5 Reasons You Keep Having The Same Problems

5 Reasons You Keep Having The Same Problems


Have you ever had the experience of encountering the same problems repeatedly? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.  

Our lives are governed by the Law of Attraction, our thoughts and feelings are what build our reality, and that includes our problems! Now the Law of Attraction doesn’t just work by dropping things into your lap because you think about them or ask for them. The Law of Attraction only works if you take action, too.


At times, we have a negative focus that is so strong that it leads to attracting the same problems over and over again. And because we don’t take action to make it stop, it keeps reappearing.

Here are 5 reasons why you keep having the same problems:

1. You act out of fear.

If taking actions are an important part of the Law of Attraction, then acting out of fear, attracts more fear.  Recognizing that a little fear is normal when we try new things might help us to move through the fear into new territory. The bottom line is that having SOME fear doesn’t stop us from moving forward in life. It’s letting that fear stop us from pursuing solutions that is harmful.

We should try to take actions with confidence and optimism. Believing the action will succeed with the proper mood and attitude is half the battle. This works simply because our moods and actions come together in unison.

Changing our moods will alter our behaviors, and changing our behaviors may also alter our moods. This will help change the way we look at the issue, and how the problems manifest themselves into our reality.

2. You worry obsessively about the problem.

While we tend to believe worrying is a helpful tool for working through a problem, nothing can be farther from the truth. When we focus completely on our problems, we are creating more energy around them.

Though many people know that negative thinking results in problems, altering our thoughts is still easier said than done. Our thinking moves at a fast pace and just happens without any planning or effort, so thought control could be a little tough at times – especially when we are in the middle of the challenge.

It’s very important to keep in mind that even though we can change our conscious thinking, we will always have some unwanted and unintended thoughts.  Allow them to happen, because they often signal when something is wrong. A few negative thoughts will not ruin our life, but dwelling on them can.


3. You consistently complain or talk about the problems.

Much like worrying, the more our problems are the topic of conversation, the more energy from the Universe they receive.

For many of us, complaining is the biggest reason we continue to encounter the same problems. We talk about them too much and stay focused on the problem, not the solution.

Choosing to stop complaining sounds easy in theory, but it is often a habit that needs a little thought to break. The best way to stop it is to find someone who can call us out when we are complaining. I think we will be surprised at much complaining has infiltrated our day.

4. You have become best friends with misery.

You know what they say, “misery loves company.” Well, it might be true, but it doesn’t help if you want to stop having the same problems. The Universe will act not only on what you think and what you say, but it responds based on your intentions.

Sometimes though, we are confused and aren’t clear about what we want, so unintentionally, we are creating more problems to go along with our existing ones. This happens when we overlook the signals being sent, and the Universe can only respond by sending louder signals or more misery.

The best thing we can do is try to quiet the world around us through meditation and mindfulness. These tools will help us become clear on what the challenges are and show us the direction to take when we reach the fork in the road.

5. You are too hard on yourself.

We are sometimes our worst critic. We can be unforgiving and unkind to ourselves when we find ourselves in similar situations over and over again. We keep making the same mistakes and keep thinking the same thoughts.

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