Did you know that empaths, or highly sensitive people, make up 15-20% of the population? Although many people who identify as empaths may feel as though they have been cursed by their natural abilities and personality traits, being able to feel deeply can actually serve as a blessing. While these people might get ridiculed or rejected by some who simply can’t understand them, empaths have an incredible gift that shouldn’t be understated.

We all have seas of emotions within us, but empaths experience them more intensely. To find out if you are a highly sensitive person, read one of our previous articles on the subject here.

Here are 7 superpowers of sensitive people:

sensitive people

1. Sensitive people can easily read people’s emotions without them saying a word.

A sensitive person can sense how someone feels without them having to utter a word. They simply pick up on their energy when they walk into the room, so you can’t hide anything from an empath. Your body language and overall aura and energy will tell them everything they need to know about how you feel. Their intuition and psychic abilities give them insight into people’s innermost worlds, and therefore, they can offer a shoulder to cry on or ear to listen for those who struggle or feel alone in life.

Sensitive people might not fit in with others, but they don’t care. They understand their true purpose here, and know they incarnated here in these times to connect deeply with others and remind them of their soul journeys.

2. They can understand and relate to a multitude of perspectives.

Sensitive people don’t just mindlessly listen to someone talk about their problems and offer a textbook solution. They stop everything they’re doing to fully engage with you, and try to look at the situation from many different perspectives. Sensitive people have fought many battles in life, including countless ones with their own egos. They know pain, struggles, depression, anxiety, and anger, and therefore, can relate to other people’s problems quite easily.

They see the world through many lenses, and therefore, other people feel drawn to them for their compassionate and open-minded perspective.

3. Sensitive people make some of the best friends you will ever have.

Because of their innate ability to feel emotions deeply, sensitive people make incredibly loyal, faithful, loving friends and romantic partners. They will stand by your side through every storm you face, and will never make you feel like you’re undeserving of love and compassion. They will sit with you for hours and listen to your pain, hardship, struggles, philosophical musings, and whatever else you feel like talking about. Sensitive people have been to the darkest rooms of their hearts, and therefore, can help you walk through yours when you need company.

4. They have a high level of self-awareness.

Sensitive people spend a lot of time alone, just trying to regain their composure and recharge their batteries. This world is an intense arena for empaths, and they need ample time to recover from absorbing all of the conflicting and chaotic energies out there. Because they spend much of their time in solitude, they have been able to reflect on their deepest and darkest thoughts, and have a heightened awareness about themselves. They can easily detach from their thoughts, feelings, and ego altogether, and simply become the voiceless, yet curious observer behind them.

This awareness helps them to become more aware and compassionate of others, helping them to form deeper, more meaningful bonds with people.

5. Sensitive people make incredible leaders.

Maybe empaths don’t strike you as the most capable, effective leaders. However, their wonderful listening skills, introspective, contemplative nature, and ability to relate to people deeply make them very powerful leaders. They don’t jump to conclusions, hearing every person out before they make a decision. They give people the respect they deserve. Thus, they empower others to voice their opinions and feel like an important part of an organization or business. They treat others well, and don’t just steamroll them to reach a goal.

Simply put, they don’t let their egos get in the way of them leading a team to success, because they know that getting to the top requires a joint effort. They don’t see themselves as any better than those around them, and because of their humble, yet steadfast approach to leadership, they absolutely excel in high-level positions.

6. Sensitive people have so much love to give to others.

They feel everything deeply, including love. They have been through so much inner turmoil. As a result of this, they are humble and have a new lease on life. They can understand other people’s struggles so much more intricately and will love you unconditionally just the same. Just come as you are, as they will not judge you. They will wrap their arms around your every insecurity, and make you feel more loved than you could ever imagine.

sensitive people

7. They are very artistic, creative people.

Sensitive people don’t accept reality; they create new ones in their minds all the time. If you catch them staring off into space, they are likely conjuring up a whole new world, thinking of how they can bring it to life. They can create beautiful art, whether in the form of music, paintings, poetry, stories, sculptures, or anything else creative. Without empaths, we wouldn’t have a lot of the books and drawings and TV shows and poetry and architecture you see around you. Many things in this world require creativity, and highly sensitive people are masters of the artistic realm.