When a person loves themselves, the way that they handle situations and live their daily life is much different from those who do not. Self-loathing begets suffering and additional loathing, forcing people to wonder how self-loving people are able to stay positive.

Love yourself first and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. – Lucille Ball

Any time spent on self-doubting could just as easily be spent self-loving. Here is a list of seven habits that are practiced by self-loving people:

7 Things Self-Loving People Do Differently:

1. They hold strong moral beliefs and standards.

A self-loving person does not compromise their belief system for anyone or anything. Their habits and daily routines do not change and they believe in their methods of problem-solving and handling issues that arise in life. They do not spend time around people who do not hold these same values and end the negative relationships in their life when necessary.

2. They know they are enough.

Self-loathing people never believe that they are good enough. They are always in search of another person who will help them unlock their true potential. Self-loving people know that they are good enough and do not need to rely on the help of others to maintain happiness, reach their dreams and accomplish their goals.

3. They have a daily self-care routine.

Whether it’s an exercise regimen, a certain style of cuisine or perhaps something more cosmetic, people who truly love themselves do everything in their power to take care of themselves each day. A self loather will let their personal appearance fall into shambles, whereas a self-loving person would never allow themselves to get to that point.

4. They willingly and lovingly help others.

Those who love themselves wish to spread their positive feelings towards others and they genuinely enjoy helping other people. They derive true joy and pleasure from providing aid to friends and family who are in need and they do so because they want to help, not for any sort of personal gain.

5. They follow their passions and desires.

Loving yourself means never being forced to settle. People who care about themselves do not allow themselves to end up working at a job they hate. They don’t let their passions and desires fall by the wayside. If they like someone, they tell them. If they have dreams, they follow them.

6. They are grateful for their journey.

It’s no secret, we all go through hard times in life. But these trials and tribulations are what make us who we are. A person who loves themselves knows this and does not waste valuable time on regret. They appreciate their journey because they know it made them the great person that they are today.

7. They release the need to blame.

Blaming others for problems that arise in life is a fast way to become a self loather. A self-lover knows that even if another person does something wrong, it does not mean that the entire situation is their fault. They are excellent at taking responsibility for their own actions and not pinning everything on another person.

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