We live on an incredibly beautiful planet, abundant with places just waiting to be explored. Earth is characterized by a great deal of diversity, from its people to its landscapes. Our Earth also provides much for survival, including food, water, sunlight, and oxygen. Without these things, we obviously wouldn’t be able to enjoy the little aspects of daily life that we often take for granted. Gaia might appear strong on the surface despite the great deal of damage we have done to her with the strains of modern living. However, she is desperately crying out for help and support. With that said, here are a few things she’s attempting to get across to you, whether you realize it or not.

Here are five things our planet is trying to tell you:


1. Our planet is trying to tell you to connect with her more.

Not surprisingly, going out in nature isn’t only relaxing and rejuvenating to the soul but also provides countless health benefits, as outlined in this article by medicaldaily.com. In our modern world, we get too little sunlight, far too little exercise, and a scant amount of fresh air. All of these deficits have been linked with various mental health disorders and physical diseases, so Earth wants you to spend more time outdoors and put down the technology for a while. Forget work and responsibilities for the time being, and just enjoy what we’ve been blessed with in our own backyards.

The only way to connect more with ourselves is to reconnect with our roots – Mother Nature.

2. Our Planet is trying to tell you to stop abusing it.

If you look around, you can’t possibly miss the constant pollution, litter, and other atrocities that go on during daily life on this planet. We discard our trash on the ground, drive our cars everywhere, even up the street on an errand, eat foods that aren’t grown sustainably, buy clothing that was shipped halfway across the world, and much more. If we continue to support industries that only care about profits and could care less about harming the planet, we will never get anywhere with changing this world. We must work together to show the planet that nurtures our very existence some love and stop participating in destructive practices.

3. Our planet is trying to tell you to slow down and enjoy her beauty.

This life moves pretty quickly, and modern society only speeds up the pace. Mother Earth wants you to take time out of each day to enjoy her, relish in a little sunshine, take in some deep breaths of fresh natural air, and clear your mind. We spend far too much time running nowhere fast, and far too little time sitting still but making progress. We focus so much on productivity and capitalizing on this planet that we miss the experience of simply being.

4. Our planet is trying to tell you to question what you’ve been told.

Mother Earth wants you to stop living according to someone else’s rules. Who said you had to spend eight or nine hours in a stuffy office, ruining your health just for the sake of the almighty dollar? Who said you had to give up your natural rights to fresh air, sunshine, and clean water and food all because society told you that you had to slave away for someone else? We all deserve to get abundant sunshine, clean air, and fresh water and food each and every day. Working inside prohibits us from attaining the very things that keep us healthy. So Gaia wants you to question your lifestyle and ask yourself if it corresponds with a healthy way of living.

5. Our planet is urging you to become a voice for this planet.

No matter how silly you sound to others, the Earth is crying out for us to save her. We cannot keep up this destructive way of living that seems to center around profits and control rather than the greater good for the planet and its inhabitants. We’re destroying our home faster every second, and for what reason? We all must occupy this Earth at this time, so why not make it an enjoyable, peaceful experience for all? It’s time to support one another and our beautiful planet, and take charge of our actions while we can.

You might think you can’t do anything to turn this cycle of destruction around, but the little things matter most. Encourage people to pick up their trash if you see them leaving it on the ground, help to set up recycling in your hometown if it isn’t already available, or go pick up trash yourself. We all have an obligation to make this planet a clean, safe place to live. Of course, we only have one Earth. It’s time to make it beautiful again.

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