“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf

There are many factors that affect your sleep, and out of all of them, food is perhaps the main one. We tend to underestimate the effect that food has on the body and on our sleeping schedule. And we all know the effects of not having a good sleep – you feel groggy, tired and aggravated and you hate the world around you. Well, it’s a well-known fact that you need to effectively expend spend your energy if you want to get a good night’s sleep. But how can food affect all of that?

Research has shown that the food and drink we consume is actually very important to our quality of sleep. The more calorie-heavy foods that we include in our diet, the longer it takes for our body to digest them, therefore our energy is depleted and we feel sleepy at the wrong time of day. Additionally, if we don’t consume enough calories, then our body will be hyperactive, wondering where to get all its needed nutrients from! So, don’t try to guess it – listen to the experts and eat the foods that are right for your body and your sleeping schedule!

Do you feel like your diet isn’t balanced enough for a great sleep? Here are some foods that definitely cause insomnia – and good ways to counteract them.

Here Are 6 Foods That Can Make You Lose Sleep

1. Chocolate

This is sad news for all chocolate lovers around the world, myself included. Unfortunately, a late-night sugary snack is really bad for your sleep. That’s because cocoa beans, which chocolate is made of, actually have a lot of caffeine in them! When you consume the caffeine even in a small piece of chocolate, you feel like you’ve had three cups of coffee and that’s bound to keep you up. If you do crave a sugary snack after dinner, try eating a piece of fruit. As a natural source of sugars that don’t contain any caffeine, fruits satisfy your sugar craving and ensure you have a great night’s sleep!

2. Chilis and hot sauce

Or any kind of spicy food, really. Hot spices increase your body temperature, which in turn increases the speed of your blood circulation. When you go to sleep, even if it sounds contrary, you want to feel cold because that’s what puts you to sleep. If you feel warm and your heartbeat increases, you’ll have a hard time feeling drowsy. Leave the spicy food for breakfast or lunch when you need the most energy. And if you want a warm experience before bed, try a hot shower instead. It’ll warm you up in a good way and make you sleepy.

3. Pizza

We know that it’s your favorite food to have on a Friday night after work or along with your favorite drink, but the combination of fatty cheese and acidic sauce in pizza is catastrophic for your sleep. It’ll most likely cause acid reflux and heartburn, which will make your attempts to go to sleep completely futile. It’s best to leave pizza for lunch or for an early dinner, but never right before you go to sleep.

4. Matcha and green tea

You might be surprised to hear this, as tea is naturally calming and we always say how healthy green tea is. But in reality, matcha and green tea have more caffeine in them than coffee! They both make you jittery and nervous as if you’ve just had your morning cup of coffee. Try to have matcha and green tea in the morning instead. If you can’t go to sleep without a cup of tea, try a herbal tea (such as chamomile), as they don’t have any caffeine!

5. Fatty foods

If you’ve had a very fatty dinner like burritos or fried chicken, it’s no wonder you can’t get to sleep. Fatty foods can cause bloating and indigestion. Instead of leaving you pleasantly full, you’ll feel too stuffed, which will definitely interfere with your sleep. Try to leave the fatty foods for lunch and have something healthier for dinner, like a stir-fry with as little oil as you can or a salad. This will ensure that your insomnia will go away.

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6. Water

Yes, you read that right! We all read about how good it is to stay hydrated during the day – and of course, that’s true. Water is great for your digestion, your skin, and your internal organs. But if you have too much water before bed, you know what’s going to happen! You’re going to need to go to the bathroom all night long! Toilet breaks can be really disturbing because once you get up, you might find it difficult falling asleep again. So, make sure to concentrate your water intake in the earlier part of the day.

Final thoughts

Suffering from insomnia is horrible. It disturbs not only your mental health but your physical health as well. You’ll know the difference the moment you get a good night’s sleep. Positive thinking alone doesn’t cut it; sometimes you need to take action to feel better for yourself and your body. Therefore, if you can, try and change your diet. It will take some time, as most things do, but you’ll find that your sleep will improve! Not only that, but if you follow the tips in the article above, you’ll lose weight also! So, don’t delay in making yourself healthier, starting right away!


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