All it takes is an exhausting day to make you feel 10 years older. Remember when you pulled all-nighters and still managed to function the next day? Whether Father Time has actually caught up to you or you just feel older lately, having an energy that makes you feel younger would sure make your life easier.

Aging gracefully in our physical appearance and health is what we all aspire to. Feeling young is something less tangible. Happiness at any age depends mostly on our attitude. One study found that people in mid-life and later adulthood who felt young had less fear of aging and more overall life satisfaction.

In other research, negative perceptions of aging could affect health later in life. Those who felt negatively about getting older were less likely to seek services for health care or other assistance. Their negative attitude is picked up on by others that they encounter who may avoid or neglect them as a result of wanting to avoid the negativity.

No matter how old you are physically, we all get stuck in a rut that feels old. Shaking things up a bit will give you a fresh perspective and will help you feel better and younger than you have in years. If chasing the elusive fountain of youth is all in our attitude about the aging process, here are 7 things that will make you feel younger.

7 Things That Will Make You Feel Younger

1. Smile and laugh more

Smiling gives you an instant facelift. It may sound like a platitude, but smiling does actually help to lift the apples of the cheeks. Exercising these facial muscles can help prevent the visible signs of aging and also helps uplift your mood.

Research has shown that not being able to frown as a result of having botox injections helped to improve a person’s mood. Of course, it is possible that having the anti-aging treatment could also have made those patients feel better about their appearance, which helped their mood.

Laughter is also a mood elevator that can make you feel younger. Bonus points for acting young if you share a laugh with a friend rather than alone. You can read more about how laughter works as a natural high here.

2. Have more sex

Even if you still haven’t found the right partner, give yourself some love. Having an orgasm releases endorphins, which makes you feel good. If you have a partner, try to add one more night per week for intimate touching. Just touching each other releases oxytocin which makes you feel happy and secure.

Looking and feeling sexy is another way to feel younger. Put on something that you look darn good in, even if you aren’t going anywhere. Get a massage or a salon treatment that will have you admiring yourself and your youthful glow every time you pass a mirror.

3. Try something you’ve never done before

The rush of excitement over a new experience will help you to feel younger. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will give you a feeling of uncertainty, but embrace that and be brave anyway.

Remember how fearless you were as a kid. If someone gave you roller skates, you didn’t worry about the danger of falling, you laced them up and started skating for the pure joy of the activity.

Fear is sometimes described by the acronym False Evidence Appearing Real. Ask yourself if you have any real evidence about why you shouldn’t try a new activity. If the answer is no, then go for it.

4. Dance like no one is watching

Put on some music that makes you want to move and let loose. Getting active in a joyful way elevates your mood and energy level. Listening to music gives you a boost of dopamine, and so does exercise.

5. Meet new friends

Your long time friends know most of your stories, but when you have to talk about yourself with someone new, you get the benefit of a fresh perspective on who you are as a person. Start up a conversation with someone you may never see again. You may find a new companion who has more in common with you that you would ever know.

6. Learn something new

Being a lifelong learner is a great way to keep your mind active while adding education and skills to your resume. Find a local community college course list and sign up for a class on your favorite subject or one you know nothing about. For a small fee you can stimulate your mind and feel like a freshman in college again.

7. Volunteer with the elderly

Yes you will feel young by comparison when you volunteer with older people, but that’s not what we meant. When you donate your time to people who need help, you feel good about what you’re doing. Find a cause that you can support and get involved.

Getting older isn’t easy, which is why your life experience up to this point can help you sail through this part of your life with ease. With a positive attitude and a willingness to change, you’ve lost 5 years off your mental age already.