5 Ways To Get Out of A Bad Mood In Less Than 5 Minutes

5 Ways To Get Out of A Bad Mood In Less Than 5 Minutes

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Biting someone’s head off when they ask you a simple question is one sign that you’re in a bad mood, and it can ruin your day as well as that of the people around you.

When you’re in a negative or ‘bad’ mood, there are simple things you can do to quickly change your perspective and help you feel much more positive about your day.

Let’s look at 5 things you can do in just 5 minutes that will help improve your mood.


5 Ways To Get Out of A Bad Mood In Less Than 5 Minutes

Fake it ’till you make it is one way that people suggest getting out of a bad mood, and by that they mean to put a smile on, even if you don’t feel the corresponding happy emotion that goes with it. It’s possible that faking a smile will actually help boost your mood, and we do recommend trying it, because there’s virtually no down side to it.


Here are 5 other quick ways to turn a bad mood into a good one, smile or no.



1. Tapping

Here’s What Happens When You Tap These Points On Your Body

Tapping can get you out of a bad mood in less than 5 minutes. Tapping acupressure points on your body can help you get rid of negative thoughts that may be causing your bad mood. Read about how to tap your body to remove feelings of sadness, anger or anxiety in our article.

You can do several rounds of tapping therapy on yourself to get out of a bad mood in less than 5 minutes.

2. Eat something (preferably healthy)

Hunger is a possible reason that you’re in a bad mood, especially if you’re stressed out and too busy to find time to eat. A healthy source of vegetarian protein can help change your mood quickly. Something as simple as a glass of almond milk can make you feel better almost immediately. Foods high in magnesium can actually help lift your mood as well as satisfy your hunger, but skip the chocolate to boost mood.


Although when you aren’t feeling great, you might think to reach for the comfort of a craving food like chocolate, it actually won’t help as much as a good, vegetarian source of protein or organic fruit.

Researchers studying whether or not eating chocolate helped improve mood found that people had higher depression scores if they ate chocolate than if they had not eaten any.

not so healthy



3. Aromatherapy

Just the scent of lavender or orange can improve your mood and decrease anxiety. Researchers at the University Clinic of Neurology at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria studied the effects of aromatherapy in a place associated with high levels of stress; the dentist’s office.

The researchers had 200 patients in a waiting room assigned to either waiting rooms with lavender or orange aromatherapy, music, or a control group with none of these.

They found that both ambient odors of orange and lavender reduced anxiety and improved mood in patients waiting for dental treatments. Experiment with some essential oils and find one that will work best for you.

4. Take a quick walk outside

Researchers at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom looked at the benefits of taking a walk outside in nature as compared with other therapies for improving mood. They say ‘exercise has also been compared to other established treatment options, such as antidepressants and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) programs.

Initial findings imply that exercise is equally as effective as both antidepressants and CBT, as no significant differences were reported between the interventions.’ They say that ‘green exercise’ as in a walk in the country or in a park is particularly effective at helping you get out of a bad mood in just a few minutes.


5. Give yourself a pep talk

Positive self-talk can help improve your mood when you are feeling down. Often, there is a negative voice in our heads that is telling us to feel guilty, ashamed, or that replays the setbacks of the day. Maybe you are feeling lonely or rejected. We have to counter that negativity with some serious self-love to get out of a bad mood.


negative self talk

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Here are a few positive self-talk phases you can use to get out of a bad mood in less than 5 minutes:

‘I know I can do this because I’ve succeeded at tasks like this before.’

‘I am intelligent and I believe in my ability to get all of my work done today.’

‘Today I’m going to be amazing and I won’t let setbacks slow me down.’


‘I learn from my mistakes and I am going to do so much better the next time.’


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