5 Things Controlling People Will Do to Keep You Under Them

5 Things Controlling People Will Do to Keep You Under Them

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Nice to meet you, you must be the robot. The remote control that Curtis has to use on you looks impressive. Just kidding! This is what it feels like if you are used dealing with controlling people.

Let us briefly talk about control freaks. Honestly, they are a pain in the gluteus maximus (GM) – both cheeks. It always feels like one step forward and three back. You doubt yourself, do you not? Control freaks feed on this like flies do with fecal matter. So how can you tell if what Curtis does is what control freaks do? We will give you five things that these peeps do to keep you hooked.


5 Things Controlling People Will Do  To Keep You Under Them


We will go through each point in more detail.

1. Chronic criticism

Even though you cleaned the toilet impeccably, a spider fell in and you have to do it again, otherwise it is not clean at all. You won money on the lottery but “it was only $10”. You got a promotion at work – why did you not get it three years ago? Did you buy a new Toyota? “Well it should have been a new Mercedes”. You play your favorite music while you are in the shower – they turn it off and ask you “why do you listen to such awful music”. Whatever you do is never the right thing for them, what you like is scoffed at in a mean fashion. In their mind, they and their particular tastes are superior – no matter how quirky or perverse they are.

2. Controlling people will put you on a guilt trip

This sign shows true manipulation at work, making you feel bad about something you want. “I will feel (INSERT NEGATIVE EMOTION HERE) if you…”, “If you loved me, you would…”, “You really should (not)…”, and others. A normal relationship of any kind has understanding in it, but this is not in the quintessential control freak’s behaviour. They are self-serving and use you to get whatever they want without lifting a finger, such is their spell over you.

3. Overly question

This is like being on Bob Barker’s The Price Is Right except your prize for getting a question right is… (drum roll) …another question. More like Bill Baker’s The Price Is Wrong! They do not understand your answers, they make (wrong) assumptions about your answers, they distort your answers to give them an opportunity to have a beef with you. The next thing you know, you are playing “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” in punches and insults… without the lifelines. For $1 million, “Where are we going for dinner tonight, retard?” Take your time, you only have a bag of frozen peas on your eye.

4. Controlling people have no interest in your opinion

Your opinion means squat to them. It is their way or the highway (next exit at…). Here is an example of this:

– Honey, I’m going to go with the bros to the club tonight.
– The hell you are. You are taking me to that Italian restaurant tonight.

At the Italian restaurant

– Please be sensible with what you order this time.
– I’ll have the lobster salad to start, followed by the the surf n turf main. Dessert can be a nice pannacotta to share. Remember to order the beluga caviar on bread and make it a Moet this time, that sparkling wine BS was gross. I love you, boo!


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