Trust is the greatest compliment to a relationship. It’s one of the most rewarding components of a loving partnership. Sometimes when we fall in love we are blinded by the magic of hormones A great article by Peg Streep in Psychology Today says that, “Trust is the foundation of all human connections, from chance encounters to friendships and intimate relationships. It governs all the interactions we have with each other.” She further says that, “The human capacity for trust and trusting isn’t meted out on an equal basis; some people are able to trust more easily than others and are, in fact, better at being trustworthy and judging trustworthiness.”

As we enter into relationships, our childhood belief systems become the core programming for all relationships. Trust starts with yourself and works its way into romance.

Here are five signs that your partner is someone you can trust wholeheartedly:

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1. Your partner is completely open.

Have you been able to be vulnerable? Have you both shared deep thoughts and emotions without fear of getting hurt? This is a genuine guideline that you are with someone who is trustworthy. People who have things to hide don’t normally share openly. They put up excuses and a million bricks to block them out of their truth. You can catch them in lies or things that don’t match up. If your partner is sharing and you are able to capture his/her humanness in its raw foundation, you have someone who trusts and loves you.

2. Your partner acknowledges you to the world.

People who lead double lives do not share their relationships on social media or openly with anyone. They go around hiding to talk on the phone. They put passwords to everything. If your partner is speaking about you, complimenting your relationship, or even just sending kudos of sweet messages, know that you have someone who is able to put you first and foremost. When your partner shares you with the family, friends, and the world you realize that there is little to hide.

3. Your partner is committed to your relationship.

If your partner is spending time with you while making a committed effort to show you that you are a unit, this person is for keeps. The longer time passes the more dedicated and devoted he/she becomes. Earning someone’s trust is never about proving a point. If trust is seen through the involvement of family and friends, you have to acknowledge it as real. Commitment is a means to say, “I am here. I am not going anywhere. Trust in me.” If you’ve been through hard times and he/she is still there, that’s a sign of a positively-driven relationship.

4. Your partner is always there for you.

You notice when someone is in for a short time or for the long haul. This is evident through obstacles. Life happens. It will throw curb balls full of hardship and stumbling blocks. If your partner is hanging tightly with you as the storm passes, he/she is trustworthy. Most people who aren’t in commitment mode will not hang around for the tough times. When you make a commitment to your own self care and self worth, those around you will also do the same. Relationships aren’t born perfect. They are created through the give-and-take of trust.

5. Your partner makes you feel safe.

When you have someone who makes you feel secure and grounded you have a trust on your side. Partners who help and alleviate stress by picking up the slack are folks who you can always trust. They want the best for you. They have seen you at your worst. They have witnessed your vulnerability and still stick around for more. This is the time you need to finally put down the guard and return the safety. Those who give trust also earn it. If your partner keeps promises, does things without an agenda, and continues to show up and love you, this person is trustworthy.

Dependability, stability, commitment, and love make a trusting relationship. You know yourself better than anyone and you know what works and what doesn’t in a partnership. If you are seeing red flags in your relationship, that’s your intuition letting you know that trust is a huge problem. As author David Amerland says, “Trust is an ethereal quality. Like oxygen or light we notice it only by its absence.”