5 Things To Say When “I Love You” Isn’t Enough

5 Things To Say When “I Love You” Isn’t Enough

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Sometimes, saying “I love you” just doesn’t convey the message we want, as surprising as this may seem. I mean, what words could possibly stand up to that almighty phrase that supposedly marks the ultimate level of affection and adoration? Actually, some words, in certain situations, could convey more than “I love you.” It all depends on the context and situation, of course, but if you want to explain your feelings to someone you really care for and love, just know that you don’t have to be limited by those three little words.

The words “I love you” carry so much meaning behind them, but sometimes, we need a little something else to fulfill us. In a way, the following phrases carry the same message as those three words, just said a bit differently. So, let us explain a bit further; below, you’ll find five unique phrases that you can use in addition to, or in place of, “I love you.”

5 Things To Say When “I Love You” Isn’t Enough


1. “I believe in you.”

In a relationship, both of you must believe in each other and lift each other up if you want it to last. In true power couple relationships, both parties genuinely want the best for their significant other, even if it means spending less time with them or making other sacrifices. It seems more difficult to succeed than ever, and where we have so many obstacles to overcome, saying those four words to your partner can mean the world to them. Maybe they’ve been struggling with self-esteem issues, saying things like “Can I really do this?” So, be that person that reassures them that they’ve got this, and you believe in them.

2. “Leave the past behind you.”

We all get lost in our past every once in a while. Whether good or bad, the memories can eat us alive and cause us to become stagnant. If you notice your partner dwelling too much on past events, remind them to live in the present, because that’s all we’ve really got. Leaving the past in the past will free up a lot of time to spend together as a couple, and to work on making the present an absolute dream to live in.

3. “Because I love myself, I can also love you.”

At the heart of every healthy, happy relationship are two people who have so much love for themselves, that they can’t help but give some of it away to others. Letting your partner know that you really do love yourself will let him or her see that they’ve got a true keeper – someone who values and cares about the person staring back at them in the mirror. Self-love is important in relationships, because you can’t possibly give when your cup is empty.

4. “We’ve got this!”

Accomplishing something together serves as a great bonding experience for couples. If you both have a common goal, going through the process of working on it together and actually setting out to do what you had planned will help you grow closer. It’s easy to feel lonely and desolate in today’s world, so letting your partner know that you’ve got their back will mean a lot to them.

5. “Thank you.”

We say these two words daily, when someone makes us our coffee at Starbucks or when someone holds the door open for us. However, have you ever stopped to thank your partner for all they do for you? We thank so many people each day, but how often do you stop and thank our guy or gal for helping us, listening to us, being there for us, and watching us grow? Your partner, no matter how long you’ve been with them, has helped to shape you into what you’ve become today, in one way or another. They’ve stood by your side relentlessly, even when it seemed difficult to do. So, saying “thank you” can mean so much more than we think if spoken from the heart.

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