To think outside the box means to think creatively, free from any constraints of societal or “accepted” norms.  It’s become almost cliche in society, but is so much more than that.  Throughout history, “radical” ideas from outside the box have changed the way people learn, form ideas, and construct civilization as a whole.  But why is such a common phrase today put into practice so little?  

With an expanded positive thinking mindset, it becomes very possible avoid the cyclical ills of society that cause problem after problem.  Solutions are often waiting for you to simply peel back the curtain of your current awareness.

Here are 5 Ways to Help You Think Outside the Box:

1. Release limiting beliefs

The first thing you’ve got to be willing to do to regularly think outside the box is realizing what’s holding you in it in the first place and why you’re in it.

Society has molded a “structure” that people are expected to follow.  In many cases, people pursue academia, followed by a career to work your way to the top…  But when you realize that many of the world’s biggest successes never made it out of high school, following a traditional path may seem fruitless.  Don’t be afraid to blaze your own path to creating a positive and prosperous lifestyle.

Anyone can release limiting beliefs.  You’ve probably done so and don’t even realize it.  Just ask yourself “are there beliefs I’ve held 5 years ago that I do not hold today?”.  That question alone shows you the possibility to release limiting beliefs think outside the box

2. Practice responsibility

Thinking outside the box is like exploring uncharted territory.  You’re opening yourself up to new perspectives, beliefs, and paradigms.  The potential energy that awaits you outside the box is limitless and must be handled with responsibility.

As new people and possibilities enter your realm, maintaining a level head will help you stay focused on what you want.  The possibility of losing your vision for stepping outside the box altogether is there — if you allow it to be.  No matter how far in or out of the box you may be, your actions still create your future.  Create responsibly.

3. Release judgment

Once you’re opened up to new ways of thinking, you may come to a new level of understanding a person’s power of choice.  So long as it’s not destructive or hurtful toward anyone, a positive practice is to release judgment and understand that we all have an equal amount of power to create in this world.

Releasing judgment will not only make room for more abundance in your own life but may also even restore a little bit of your faith in humanity!

4. Remember how small you really are.

Many people are thinking inside the box (and sometimes a very small one) without even realizing it.  They think that this space is all there is, with nothing behind the walls of their current reality.

Your life is a perfectly unique piece of the entire cosmos but is only that – a piece.  Stepping outside and away from “you” for a moment opens up a whole new perspective on how small you really are, and how big the world around you really is.  Like sand, a beach is not formed from a single grain, but each grain still plays an equal part in creating the beach.

5. Be confident

Make no doubt, many thought leaders have paid the price for thinking outside the box.  But those people knew the positive effect their discoveries would make and showed resolve to prove a new truth to the world.  If you’re ever afraid of what “the box people” think of the new ideas you’re bringing to the table, remember that if they don’t accept it – it may be because your idea is too big for the box itself.

As you continue to think outside the box, you’ll find yourself asking new questions. Dare to continue asking and seeking answers – be an agent of progress. The “rabbit hole” you’re traveling down goes as far as you want it to.  Could you be thinking outside one box, then realize that you’re only in another?  Life is limited only by the limitations you set on it.


Take this article outside the box – In what ways have you discovered newness in your life?  What new ways of thought, speech, action, and reaction have you discovered?  How have they changed your life overall?