Our bodies and minds must work together harmoniously to achieve optimal health. Fortunately, many ancient remedies can work to rebalance your energy and pH levels so that you can feel your best.

Here’s an example. Did you know that many health problems come from high acidity levels within the body? Acidity causes inflammation, which therefore causes cortisol levels to rise, resulting in many diseases and illnesses. If you want better health, alkalizing your body as much as possible is essential, which can be done with the following natural remedies.

These Six Ancient Remedies Have Unique Healing Properties for the Body and Mind

Here are six remedies that can heal your body and mind:


1. Adding cardamom powder to your coffee

Even though our world runs on coffee, it falls on the acidic side of the pH scale, which can damage our bodies if we drink too much. Add a half teaspoon of cardamom powder for every 12-ounce cup you brew to negate these harmful effects. If you’d like to alkalize your body further, drink plenty of water if you drink coffee in the mornings; this will help keep acidity down and hydrated.

2. Eat alkaline foods

As mentioned above, eating a reasonably alkaline diet will work wonders for your mind, body, and soul. Our body’s pH level is between 7.30 and 7.45, so eating foods that match this level will make us feel our best. Foods such as raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and starches are the optimal foods for the human body. Overeating meat, dairy, processed foods, refined sugar, and alcohol can throw your body’s pH level off, opening the body up to disease.

Also, drinking water at the correct pH level is essential – drink non-fluoridated, ionized water if possible.

3. Oil pulling (one of the most revered ancient remedies)

Oil pulling offers many benefits, including protecting against gingivitis, plaque, and microorganisms that cause bad breath. This Ayurvedic practice dates back 3,000 years, one of the most ancient remedies. It involves swishing around one tablespoon of coconut, sesame, or sunflower oil in your mouth for 20 minutes, then spitting it out. The enzymes from the oil will help pull out toxins and acidity from the body, reducing inflammation in the process. You will also notice whiter teeth, clearer skin and eyes, and stronger gums. Besides that, your energy levels will notably increase.

4. Use delicious turmeric in your cooking.

Ancient cultures have used turmeric for various things, including arthritis, heartburn, stomach pain, diarrhea, gas, bloating, headaches, bronchitis, depression, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and much more. This powerful herb should become a part of your daily nutrition regimen if it isn’t already; you can either add it to your cooking, put some in your tea before bed, or add it to your baking. One teaspoon of turmeric per day should do the trick.

5. Practice positive thinking.

As you probably already know, negative thoughts are the body and mind’s worst enemies. Practically all disease begins within the mind, so training our brain to weigh the positives instead of focusing on the negatives is vital to our health. It might take some time, but don’t give up on reprogramming your brain. You might slip up a few times and fall back into negative patterns, but this is expected. Instead of beating yourself up, take a few breaths, relax, and forgive yourself. Deep breathing, meditation, and positive affirmations can turn your life around if you incorporate them into your overall lifestyle. If you’d like to read more about what negative thoughts do to your brain, you can do so here.

6. Ancient remedies include today’s hot trend–essential oils.

Various essential oils are available, all with different healing properties. Some of the most common is lavender, which can help with stress and anxiety, and peppermint, which can help you feel refreshed and alert. And chamomile also relieves anxiety and stress. However, there are many more to choose from, depending on your particular problem; you can learn more about essential oils here.

To use them, massage a drop or two on the area that seems to trouble you, or, for stress and anxiety, massage the drops into your temples. Add fifteen to twenty drops to a warm bath, use a diffuser, or even put a drop or two of ONLY pure oil into your tea.


Final Thoughts on Using Ancient Remedies to Heal Modern Day Health Issues

These solutions come from centuries of knowledge, particularly from the Asian and Native American traditions. It is essential to acknowledge the contribution of those ancient healers, while also understanding the value of the need for good health. Try one or two of these solutions, depending on your health needs. They are well worth a try and can help prevent further decline in your body.