If you know a Taurus personally, they likely have become one of your closest friends. The bull might be stubborn, but he also knows what true friendship means, and doesn’t leave your side unless you force him to.

The Taurus zodiac sign runs from April 21 to May 21, and a few key traits can describe people born under this sign.

We will go over them below and give you a little more information on what being friends with a Taurus entails.

Here are 5 things you need to know about being friends with a Taurus:


1. They’re loyal.

Bulls won’t just leave you because of a petty argument or silly misunderstanding. A Taurus prides himself on sticking around through the tough times, and being there for his friends no matter what. A Taurus makes you one of the best friends you’ll ever have because they will listen to your problems, give you a shoulder to cry on, and make you feel loved and cared for. You won’t ever have to wonder where you stand with a Taurus because they won’t leave your side.

2. A Taurus will accept you as you are.

Taurus won’t want you to change because they will love and adore you from the start. They accept people wholeheartedly, flaws and all. Being an Earth sign, Taurus have a knack for being grounded and stable and can easily adapt to and understand various people. Taurus might have their own hidden issues with themselves, but as far as other people go, they don’t try to change anyone. They make friends quite easily despite their more reserved personalities because people appreciate the sense of stability and safety that they exude.

3. He or she will make you feel protected and safe.

As we mentioned in the previous point, a Bull will always make you feel safe. He or she naturally has a protective demeanor and wants to keep all of his or her friends and family out of harm’s way. A Taurus will never make you feel vulnerable or uneasy, as their steady, loving nature guides them to watch out for everyone close to them. They are brave, strong souls, so they will take on your burdens for you and make sure you feel protected at all times.

4. A Taurus can be stubborn.

Taurus has many positive qualities, but their downside is that they can be incredibly headstrong and unable to budge in their opinions. They have their own outlook on life. But your opinion likely won’t change their mind. They enjoy doing things their way, and change is difficult for them. They also don’t like spontaneity and enjoy having things planned out in advance. Be patient with the Taurus in your life, as they take longer to get used to new situations and can seem stuck in their ways. However, they’re a creature of habit, so forming new thought processes and seeing things in a new light can take some time for them.


5. They have a strong spirit.

Above all else, the Bull doesn’t break easily. He or she stands high above negative influences, and his or her will can outlast any obstacle that tries to get in the way. They have an unbreakable spirit and can withstand any storm they encounter. A Taurus will never let you fall and will fight your battles alongside you. The Bull might be a bit misunderstood, but at the end of the day, their loving, courageous souls have the best intentions for their friends and family.

Taurus enjoys stability and routine and has a strong work ethic. They get along best with Earth and Water signs, and their sweet, generous nature will certainly win you over. Taurus make wonderful life-long friends, as they remain loyal until the end.