you could use some guidance or mentorship. But you can have a life coach in a friend who builds you up. This is the person who will keep motivating you to try harder and raise the level of your capabilities.

Just like a coach, this friend will make sure that you get to the finish line. He will invest in time and energy in your personal development because he will also feel fulfilled when he sees you succeed.

  • A friend who’s a builder will always have time to share something productive with you.
  • She will partner with you at the gym or agree to help you stick to a diet plan.
  • The builder will also be excited about planning and joining your makeover session.
  • She will recommend classes, training, and workshops that you might need.
  • He will try to hook you up and sing your praises to the right kinds of people who could help you succeed.

Do you have a friend who constantly checks up on how you are progressing with a project, whether it’s a personal endeavor or a professional thing? If you have a friend who nudges you into doing something that doesn’t hold your interest, she’s the builder who’s always trying to make your life more balanced. He’s like your coach and manager all rolled into one.

4.    The friend who’s your partner in crime

This friend is the Robin to your Batman, the Clyde to your Bonnie, the John Watson to your Sherlock Holmes. This friend loves collaborating with you because you share the same interests:

  • You love the same foods.
  • The two of You enjoy the same hobbies.
  • You believe in the same politics.
  • Your interests include the same songs, movies, TV shows, and books.

This is the friend that you can have easy conversations with because there is familiarity.  It’s always good to have a friend like this in your life because the common ground can become the mark of a long and lasting friendship.

Your partner in crime will lie for you or help you come up with a good excuse if you don’t want to go to work or skip the party of an acquaintance. You actually trust this friend with your computer passwords and even the pin code of your ATM, in case of emergency.

This is the first person you call when you’re planning something big. This is also the friend you call in the middle of the night when you need to talk to someone. She will not have second thoughts about meeting up with you even if she’s already settled for bed.

When you have a friend who’s a collaborator, you gain from this relationship because you come up with something productive together. It’s like you share one brain because you both know what each other’s thinking even before you say something.

And if you have disagreements, you won’t stay mad at each other too long because you won’t have anyone else to listen to you rant about something you mutually hate. You need each other too much because this friend is like your soulmate.

5.    The friend who’s very sensible

She’s like a big sister, a mother, and a wise grandmother in one package. The sensible friend will share enlightening insights into your problems and issues. Talking to this person will not only be stimulating; you might even change your mind because she will help you see new ideas.

The sensible friend will always challenge your thinking. She will ask the right questions that you may overlook because you’ve got too many things going on in your head. She’s the one who makes you question the “what if’s” in every situation.

  • When you’re with this friend, you’ll feel unguarded and comfortable.
  • You know you can express your thoughts out loud to this person because she will not make judgments even if you have controversial sentiments.
  • She’s above petty discussions as well.
  • She’s so wise and positive that your perspective in life broadens because of her.

The sensible friend might send you clips or links to interesting articles that improve your awareness and education. She will suggest ideas to you but she has respect for your boundaries; she will not impose or force you to follow her suggestions.

6.    The friend who has the right connections

He’s the one who’s got a lot of networks. He knows someone to tap if you need help. He’s also the most affable and charming person you know. He’s the type who’ll even become best friends with the prison guard if he’s sent to jail.

The friend with a lot of connections will help you build bridges. You will find this person at social functions regularly and you will also likely get an invite from him all the time.

According to the book, “Vital Friends: The People You Can’t Afford to Live Without” it’s important to have this kind of friend in your life. You will always need referrals for good doctors, lawyers, accountants, or even a date for a special evening. You need someone who can point and guide you in the right direction, and that’s none other than the guy with a long list of connections.

7.    The friend who’s the constant in your life

You’ve likely had this friend since childhood. Since you grew up with each other, you’ve become the constant in each other’s life. It’s not rare for people to still be in touch with their childhood friends as adults but it is truly a special kind of relationship. The constant friend has been with you through many ups and downs:

  • Your middle school graduation
  • The first serious relationship you had
  • Your first broken heart
  • When you left for college
  • When you visit home after graduating from college
  • Your first job
  • Your wedding
  • The birth of your children
  • Your children’s milestones

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Your relationship with this person is so deep and meaningful that you can discuss both the small and serious things whenever you want to. When you crash and burn, your constant friend might lecture you too. You don’t mind because you know it’s coming from a place of love and care for your welfare.

According to the Association for Psychological Science, men in their early 30s who still spend time with their childhood friends may have lower blood pressure and lower body mass index. So, there’s an actual concrete proof that keeping your childhood friendships alive has physical benefits aside from social and emotional benefits.

Final Thoughts On Types Of Friends To Never Let Go

Your circle of friends may personify more than one characteristic of these essential traits. You may also provide more than one vital purpose as someone else’s best friend. If your relationships with your close friends are positive, harmonious, and mutually beneficial, you’ve been very blessed to have these people to fill your life.