Sensitive people, or empaths, identify deeply with the emotions and vibrations of other beings, both human and non-human. They can instantly read a person upon meeting them, and have an innate intuition about others.

In short, sensitive people can understand other people on a deeper level than most humans. Besides that, their friends and family that know them well may often call them “too sensitive.”

Empaths are said to be more psychic than their less sensitive counterparts due to their close ties to the spiritual realms. Sensitive people also make some of the best spiritual healers due to their uncanny ability to relate to others on such a profound emotional scale.

Science continues to show that humans are hardwired for empathy. A study performed by researchers from the University of Virginia aimed to measure the brain activity of 22 participants who were under the threat of receiving mild electric shocks to either themselves, a friend, or a stranger. All of the volunteers were monitored with fMRI scans during the experiment, and the results were astounding.

The researchers found that when the participants’ friends were threatened, their brains responded in an almost identical fashion to the direct threat of shock.

Even though most humans can empathize with the pain of others, some people just have more finely tuned senses when it comes to understanding the emotions of their fellow humans.

But what do sensitive people do differently than other people, exactly?

1. They have an intrinsic desire to communicate a more positive world.

Empaths are highly inquisitive people and want to get to know others on a deeper level. They don’t have much tolerance for small talk. Instead, they want to talk about more pressing and relevant matters, such as how to impact the world positively, why we’re here, the possibility (and probably the reality) of life on other planets, etc.

They also have a yearning to connect with others outside their culture, religion, or race, because they can absorb a taste of others’ perspective and background through the other’s emotion about it.

2. They see everyone as equal, no matter their race, size, ethnicity, etc.

They see past the worldly labels we place on everything. Plus, they know that the spirit of love transcends all physical boundaries. They see a janitor, successful businessman, scientist, mother of five, and everyone else in the same light. At the end, we all go back to the same source, so sensitive people know that our titles or occupations here on Earth don’t mean much in terms of our character.

Sensitive people seek out the similarities in people rather than their differences, and don’t judge anyone for how they live their life, how they appear outwardly, or what opinions they may have.

3. They listen more than they talk.

Many sensitive people don’t really enjoy talking about themselves, and would rather listen to others speak about their lives. Sensitive people usually have a quiet, introverted nature, and don’t like to take the spotlight. People often come up to them at random to share their life story. However, sensitive people don’t really get surprised when this happens to them. Others can just sense their compassionate, kind nature, and feel comfortable opening up to them. Because of this, empaths do best when listening to others and giving short pieces of advice rather than talking too much.

They also go within frequently to regain balance after taking on the energies of everyone around them, and naturally have a quieter nature due to this.

4. Sensitive people listen to gut instincts.

Sensitive people are ruled by emotions, not thoughts, and listen to their gut instincts when making important decisions. While they do tend to overthink quite a bit, their thoughts usually center around how they feel, or how they think others may feel. Empaths often act on impulse and are seen by others as sporadic, even irresponsible at times. They may feel misunderstood and isolated since their friends and family usually can’t relate to their deep understanding of the spiritual world, but they never stray from their true nature.

5. They put themselves in other people’s shoes.

They enjoy living life through other people’s eyes, wanting to understand as many people as possible. Additionally, they may even try out a totally different life. That decision will help them to really appreciate what others have been through. And, it helps them to connect with people on an even deeper plane. As they say, to really know someone, you have to walk a mile in their shoes. And a sensitive person may take that literally.

6. They spend a lot of time in solitude to recharge and reconnect.

Highly sensitive people (empaths) might be seen as loners or outcasts living on the fringes of society. However, they know that to cleanse themselves of the energies they accumulate, they must recharge often. They truly enjoy spending time in nature. While they have an infinite love for other beings, they can best express that if they take the time to decompress.

They also have a knack for creativity and use their time alone to further develop their imagination. So they might live in the clouds. However, sensitive people make the world a more beautiful place through their originality and care for all creatures.

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