If your baking soda or saleratus is always waiting for baking days, you should know there are more baking soda benefits. The benefits are natural without any side effects.
Here are 51 best ways to use baking soda naturally:

1. Fire Extinguisher

Baking soda can aid in the original handling of little grease and electrical kitchen fires since it releases carbon dioxide when heated, assisting to smother the flames. Minor cooking fires involving grills, broilers, frying pans, and ovens need you to switch off the electricity if possible before sprinkling saleratus on the firebase.

2. Septic Care

Using saleratus regularly on your drains can aid your septic system to flow freely. A cup of saleratus every week will assist in maintaining a favorable pH in the septic tank.

3. Vegetable and Fruit Scrub

Using saleratus is a safe method to clean residue and dirt off fresh vegetables and fruits. Clean by sprinkling some saleratus on a clean wet sponge to scrub and rinse your fruits and vegetables.

4. Deodorizing the Refrigerator

Saleratus is ideal for eradicating foul smell from your fridge. Mount an open box at the fridge’s back, and it will neutralize any odors.

5. Deodorizing the Cutting Board

Cutting boards are used for chopping off all sorts of foods, and it can get some dirt and foul smell. Sprinkle some saleratus on your cutting board, and then scrub and rinse it.

6. Deodorizing Trashcans

Sprinkle the saleratus at the trashcan’s bottom to remove bad smells.

7. Deodorizing Recyclables

Clean the recyclable container regularly by applying saleratus on a wet sponge and wipe it before rinsing it.

8. Deodorizing Drains

To deodorize your tub drains and sink, and prevent lingering odors from ruining your home, put half a cup of saleratus down your drain as you run warm tap water. It will help to neutralize basic and acidic odors to give a fresh drain.

9. Cleaning and Deodorizing Dishwashers

Before using the dishwasher, use saleratus for deodorizing and as a gentle cleanser as you clean dishes.

10. Deodorizing Garbage Disposals

Put some saleratus on the drain and run warm tap water to remove bad odors and deodorize your garbage disposal.

11. Deodorizing Lunch Boxes

This is one of the best baking soda benefits. Between uses, put a bag of saleratus that cannot spill in your lunchbox to remove bad odors.

12. Eradicating Carpet Odors

Apply saleratus on your carpet and let it sit overnight. Then sweep it up in the morning and vacuum your carpet as usual. Your vacuum cleaner bag will fill up heavily. This will remove bad smells from your carpet. This will also deodorize and remove bad smells from your vacuum cleaner.

13. Making Your Closet Fresh

Mount a box of saleratus on a shelf in your closet to keep it smelling fresh.

14. Deodorizing Cars

Bad smells settle on the car carpet and upholstery. Hence, whenever you get in your car and sit, the odors get released into the air. Remove these odors by applying saleratus directly on carpets and fabric car seats. Then wait for fifteen minutes and then use the vacuum to clean your carpets and seats. In case the odors are strong, wait for longer before vacuuming.

15. Deodorizing Your Cat Box

Cover the pan’s bottom with saleratus before filling it with litter. Freshen between changes by sprinkling saleratus on the litter’s top after an intense cleaning. Green tea can also help.

16. Deodorizing Pet Bedding

Remove odors from the bedding of your pets by applying saleratus to it. Vacuum up the bedding after fifteen minutes. If the odors are powerful, you can wait longer.

17. Deodorizing Sneakers

Prevent your sneakers from smelling by applying saleratus to them whenever you are not using them. Shake out prior to wearing them. But when your sneakers can no longer be worn, dispose of them.

18. Freshening Linens

Include half a cup of saleratus to your towels and sheets as you wash them for a fresher feel and smell.

19. Deodorizing Your Wash

This is another one of the best baking soda benefits. Add a half cup of saleratus to your washing cycle as you clean gym clothes and other smelly clothes. Baking soda will neutralize the bad smells.

20. Freshening Stuffed Animals

Clean your toys, especially stuffed animals using dry saleratus. Apply saleratus to your stuffed animals and allow it to remain for fifteen minutes. Then brush off the powder.

21. A Surface Soft Scrub

With a wet sponge and some saleratus, scrub the bathroom tubs, sinks, and tiles as well as glossy tiles and fiberglass. Afterward, rinse well before wiping dry. You can clean even better with a mixture of baking soda, liquid dish soap, and coarse salt.

22. Hand washing Pans, Pots, & Dishes

Together with your typical dish detergent, include two tablespoons of saleratus to the dishwater for removing foods and grease left on pans, pots, and dishes.

23. Freshening Sponges

Soak sponges with bad odors in a mixture of water and saleratus to remove the stale smell. Disinfect thoroughly using a microwave.

24. Polishing Silver Flatware

Make a mixture of saleratus and water in a ratio of 3:1. Then use a clean sponge or cloth to rub the paste on your silver. Then rinse with clean water and dry before shining.

25. Cleaning the Tea and Coffee Pots

Remove tea and coffee stains as well as bitter tastes through washing coffee makers and mugs in a solution of one quart of water and a quarter cup of saleratus. Stubborn stains can be removed by soaking the utensils overnight in the solution.

26. Cleaning the Oven

Apply saleratus on the oven’s bottom and spray water on it to make it wet. Allow it to remain overnight and scrub the oven in the morning before removing the baking soda with a sponge or a vacuum cleaner. Rinse with clean water.

27. Cleaning Floors

Saleratus can be used to remove grime and dirt from tile and no-wax floors. Mix a bucket of warm water with half a cup of baking soda for mopping and rinsing the floor. Use a wet sponge and saleratus to remove scuff marks before rinsing.

28. Cleaning Furniture

Sprinkle saleratus on a wet sponge and then rub your furniture gently to remove dirt and marks like those made by crayons. Then wipe off with a dry and clean cloth.

29. Cleaning Shower Curtains

Apply saleratus to a clean wet brush or sponge. Then scrub your shower curtains, and then rinse clean and hang to dry.

30. Boosting Your Liquid Laundry Detergent

A half a cup of saleratus will make your liquid detergent more powerful. A great pH balance in the wash cycle makes your clothes cleaner, brighter, and fresher.

31. Gently Cleaning Baby Clothes

Baby skin is sensitive and only requires gentle cleansers, which are usually available. However, stain and odor fighters are frequently harsh. Include half a cup of saleratus in your wash cycle as you clean baby clothes to deodorize them and remove tough stains.

32. Cleaning Cloth Diapers

Mix two quarts of water with half a cup of saleratus and soak the diapers.

33. Freshening and Cleaning Your Sports Gear

Mix one quart of warm water with four tablespoons of saleratus to deodorize and clean sports equipment with bad odor. You can apply baking soda to gym bags and golf bags to deodorize them. You can also use a mixture of baking soda and water in a ratio of 3:1 to clean golf irons. Afterward, rinse thoroughly.

34. Removing Grease and Oil Stains

Use saleratus for cleaning light grease and oil spills in your driveway or on your garage floor. Apply saleratus to the spot and use a damp brush to scrub it.

35. Cleaning Batteries

You can use saleratus in neutralizing corrosion of battery acid on mowers, cars, and more due to its mild alkalinity. Ensure the battery terminals are disconnected prior to cleaning. Mix saleratus and water in a ratio of 3:1 and use a wet cloth to scrub the battery terminal corrosion. After cleaning and reconnection of the terminals, apply petroleum jelly to prevent corrosion in the future.

36. Cleaning Your Car

Mix a quarter cup of saleratus with one quart of water and use it with a wet sponge to clean floor mats, vinyl seats, tires, chrome, windows, and tires to remove tar, bugs, tree sap, and road grime.

37. Freshening Your Mouth

To neutralize mouth odors, mix a teaspoon of saleratus with half a glass of water to rinse your mouth.

38. Soaking Oral Appliance

Make a solution of warm water and two tablespoons of saleratus to rinse dentures, mouthpieces, and retainers to keep them fresh.

39. Using as a Body Exfoliant and Facial Scrub

With a paste of one part water and three parts saleratus, rub it gently on your body and face to exfoliate the skin.

40. Skipping Harsh Deodorant

This is one of the most important natural baking soda benefits. Neutralize your underarms by wiping them with saleratus.

41. Using as an Antiacid

Saleratus can be consumed to relieve heartburn, acid ingestion, or sour stomach.

42. Treating Itchy Skin and Insect Bites.

Make the skin wet before applying some saleratus on it.

43. Making a Softener and Hand Cleanser

Deodorize and neutralize odors on your hands by using saleratus to scrub them.

44. Helping Your Hair

Wash your hair with some saleratus together with your shampoo for a fresh smell.

45. Cleaning Combs and Brushes

Soak combs and brushes in a saleratus solution to remove hair product residue and natural oil build-up.

46. Making a Bath Soak

Neutralize acids on your skin by adding saleratus to your bath water.

47. Soothing Your Feet

Scrub your feet in a solution of saleratus for soothing effects.

baking soda

48. Keep Flowers Fresh

By adding saleratus to a flower vase, your flowers will live longer.

49. Neutralize Beans

To prevent bloating by beans, soak them in a saleratus solution.

50. Get Rid of Ants

A mixture of saleratus and salt helps to keep ants away.

51. Making Fluffier Omelet

For a fluffier omelet, add a teaspoon of saleratus to three eggs before cooking.

These baking soda benefits will make your tasks at home easier, and you will not have to buy expensive chemicals for cleaning and so on.