5 Signs You Need to Clear Your Mind

5 Signs You Need to Clear Your Mind


When you are unable to keep your attention directed at a person or an activity for the needed length of time, it’s just one of the signs that you need to clear your mind right now.

Functioning in your day without a clear mind is like playing the role of a puppet. The less you are mentally present in your body, the less you see, hear, feel and care about the world around you. You are a shell of a person moving and acting without feeling, sensing or truly being.


In this article, we will cover 5 signs that you need to clear your mind, as well as some techniques to help you be more present and focused.

5 Signs You Need to Clear Your Mind

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1. You feel fatigued

A lack of energy is common for those who need mental clarity. The energy that you need to get through your day is blocked by a mental, emotional, or metaphysical block and you need to remove it. In our recent article If You Feel Like You Can’t Get Motivated, This May Be Why, we talked about the solar plexus chakra and how to remove an energy blockage.

2. You feel stuck

Not making any progress lately? Not able to do what you want to do? When you lack mental clarity, you feel stuck, like you are literally unable to go out and do what you want to do.

The blockage is most likely either a mental one or an emotional one. You can choose to hold on to the false thoughts that you have and stay in a mental fog or you can challenge your thinking and escape from the prison of your mind.

When we are stuck emotionally, we have feelings of regret, sadness, anxiety, fear, frustration and so on that are keeping us in one place. Find a healthy way to express how you feel by writing in a journal, being creative with art, or even working physically in your garden.

Getting outside has been shown to reduce stress and directed attention fatigue (DAF). Directed attention fatigue is what happens when you use your brain too long for a specific task. Once you find a healthy outlet for your mental or emotional blockage, you should regain mental clarity quickly.


3. You aren’t taking good care of yourself

From drinking too much, to not brushing your teeth, to risky sexual behavior, lacking mental clarity usually means that you are also engaging in hurtful behavior toward yourself. You aren’t showing yourself the love right now and the rest of us can tell because your personal hygiene is suffering.

You used to look sharp, clean, and well put-together every day, but lately you look like you dragged yourself out the door. Good self-care is also self-love. To give yourself love, you need to have mental clarity and be focused on the present moment.

Give yourself the gift of excellent self-care. A massage or pedicure, healthy, heart-warming food, joyful movement, and listening to soothing music can help enhance mental clarity.

Researchers studying mental clarity and music found that music had the ability to significantly affect the listener’s physiological and psychological state. When you engage in self-loving behavior, you experience the love that you give to yourself in the present moment. You have to have mental clarity to give love.

4. You feel frustrated

Anger is welling up inside you. You feel so frustrated at being blocked that you have a short fuse with people lately. Everything is irritating to you.

Anger is a sign of a lack of mental clarity because the angry person has allowed their mood to become negative rather than maintaining a focus on the task that they were working on. A negative mood can greatly reduce productivity due to a lack of mental clarity.

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Words have the power to hurt when you take them personally. Remind yourself of the previous times that you were able to handle frustration calmly and with grace. Practice by visualizing yourself handling this with grace too.

5. You feel depressed

Sadness or even feeling a lack of energy or desire to act is a sign that you need mental clarity. Depression can be scary because the person who is suffering has no desire to help themselves and their depressed mood often drives others away.

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