5 Ways To Prepare Yourself For An Energetic Shift

5 Ways To Prepare Yourself For An Energetic Shift


Energy is all around us and inside us. At the physical and vibrational levels, this energy is changing. When it happens, you will be called upon to awaken to your higher purpose; a higher level of spiritual awakening.

Change can be a scary time for people, but without it, we would be stagnant and unable to evolve into who we were meant to be. Think of this time as a rebirth of a new self and moving into a time of fulfillment.


Some people are more sensitive to the process of metaphysical change than others. In order to manage this shift in a smooth and peaceful way, we recommend these 5 ways that you can prepare yourself for the coming energetic shift.

5 Ways to Prepare Yourself For An Energetic Shift

1. Focus on health.

It’s never a bad time to start a healthy habit, but this is a particularly good time to do so. Find a cleanse that is safe for your digestive system, eat high-quality whole foods, exercise and stretch your body.

Preparing your physical self for the energetic shift helps you to be the healthiest self that you can be. When your physical health is in check, you will have one less stressor to handle when an energetic shift happens.

If possible, spend time in nature while exercising. Being connected to our living Earth and experiencing our place in it, puts us in a broader mindset. Part of the energetic shift that is coming will be a human shift away from destructive patterns and toward protecting Earth. Experiencing nature helps you gain a protective attitude toward our Earth.

2. Meditate.

By using meditation and shifting your awareness, you can find and remove energy blocks. According to Josh Shultz, Certified Hypnotherapist, ‘People have developed techniques to dissolve and work through foreign or blocked energy using this kind of awareness shifting — where you basically become aware of the energy and move through it with your mind — or just passively watch it.’

Meditation for awareness can help you to achieve an awakened state and be more receptive to the coming energetic shift. This link has a good exercises for present moment awareness. Try to meditate daily for a month in order to improve your focus on the present moment and increase relaxation.

3. Evaluate your core beliefs.

People are capable of change, but most often our ideals, morals and values remain the same over time. The essence of your being remains strong no matter what is happening around you. Take time to think about what is most important to you. If you hold key truths within yourself, you know that despite any external change these will still remain true.

Having something to cling to in a time of upheaval is valuable for some people to help them manage the major change of an energetic shift. Remember that you have handled change successfully in the past and that this time of changing energy will be no different. Rely on your capabilities.

4. Listen to your intuition.

That tiny voice inside you, your gut instinct, is important during this time of energetic shift. Go with your instinct, because your first reaction is usually right. When you trust your intuition, you have really made a decision based on subtle cues that you’ve picked up on, like body language.


Teacher and author Brian Johnson, has a video where he offers three exercises to help you tap into your inner wisdom. These exercises are designed to help you reveal the knowledge that you already have within you.

The first exercise that he suggests is to imagine your present self being able to talk to yourself at age 110. Now think about what your future self would say to your current self. The second exercise is to imagine your own personal Board of Directors staffed by people that you really admire. Then imagine how those individuals would advise you in this moment. His third exercise is to imagine yourself advising your own child if they were going through this same situation.

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